5 Best Outdoor Golf Driving Nets

If watching Phil Mickelson take the win at the PGA Championship and offhandedly complain about winning with 3 over par makes you feel as bad about your long game as I do mine, then it’s time to put on a serious driving clinic. Besides the sense of control you get from diligently practicing one aspect of your game or another, there are few drills you can perform in the game of golf that can hold a candle to the real thing. What I’m saying is, it’s time to ditch the overpriced ‘as seen on TV’ driving aids, swing trainers and youtube videos for something a little more down to earth. I’m talking about finding the technique, and putting in the time to practice by whacking some golf balls off the tee. If you’re like me and you don’t love paying to keep the lights on at the driving range, (and you’re sick of those horrible rubber tees), opt for something you can set up in your own backyard. I’ve reviewed the best outdoor golf driving net to help improve your swing, long game distance and accuracy to achieve lower scores and better shots out of the tee box. Let’s dive into what makes a good outdoor practice golf net. 

The Best Outdoor Golf Driving Net for Practicing Your Swing 

I’ve taken the time to round up a selection of outdoor driving nets that you can send golf balls into from dusk till dawn! But first, I’ve probably got you wondering what the best way to practice your golf swing is. In truth, your first steps should be to get a handle on your form and technique. Here’s a few ways to make sure you’re not getting ahead of yourself when you’re searching for practice aids. 

What you Should Know Before Practicing With Your Driver

The first steps you should take before loading yourself up with gear or gimmicks are as follows: 

  1. Get yourself professionally fitted at a pro shop, or golf equipment retailer. 
  2. Learn the proper technique for executing a driver shot out of the tee box. 
  3. Keep your driver head clean, protected when not in use, and the grips and shaft well maintenanced. 

The third might sound like a bit of a given, but you’d be surprised how many people’s opening shot is muddled by a worn out driver. A split, cracked and worn out grip can sabotage your shot by altering the direction of the head mid-swing. Even millimeters of shifting can cost you in yards down hole. A bent or damaged shaft won’t allow the club to react properly to the impact on the ball, and a driver head with even the slightest crack could reduce the efficiency of the club face. This is especially true if it’s a driver head that’s charged with nitrogen gas which could have leaked. 

Practising your technique is paramount to making a successful drive. Learning it however, is a totally different beast. As Ben Hogan says, ‘lead with your upper body, and not your shoulders’. This tip resonates today, as many golfers still over emphasize the importance of locking their eyes and head downwards on the tee. The best way to learn your swing is from another golfer, (with a decent score), or a PGA certified coach near you. Or, if push comes to shove, ask an old-timer with a deep, straight shot off the tee at your local driving range if they’d be willing to lend a couple pointers. (You’d be surprised how much they love to share their experience) Using all available resources, you shouldn’t have that bad of a time getting to know an efficient driver swing you can revisit while practicing. 

Lastly, getting to know your equipment is key to achieving a good driver swing. A driver with a worn out grip, bent or bowed shaft, and a damaged head is just as good as trying to drive with your sand wedge. Give your club a decent look over, and if you’ve received it second-hand, consider bringing it to a pro shop or retailer for a quick look over. (The latter is usually free of charge). It will only take a minute or so for a club technician to tell whether or not it’s well suited to you, along with any suggestions for replacement grips, shafts and even adjustments. However if you’re totally new to the game of golf, do yourself a favor and have your set of clubs professionally fitted so they play to your strengths. 

Now that you can rule out any other factors affecting your swing, let’s get down to finding a golf training solution that you can use right in the comfort of your backyard. These are the best outdoor golf driving nets: reviewed! 

AmazonBasics Portable Driving Golf Net 

AmazonBasics high quality portable golf driving net

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With AmazonBasics, it’s never your typical value option. I was keen to take a look at this driving net to see how well it stacked up to some of the flashier looking models you can buy and quite frankly, it does what it sets out to accomplish. This is a no-nonsense golf training aid that can be available in a 7’x7’, 8’x8’, or 10’x7’ size. This is a more classic recessed-netting, pop-up system that ‘catches’ the golf ball in the back of the net. This is especially useful for varying outdoor spaces, where you might want something a little more narrow. The included carrying case for this collapsible net is perfectly suitable for storing it during the winter months, too.  

Champkey Golf Driving Target Practice Net 

Champkey driving practice net for backyard golf practice

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This net by Champkey is an average size at 10’ wide by 7’ tall. While I don’t love the height being under around 8’, the dome shaped topper on this net provides a little more peace of mind than other models. Flexible fiberglass poles support a net on 3 sides, and a small square of fabric at the top that very well may keep the sun out of your eyes. A specialized 5-play netting feels quite durable, and ready to stand up to all of your hooks and curve shots. The ‘deep’ design of this tent-style practice net appeals to me simply because it reduces the chance of my ball going off towards the neighbors if I really choke the shot. 

IPOW Golf Training Aid Backyard Net 

Best Outdoor Golf Driving Net IPOW practice aide

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IPOW’s practice net comes in a 10×6.5 size, with a handy targeted background and cloth netting that won’t take up too much visual space in your yard. While it may sound trivial, it’s easy to understand why some people might not want a large, black-netted practice tent set up in their yard. The white cloth look of this net on the sides certainly does a lot to cut down on the visual noise so your yard can stay serene. The back of the net that you’ll be shooting your driver shots into features a clean looking target with four smaller ones flanking it on all sides. This is helpful, since 

Outdoor Golf Net For Backyard Driving Practice 

Golf practice net for outdoor use

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This is an impressive set for its value, which is why it had to take a spot in our reviews for the best outdoor golf driving net! If you’ve got everything from clubs to balls and nothing to hit it at, this bundle provides the perfect outdoor driving range experience right in your own backyard! With a two minute set up time, and an easy to takedown system I was immediately surprised at how simple it was to get up and running. The bundle includes a golf driving turf with a rubber tee, including a simulated fairway and tee box surface. That is of course besides the 10’x7’x3’ net, as well as a convenient carrying case! If you’re the RV’in type, or you’d like to practice just about anywhere, I’d have to say this must be the best portable outdoor golf driving net bundle to help with your long game. 

Rukket Practice Driving Net 

Rukket best outdoor driving net for practicing your driver shot

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At 9’x7’x3’, this medium/large sized driving practice net is ideal for golfers who really need a cear target. Keep your eye on the prize with a large collapsible pole net featuring a large crosshair, the vertical line creating the image of a pin or flag. The upside to this helpful marker is that it give you an instantaneous auditory feedback response from the synthetic material in the center of the practice net. When your ball strikes the pin marker, it will make a smacking sound, as opposed to just being quietly caught by the netting material in the rest of the space. I believe this, combined with practicing your proper form will help to tell you immediately whether or not your shot was in line with what you’re aiming at. While other nets provide something similar, the only drawback to this model is that you may have to shoot from a closer distance, since it does not provide you with any netting on the right or left sides. 

After reviewing each of these nets, I found that there was a lot more to them in terms of features and overall usefulness when it comes to practicing with them. There are a TON of golf practice aids out there, and you could really get in deep trying to perfect every aspect of your game. When it comes to your long game, driving is one of the easiest and most effective things to practice at home, though. Since the value, and carefree setup of the 4 piece driving set comes far and beyond what it offers for the price point compared to the other sets, I’d have to say that it’s easily the best outdoor golf driving net. Check out the rest of our product reviews for more helpful information ahead of buying your next outdoor patio accessories and more!