Best Blackout Sliding Patio Door Drapes

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Curtains do a magnificent job of separating spaces inside our homes. But what about our outdoor spaces? I’m not talking about any kind of waterproof patio dividers, but instead a new window dressing for your patio door that can block out light, and help to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your house in the evening. If you want to keep the light out while keeping things classy, check out the best blackout sliding patio door drapes! 

Know Before You Buy: Blackout Drapes for Patio Doors 

Definitely not as common as their window counterparts, blackout curtains are an effective way to block out light emanating from outdoors fairly effectively. These rely on a special design that’s made to prevent very little to no light whatsoever from entering in from outdoors. That includes streetlights, headlights, and of course moonlight. (All of which can conspire to keep you awake at night!) 

Take some of these points into consideration before you go ahead and buy your first set of blackout curtains. 

How Much Light is Too Much?

Some drapes may let in just a little, while others almost completely block out light from the window or door they’re covering. The tricky thing about patio doors is that they’re incredibly wide, as well as tall. Besides that, they’re often accompanied by other windows either to the sides or top of the door itself in larger build homes. 

In this case, blocking out all of that light may very well prove to be quite a challenge, despite how well any one set of drapes really works. Remember that most of these drapes have substantial pleats in them, not to mention mounting systems that might not make them as effective as ones placed against windows. 

Panel Size 

There are few things that are probably as uniquely disappointing as an item that never had a chance in the first place. Here we’ll go over the dimensions of these curtains so that you can make an informed decision, and get a set that will fit your patio door. They do vary substantially from each set of drapes, so choose wisely! 

Grommet Positioning 

These are crucial in giving your set of drapes the best chance they’ve got in keeping out unwanted light. Whether they’re spaced too far apart, (creating unnecessarily wide pleats in the top, or one that doesn’t fit the curtain rod you’ve either got installed or lined up. It’s also worth noting that curtain rods tend to differ quite a bit. 

Reviewing the Best Blackout Sliding Patio Door Drapes

There’s a number of different reasons you might want to keep the light from creeping through your sliding patio door in the evening. Many of us live on or even just near busy roads, as well as condo and apartment dwellers as well! 

For covering up your balcony or patio door, you’re probably going to want something that actually keeps the light out, while still being somewhat decorative.  

YIUMULA Blackout Sliding Glass Door Curtains

YIUMULA Blackout Sliding Glass Door Curtains, Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Drapes for Patio Doors, Grommet Extra Wide Curtain Panels for Living Room, Bedroom (1 Panel, Beige, 100W x 84L)

The Yiumula blackout drapes set consists simply of one panel in a variety of different colors. They’re all fairly neutral, so finding one that’s going to match your indoor decor shouldn’t be much of a challenge at least! 

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The panel itself is 100” wide by 84” tall. These aren’t textured, but instead have a velvety-smooth feeling to them which also makes them wrinkle-free and trimmed nicely. 

The quality is there, and these durable drapes are even capable of retaining heat thanks to their thermal insulating properties.


  • Large design that’s suitable for blocking light from patio doors 
  • Soft and durable, while still adding something that has a modern design 
  • Strong grommets for incredibly simple installation 


  • Only comes in a single pack, requiring two for a two-panel curtain set up. 

Nicetown Blackout Window Curtain Panels 

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels, Cold and Full Light Blocking Drapes with Black Liner for Nursery, 84 inches Drop Thermal Insulated Draperies (White, 2 Pieces, 52 Wide Each Panel)

At 84” long, you can expect to find a fairly standard height with this 2-piece drapery set by NiceTown. It’s billed with excellent blackout capability, and the white surface on one side contrasted by the black material on the back lends well to that assessment. 

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Each drape is 52” wide, so they won’t bunch up too much right in the center when you’re eventually going to close them for the night. 

A tightly sewn-in black liner is what allows these drapes to completely block out the light. It feels durable and even has thermal properties, as well! It will help to keep the cold, and the heat out making them a great choice for energy efficiency and overall comfort all year round! 


  • Casual design that’s also incredibly durable 
  • Layered construction gives these drapes thermal properties, as to aid with shifting temperatures all year ‘round 
  • 2-set package


  • Polyester fabric can be susceptible to scratching form slightly sharp things
LEMOMO Red Curtains 52 x 84 Inch Long/Blackout Curtains Set of 2 Panels/Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Bedroom Curtains Drape

These drapes present themselves as a fairly regal looking ordeal, although I personally enjoy the red. Thankfully, you can select from a variety of similar drapes with different color schemes. 

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This is another 2-piece drapes set for your patio door. Ideal for room darkening, you can rely on these curtains to keep the sunlight away from your gathering, glaring up the TV or even just keeping you awake! 

52” wide by 84” tall makes for an incredibly standard size for this set of drapes, too. The first thing you’re going to to want to do is make sure you measure your patio door so you don’t end up with 


  • Wide variety of colors to choose from 
  • UV ray blocking 
  • Included insulation for all seasons


  • Slightly difficult to tell the back from the front at a glance

Deconovo Gold Diamond Foil Print Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Blackout Curtains Gold Diamond Foil Print Room Curtains 52W x 84L Inch, Thermal Insulated Noise Reducing Window Grommet Drapes Living Room Navy Blue 2 Panels

A whole new fresh and modern look for your drapes? We’ve totally got you covered with this simple yet elegant gold motif pattern display that brings gold back in style! 

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It’s based around a navy blue design that screams mid century while still bringing in a breath of fresh air that will also help you control the flow of light inside the house. This grommet-mounted set of 2 panel blackout curtains that come in at 52” wide and 84” tall. 

Temperature insulating and even noise dampening make these curtains a good fit for a peaceful first-floor setup, especially if your cozy living room is located anywhere near your patio door. 


  • Modern design and pattern with full blackout curtain capability 
  • Included noise dampening, albeit subtle 
  • Thermal properties for regulating temperature inside the home in and around the patio door 


  • Pattern looks somewhat mismatched when the curtain is actually compressed in the ‘open’ position 

ALLJOY Living Room Extra Wide Blackout Curtains 

ALLJOY Linen Short Blackout Curtains 2 Panels, Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom, Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room Brown, Linen Textured Blackout Drapes, Grommet W42 by 45L

Beige light-blocking curtains for your patio door? And what a joy AllJoy brings to the table with this curtain set. This is an extended version of what we’re used to seeing in the form of a 100” wide by 84” tall curtain. It’s uniquely designed so that a single panel can fit a relatively large patio door without much issue. 

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The beige is a nice neutral tone for a blackout curtain, since it doesn’t have that visual ‘weight’ that might not be the right fit for your kitchen or living room area where the door is most likely located. As for how effective it is, it’s a total blackout curtain made from a durable polyester that’s made to look like a more lightweight linen. It’s even machine washable! 


  • Machine washable blackout curtain 
  • Faux linen look gives it a more ‘incognito’ blackout drape look and feel 
  • Total blackout curtain for blocking incoming light from outdoors onto your patio door 


  • Less ideal for narrower patio doors; on the longer side

Best Blackout Sliding Patio Door Drapes

For me, the Nicetown blackout curtains are the preferred option here for best blackout sliding patio door drapes. Not only do they do a great job at keeping all of the sunlight glare out of your kitchen or living space, but their light design gives them an airy feel that goes really well with just about any décor style. 

When you’re choosing a set of blackout curtains, what are you looking for besides light blocking? Let us know in the comments below! 

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