Best Basketball Hoop for a Garage

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Garages are a great place to mount a basketball hoop. It’s usually the part of your property that’s paved, which means you have a great surface to dribble and shoot on. Once you attach the best basketball hoop for a garage you’ll be ready to play.

When playing basketball outside the garage it’s much more convenient to mount the hoop, rather than have something freestanding, so you can still use the driveway. All of the hoops on this list were chosen because they can be attached to the side of your garage and stay up there year-round.

That means that you’ll need a flat surface that won’t obstruct anything important (like your garage doors) to mount these hoops on. Most people mount it just above the garage door so you get a good height without any interference. 

You’ll also need a ladder and some tools. Mounting hardware isn’t usually included, so be prepared to make a trip to the hardware store to grab some bolts.

How High Should a Basketball Net be Mounted to a Garage?

Unlike a freestanding or permanent net, wall mounted basketball hoops get positioned at whatever height your garage sits at. Most of the time you’re not going to have many options for where the hoop can be mounted, so whatever height you get will have to do.

That being said, the standard height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet. This number is true for both NBA players and kids 12+. If you have younger kids you can mount it a bit lower, but you’ll probably need to move it up as they grow.

Some basketball nets are also adjustable so you can raise them up and get some additional height past your mounting location.

Can These Basketball Hoops be Used Inside a Garage?

Although these are outdoor hoops, since they’re wall-mounted you can easily use them inside your garage too. Just keep in mind that depending on your garage ceiling height you may not be able to get the basket very high – especially when leaving vertical clearance for shooting.

Best Basketball Hoop for a Garage: Our Picks

Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop with QuickPlay Design

Silverback NXT 54' Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop with QuickPlay Design

This basketball net is awesome. Everything is durable and well made including the steel frame and acrylic backboard. They even have a 5 year warranty!

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Besides that, it’s also adjustable between 7.5 and 10 feet – great for growing kids or fitting it into all different kinds of spaces. You can also mount this one inside the garage and lower it, which is nice if you want somewhere to practice during the winter months.


  • Adjustable height, extends higher than where you mount it
  • High quality steel frame and acrylic backboard
  • Breakaway rim protects the backboard and prevents injuries


  • Installation is a bit involved, especially when it comes to mounting on your garage and buying your own hardware
  • Tricky to raise and lower if you’re too short to reach the hoop

Crown Sporting Goods Stainless Steel Basketball Rim with Free All Weather Net

Crown Sporting Goods Stainless Steel Basketball Rim with Free All Weather Net, Standard/18, Orange

If you want something low profile and easier to install you can always go with a simple yet. Keep in mind, though, without a backboard you could cause damage to your garage and siding. 

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You can also DIY a backboard with a piece of plywood, although they’re not as nice to use as tempered glass or acrylic. Of course, if you already have a backboard that’s missing the hoop this is also a great option.


  • Easy to install
  • Low profile, doesn’t need a lot of area to mount
  • Simple basketball hoop


  • No backboard
  • May not be durable enough for heavy use
  • Doesn’t support dunking/hanging from the net

FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop | Adjustable Height

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I really like the look of this basketball hoop, the black and yellow colours are a nice change from the standard orange. Since it’s going on the side of your home it’s nice when something looks great too!

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As for the features, you’re getting coated steel for the frame and an acrylic backboard. The entire thing is designed to be weather resistant so you can install this even in places where you get snow or lots of rain.


  • Can be used year round, including in the cold
  • Adjustable height 
  • Sturdy frame
  • Backboard doesn’t have a lot of give


  • Assembly instructions could use improvement
  • Boxy design of the frame is good for sturdiness, but it also means you have less wiggle room around the net for potential obstructions

Lifetime Backboard and Rim Competition Combo Black/Orng

Lifetime 71526 Backboard and Rim Competition Combo

This is one of the only high end backboard and rim combos that have a filled in square behind the net. This system is also designed to be dunked on, which means there’s extra bracing and supports to withstand a slam.

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  • Good sized backboard
  • Durable, even when you’re slam dunking or holding onto the rim
  • Durable polycarbonate backboard


  • Middle of the backboard doesn’t have great support so it’s easier to score
  • Rattles when hit hard
  • You need separate mounting hardware

ZKLL Basketball Wall-Mount Boards,Height-Adjustable Tempered Glass Basketball Hoop

ZKLL Basketball Wall-Mount Boards,Height-Adjustable Tempered Glass Basketball Hoop,Lifting Range 70cm,Double Spring,Reinforced Steel Ring Basket,for Home or Stadium Use

Although it’s going to be a much bigger investment than acrylic backboard basketball hoops, you just can’t beat the feeling of playing with tempered glass. Glass gives a harder surface than acrylic, which means your shots bounce like they would on a professional court. 

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The glass is designed to be safe and durable, although it can still be broken if hit with a hard object like a rock.

This hoop has all the standard features you want. That means it’s height adjustable and well supported by the steel frame. 


  • Tempered glass backboard is nicer to play with than acrylic or wood
  • Height adjustable and sticks out from the wall for better play
  • Rust proof steel frame


  • Glass needs more care and precautions than plastic backboards
  • You’ll need to get mounting hardware to secure it
  • Crank height adjusting can be tricky for shorter folks

EagleStone Basketball Hoop Indoor/Outdoor

EagleStone Basketball Hoop Indoor for Kids, Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoops Wall Mounted Basketball Game Outdoor Toys with 3 Balls Gifts for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Kid Teens

This small hoop is perfect for kids or setting up inside the garage. It’s smaller than a standard size basketball hoop, which means smaller hands can play a little bit easier.

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Unlike some of the bigger hoops, this one doesn’t need too much work or hardware to install it. Of course, that also means it’s a bit less durable – but it’s also inexpensive. 


  • Easy to assemble and mount
  • Great for smaller kids
  • Durable and shatter resistant


  • Smaller than a standard size hoop
  • Needs a flat surface to mount on, so it may not mount well to a garage’s exterior
  • Backboard is small

What is the Best Basketball Hoop for a Garage?

A lot of these hoops are pretty similar, but out of all of them the Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop is my personal pick as the best basketball hoop for a garage. 

It has all the features that most people will look for – you can adjust the height, there’s a sturdy, clear acrylic backboard, and the frame is made from rust-resistant steel.

On top of that, it’s also great looking which means you won’t have an eyesore on the front of your garage or a fight with the HOA to approve its installation.

It’s a bit of work to get it mounted, especially since you need to pick up your own hardware. Once you get it up, though, this basketball hoop is super durable and strong. There is some give when you hit the backboard, but not enough to make a big difference in gameplay.

Another great feature is that the adjustable arm makes the hoop higher than where you mount it – which is perfect for most garages since they’re usually lower than 10 feet. 

Best Basketball Hoop for a Garage – Final Thoughts

A lot of garage-friendly basketball hoops are similar in design, and for good reason; it’s the standard. That means that most of these hoops are going to get the job done very similarly, so it may come down to design as you make your choice.

There are also some extra features that you might want to consider – the biggest being acrylic vs tempered glass. Glass is going to give you a harder surface, which means a more authentic backboard feeling as you practice bounced shots and layups. 

Finally, some of the smaller hoops are great for kids or for setting up inside the garage. In fact, all of these could be set up indoors – but you’ll likely have to mount them lower than a standard basketball hoop if you have a standard ceiling height. 

All that considered, we still vote the Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop as the best basketball hoop for a garage because it has great features. 

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