AZ Patio Heaters Review

Some heater brands are instantly recognizable and have a solid reputation, and AZ Patio Heaters is one of them.

The company was established in 2002 and has since become a supplier for major chains like Target and Lowe’s, with affordable and easy-to-use heaters that cover just about any requirement.

Is AZ Patio Heaters a good brand?

AZ Patio Heater has a good reputation as a manufacturer of outdoor heaters, and their range includes basic portable heaters and wall-mounted units.

These heaters are available in many popular retailers but also through their online store, with a huge selection to choose from.

If you’ve been thinking about adding one of AZ’s heaters to your patio, we’ve got the only review you need to read.

We’ll look at their best sellers, reputation, history, and what makes them a standout on the market, so you can see if they’re right for you.

The AZ Patio Heaters Brand

AZ Patio Heaters Logo

AZ Patio Heaters was founded in 2002 and initially only had a few products in their lineup.

Today, the brand is a renowned patio heater and parts distributor with a massive selection on their online store, as well as manufacturing their own line of heaters and parts.

The brand can be found in other popular retail stores across the US including Lowe’s and Target, but their online store is where they do the most business.

On here, you can not only choose from an extensive range of heaters, fire pits, and related products, but you can order spare parts and even fire glass, all from one place.

When you buy from their website, they’ll even ship your heater for free as well, so it’s another way to save money.

They also have an extensive troubleshooting section on their website so you can figure out any issues with your heater, otherwise, you can then make contact with their tech support team.

Popular AZ Products

Most Popular

The AZ Patio Heater website is a treasure trove of heating devices made for outdoor use, and whatever setup you have on your patio, they’ve got a heater to suit it.

Among their range are the following categories and bestsellers, giving you an idea of what they’re all about.

Tall patio heaters

The shortest in the tall patio heater range is around 85 inches, with the tallest being around 91 inches.

These tall heaters come in all shapes including a tube heater and resin wicker heater, and everything in between.

They’re designed for use on the patio in a space where you want nearby radiant warmth, but don’t want to be too close to the heat.

Tabletop patio heaters

These patio heaters are designed to sit on your table, as the name suggests, and they’ll keep everyone around them warm and cozy.

Their design is similar to a standing or tall patio heater but they don’t provide as much heat and have special different weights and bases to keep them secure on the table.

Popular styles are stainless steel and hammered bronze, with choices like quartz crystal and glass tube heaters also available.

Heater parts

AZ Patio Heaters pride themselves on keeping the entire line of replacement parts available, and they have them all easy to find on their website.

Not only do the replacement parts for their heaters but other brands as well.

The parts are categorized by what type of heater they go with, including tabletop, tall, commercial, and glass tube, and you can find everything there from replacement glass tubes to heat shields.

Fire glass

This specialty product is added to a patio fire pit and composed of small pieces of tempered glass.

AZ Patio Heaters produces their own fire glass in colors like blue, aqua, and amber, or special blends of different colors, and there are two choices of either reflective or smooth fire glass available, depending on the overall look you want.

All of the AZ fire glass is made with recycled materials and you get the option of either 10lbs or 20lbs quantities to suit the size of your pit.

Fire pits

AZ Patio Heaters has an even bigger selection of fire pits than patio heaters available, as lots of people are leaning this way when looking for a stylish but functional way to keep warm.

Their fire pits cover all shapes and sizes, including round types made of slate, square designs constructed with glass and bronze, and everything in between.

Firepit parts

There are lots of things your fire pit needs to function, and you can find them all on the AZ Patio Heaters website.

Among some of the range are a heat deflector, wind screen, fire pit leg, replacement burner, and control valve.

With their range, you can customize your own fire pit to suit whatever specifications you want, or replace broken parts as needed to keep your existing one functional.

Electric heaters

An electric heater is an easy and quick way to warm up the patio and AZ Patio Heaters has just about any style you can think of.

On their website in this section, you’ll find hanging patio heaters, standing ones, and those that can be fastened to the wall.

These are generally the most cost-effective way to warm your patio but still come with the good quality and warranty coverage that the rest of AZ’s range has.

Commercial patio heaters

For larger patios, restaurants, cafes, and other vast outdoor spaces, one of the standing heaters by AZ that has been created specifically for commercial use is ideal.

AZ Patio Heaters also make shop heaters for a great price, so you can keep your workshop warm in winter. However, if you want something like this at home, nothing is stopping you from getting a commercial heater for residential use.

Patio accessories

Not only does AZ Patio Heaters manufacturer heaters and fire pits, but other accessories you can use on your patio as well.

You can buy other things like cookers, pizza ovens, bistro sets, and standalone tables, so you could kit out the entire patio with just this one brand if you wanted to.


A smart patio heater owner knows the importance of protection and if you plan on buying a heater from AZ, we recommend using a cover.

These covers have been made specifically to suit the different types and sizes of heaters and fire pits that the brand manufactures so when you’re not using it for some cozy warmth, you can keep it covered and protected from the elements outside.

The Quality of Products


AZ Patio Heaters have a reputation of being a mid-range heater manufacturer that makes their products with solid materials and craftsmanship.

While they’re affordable and popular, they’re also not considered premium products and are priced accordingly, so choose carefully.

That being said, they do have good warranty coverage and ongoing customer support, so you can rely on whatever heater you choose to last for many years.

One of the biggest problems with the AZ Patio Heater range is that you’ll need to purchase a cover for their heaters if you plan on keeping them outside permanently.

Thankfully, they sell these covers, but considering the high cost you pay for a brand new heater, it would be good if it had this type of weatherproofing built into it.

Warranty and Returns

Warranty And Return

All of the AZ Patio Heater range comes with a one-year warranty, including their natural gas heaters and electrical models. The warranty doesn’t cover any of the usual stuff like misuse or deliberate damage, but if you email your claim and receipt, one of their customer service team members will contact you by the next business day.

However, if there’s an issue with a heater or part and you have to send it back, the shipping charge is paid for by you. This is slightly disappointing as it’s an added cost that shouldn’t be your responsibility, and if you’re sending back a large standing heater or other oversized product, this freight could be expensive.

What Makes Them a Standout Brand


One of the best things about AZ Heater is that they’re one of the only brands to offer a complete repair center and fully stocked line of replacement parts in the US.

This means if any issues occur with your purchase, you’ll get it fixed immediately, and without the hassle of having to source parts yourself.

AZ Patio Heaters are dedicated to their customers as well and if you have any problems, you’ll speak directly to the team about them.

They have an 800 number for customers who need tech support and they offer this service for the life of your heater, which makes them one of the standouts when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The A-Z of Heaters

AZ Patio Heaters have become one of the most recognizable names in residential heating products, with everything from fire pits to tabletop heaters in their range.

If you’re looking for a reputable and affordable brand, they’re a smart choice and even have options for the more style-savvy user.

Related Questions


AZ Patio Heaters are one of the largest manufacturers of heaters, fire pits, and related products in the US, but they’re not the only option out there.

If you’re trying to find the perfect solution to keep your patio warm, read on for some FAQs about the best types of products for outdoor use and how they work.

Do Patio Heaters Really Work?

A patio heater adds more warmth to an outdoor or open-air area and they’re specifically designed to be weather resistant for these types of settings.

Patio heaters come in different styles including infrared, gas-powered, and electric, with lots of options to find the right fit for your outdoor space, and enough heat generation to cover their surroundings.

Do Patio Heaters Work Below Freezing?

Even in winter when temperatures go below freezing, a quality patio heater will still be able to work, but you need to find the right type.

For these freezing conditions, choosing an infrared heater is best as it allows radiant heat to gently warm the air, even when the surrounding temperature is below zero.