Best Backyard Water Slides for Adults

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It’s not fair that kids get to have all the fun! When summer comes around, adults like to play outside too. These are the best backyard water slides for adults so you can have some big fun this summer.

Finding a Water Slide for Adults: What to Consider

Unfortunately most backyard water slides are made for kids, not adults. It’s really tricky to find one that can support grown ups – mostly because they’re all too short. 

Weight Limit

This is going to be the biggest factor when you’re looking for an adult-friendly backyard waterslide. They vary a lot depending on the brand so make sure to check that out before buying. 

Most of these water slides aren’t going to be great for very heavy people, sadly. It’s not just the overall weight limit that’s a problem, you also have to worry about the slide tipping over or sinking as you climb up/slide down.


If you sit at the top of the slide and your toes touch the ground it’s not a very fun ride. I’m pretty short so this is rarely a problem for me, but taller people aren’t going to have as much fun. 

While most of these inflatables aren’t tall some have curved slides or ones that turn into slip n slides at the bottom. Make sure you check out the slide length and not just the height.

Wear and Tear

Adults might be able to fit and have fun on these backyard water slides, but if they’re not made for adults it could void the warranty on the product if you’re not following the manufacturer’s directions.

It just makes sense that an 180lb adult will wear out the slide more than a 30lb toddler, so don’t be surprised if your water slide wears out quicker.

Best Backyard Water Slides for Adults

These are great options if you’re having a party with your friends or you just want to relive your childhood. Of course, many of these backyard water slides are great for adults and kids – meaning they’re good options if you’re looking for something that you can play with the kids on.

Best for Multi-Purpose – WOW World of Watersports Slide

RETRO JUMP Inflatable Water Slide for Kids, Double Inflatable Slide Water Bounce House w/Climbing Wall, Splash Pool, Water Cannon, Patch Kit, Storage Bag, Stakes, Water Tube, Blower Included

This brightly coloured inflatable water slide is perfect if you want something that is just a slide. It’s not very big, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun. It’s designed to be used with a pool, but it can also stand up on its own.

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What’s cool about this slide is that it connects with other pieces in the same line to make your own customized backyard water park. It’s also sturdy enough that adults won’t end up tipping it over too easily too.


  • Good versatile water slide that works with a pool or on its own
  • Designed for adults to use
  • Can also be used on a lake
  • Weight limit of 550lbs


  • No water hook ups to get the slide wet
  • Not very tall if you’re using it on is own without a pool
  • Doesn’t work with soft-sided pools

Best Waterpark – Deluxe Inflatable Water Triple Slide Park

SUNNY & FUN Mega Sport Inflatable Water Triple Slide Park – Heavy-Duty for Outdoor Fun - Climbing Wall, 3 Slides & Splash Pool – Easy to Set Up & Inflate with Included Air Pump & Carrying Case

This water park has a little bit of everything. There’s sprayers to keep the slides wet (and soak anyone going down), a climbing area, pool to splash in, water gun, and basketball hoop. One thing that’s really nice about this set is there are two slides – one curved one, and another racing slide.

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While this set isn’t designed for adults it definitely will support them. The max weight is over 450lbs so multiple people can use it at the same time. It’s also a great set if you want something that kids, teens, and adults can all enjoy together.


  • Large inflatable water park with a lot of cool features
  • Ages 3-10 officially, but adults will have no problems with this one
  • Supports multiple people at once


  • Tower area at the top is small so you’ll have to crawl or crouch to fit
  • Might not be tall enough for adults, especially taller ones

Best With Slip n Slide – AirMyFun Inflatable Waterslide

AirMyFun Inflatable Waterslide, Kids Bounce House with Blower, Extended Water Slip Waterslide, Bouncy House Water Park, Dual Slide, Water Spray, Splash Pool, A83023

What makes this waterslide great for adults is the slip n slide at the end of the slide. You can use the water slide to get traction then keep sliding – which is a lot of fun at any age.

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The biggest drawback with this model is the weight limit. It’s only 265lbs, which means only 1-2 adults (or an adult and child) can use it at once. 


  • Water slide turns into a slip n slide for extra fun
  • Easy to set up
  • Blower fan is quiet


  • Only one adult can slide at a time
  • Slip n slide and water slide need separate hose hook ups, so make sure you can accommodate that
  • Slide isn’t very long

Best Non-Inflatable Water Slide – FibroPool Full-Sized Swimming Pool Slide

FibroPool Full Sized Fiberglass Swimming Pool Slide - Stainless Steel Hardware - Left Turn

This is designed to work like the water slides that you see at pools and aquatic parks. There’s a feeder and hose set up so you can attach a pump from your pool if you’re planning on sliding into one. That way you don’t mess up your chlorine balance.

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This slide also works free standing. That means you can hook the garden hose up to the feeder system and create a fun backyard water slide! Just make sure it’s anchored securely and you have something soft to land on. 

I’d recommend at least a kiddie pool at the bottom.


  • Sturdy fibreglass water slide that’s made to last
  • No inflating or worry about rupturing an inflatable slide
  • Ladder is slip resistant


  • Low weight limit of only 200lbs
  • Sides may be uncomfortable for larger folks sliding down
  • Assembly required
  • Needs to be secured

Best With Bouncer – Bounceland Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool

Bounceland Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool, 12 ft x 7 ft x 8.5 ft, Double Slides, Splash Pool, Safe Climbing Wall, Water Bags for Stability, Safe Netting, UL Strong Blower Included

Being a kid again is so much fun and this backyard water slide delivers that, even for adults. The main part is an old-fashioned bounce house, and then you can jump out of it onto the slide. Neither are very big, but you’ll still have fun.

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This unit can be run wet or dry, but it definitely shines as a water activity the best. The weight limit is 400lbs which means one or two adults can use it comfortably without it feeling like it’s going to collapse.


  • Classic fun with the bounce house/slide combo
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Set up is really simple and it comes with everything you need


  • Slide is very short
  • You could run into problems if multiple people are jumping at once
  • Slide sinks if you sit on it (so dive down!)

Best Pool Area – BANZAI Sidewinder Blast Water Park

Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Kids Water Park Swim Splash Pool with Slide, Clubhouse, Climbing Wall, and Built-in Water Cannons

This simple set is perfect for your next summer backyard party. Adults and kids will have a blast playing with this one, especially since it has a great sized slide. What I really like about it, though, is the pool area.

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When you’re having a party with several adults not everyone is able to fit on the slide at once. The wading area is a good size and the two water sprayers make it fun to shoot your friends. That way adults who are less mobile or over the weight limit can still join in on the fun!


  • Great wading area
  • Long slide is a lot of fun
  • Climbing area doesn’t feel like it will make the slide tip over


  • Low weight limit of only 150lbs (this is a major con if you have heavier adults who want to play)

Which One of These Backyard Water Slides is the Best for Adults?

It’s very hard to find backyard water slides that are made for adults. That’s because everything that makes a water slide adult friendly (higher weight limit, good height, bigger blower, etc) isn’t that suitable for backyards.

Moving into commercial slides will give you better luck, but those run thousands of dollars. They also take up a lot of space, which isn’t great if you have a smaller back yard. Some even need generators or consume a lot of power for the bigger blower, so that’s another issue.

For that reason we picked the Deluxe Inflatable Water Triple Slide Park. It’s very durable, meaning that it is more likely to withstand adults using it than some of the other water slides out there. 

It is for ages 3-10, so keep that in mind. Even still, adults can easily use it. With a 468lb weight limit most adults can fit on it without it breaking – and you might even get away with multiple people on it at once.

There’s also a nice wading pool at the bottom so non-slide users can cool off.

Just make sure you anchor it down and put it on a tarp so it doesn’t slide or get punctured.

Best Backyard Water Slides for Adults – Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best backyard water slides for adults, these are probably your best options. At least in the residential market, anyway. If you’re looking for something that you can enjoy with kids, for example, all of these slides are great.

Don’t let the fact that they’re made for kids stop you from being a kid at heart again, though – assuming you’re not over the weight limit those age ranges are just guidelines. Have fun! 

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