The Abba Patio Range of Outdoor Goods

The Abba Patio Range of Outdoor Goods

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Patio furniture needs to be a lot tougher than its indoor counterpart, and that means finding pieces that are durable and reliable.

Unfortunately, this can be costly, which is why brands like Abba Patio that deliver on price and quality are few and far between.

Is Abba Patio Furniture Any Good?

The Abba Patio range has been around for almost 15 years and managed to keep their products reasonably priced while still being of decent quality.

Within their collection is everything you need for an outdoor space including umbrellas, gazebos, heaters, and furniture, plus additional gardening accessories.

If you’re on the hunt for new patio furniture but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, Abba Patio is a brand worth checking out.

We’re going to look further at their collection and what makes them a customer favorite, so you’ll see if they can deliver the right stuff for your patio.

The Abba Patio Brand and History

Abba Patio Logo

Abba Patio is a US brand based in Michigan, with an online store offering a range of patio furniture and accessories.

Unfortunately, there’s no brick-and-mortar location to visit, but their range is available online through their own site as well as other large retailers like Home Depot and Amazon.

There’s not a lot of information available on the Abba Patio brand and when they began, but they’ve been around since the late 1990s as a trusted manufacturer of outdoor products.

The name is instantly recognizable and they have a huge following of happy customers on their social media pages, with people always sending through images of their purchases once they get them home and installed.

The overall impression of the Abba Patio brand is that they create well-made patio furniture at budget prices, and they go above and beyond what most do in terms of the product range.

Not only do they have a sizeable collection of patio accessories and furniture but other outdoor categories they service, like gardening, fencing, and storage.

Top Picks in their Patio Range

Top 5

The patio range on offer by Abba is impressive, and if you wanted to shop with just one brand to complete your outdoor space, they can easily do it all.

Among their current range of products are these top categories:


Abba has a huge selection of umbrellas including solar, cantilever, beach, and market styles.

The sizes range from smaller 6ft ones to large models that reach over 11ft, to suit all types of patio setups.

Their umbrellas are made with a steel pole and ribs, and weather-resistant material for the canopy, so they’re designed for outdoor exposure.

In addition to the umbrellas themselves, they also manufacture bases and covers to suit their range.


A canopy can be a great add-on to your existing covered patio or used as its complete cover.

Abba has a few size options available and each of them is easily portable with wheels and carry bags. They also stock canopy weights for keeping it in place.


The gazebo range from Abba Patio is small but there are a few different options to choose from.

Their most popular sellers are the hanging swing hammock tent and large 10 x 13ft fully enclosed gazebo with curtains.


Abba sells fire pits and standing heaters to keep your outdoor space warm, but they only have a small range currently available.

These heating devices can be used on your patio or other outdoor area and come with the usual safety features you’d expect, like an automatic shut-off if the unit is tilted and wheels at the base for easy portability.


There’s a massive selection of outdoor furniture manufactured and sold by Abba Patio, including tables and chairs, complete dining sets, end tables, porch swings, and more. They also sell accessories like covers and weight bags, all designed to fit with their range, and there are even some indoor pieces as well.

Other Abba Patio Products

Other Abba Patio Products

In addition to offering a stellar lineup of patio-related products, Abba also creates other goods for the garden.

Here’s what else you can find on their website if you’re looking to update the rest of your backyard as well:

Storage shelter

The storage shelter range is designed to offer a permanent or temporary place to store things outside, whether it’s a car or your favorite patio furniture.

These are designed to be stronger than a tent or canopy and could work just as well as a temporary patio enclosure.

Garden fences

There are a number of different plastic and resin garden fencing options available at Abba Patio, in both decorative and practical designs.

These are made with durable and weather-resistant materials and can be used for things like pet enclosures, garden borders, or creating a zone in your backyard that’s off-limits.

Garden accessories

Abba Patio has a small range of extra accessories made for the garden. In this category, you’ll find products like garden trash bags, pegs and stakes, interlocking floor tiles, and wood carrying bags.

How to Buy the Abba Patio Range


Abba Patio has a dedicated website that has its entire range available, as well as new products as soon as they’re released.

From here, you can select the product you want and have it shipped to your door free of charge, which saves even more money.

When you buy the goods directly with Abba Patio, it’s also easier to use their returns and exchange program, otherwise you’ll need to go through the retailer you originally purchased them from.

They offer a warranty on all of their products, which varies depending on the material and range, but you’re covered for every purchase.

Abba Patio has a few ways for their customers to get in touch, so you’re never alone.

There’s a customer support phone line, an email address, a detailed FAQ section on their website, and a number of social media accounts that can all be contacted.

It’s good to know that even after your purchase, the company is just a phone call or click away.

What Makes Abba Patio a Standout


The best thing about Abba Patio is that it’s a comprehensive outdoor living brand and still manages to be affordable and accessible to everyone.

You could kit your entire patio out with their range and have peace of mind that all of the products are well made, so it’s a safer way to buy on a budget.

Abba Patio covers their products with a one year limited warranty and in some cases on their most expensive goods, a five year warranty.

When you consider the price of their patio furniture and how much cheaper it is than other mid-range and premium brands, it comes with the same warranty period, so it’s a smarter way to buy.

Affordable Patios With Abba

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a quality patio dining set or umbrella for your backyard, and shopping with Abba Patio is proof of that.

If you’d rather get your entire outdoor setup from the one brand and are trying to shop on a budget, they’re one of the best brands to do it with.

Related Questions


Patio furniture gives you a whole new way to enjoy your home, but finding the right pieces for your outdoor space can be a challenge.

If you’re still trying to navigate what all of these patio products are about, read on to see how we’ve answered some FAQs that other newcomers had before you.

How Big Should a Patio Table Be?

A good size for a patio table is one with enough capacity to suit your desired guests but to ensure there’s still room on the outdoor space, you’ll want to leave at least three feet on either side of the table.

This gives people room to walk and space for the dining chairs to be seated at the table as well.

Which Is Better Steel or Aluminum Gazebos?

Steel and aluminum both make good choices for a gazebo base for the outside, but they should be powder coated to ensure durability against the elements.

Some prefer aluminum for its lightweight feel whereas steel is preferred if you want a heavier gazebo that has more strength.

What is the Most Cost Effective Patio?

Some of the most budget-friendly patio flooring options, if you want to save money, are gravel, a cement slab, or concrete pavers, and you can DIY their installation to save even more.

Within each of these choices and low and high cost ways to install them, but you’ll also have to consider ongoing maintenance and life span to weigh up the true cost-effectiveness of them.


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