Best Charcoal Storage Containers for Outdoor Use

Best Charcoal Storage Containers for Outdoor Use

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If you like to grill then you’ll need somewhere to keep your charcoal. Here’s the best charcoal storage containers for every backyard and budget.

Summer brings us the perfect excuse to enjoy the outdoors with our family, friends and loved ones like nothing else. Creating outdoor spaces that give you everything you need to entertain and enjoy their company is exactly what we’re all about!

If you’re looking forward to lighting up a grill this season, we’re going to help you make the space perfectly suitable for making it a summer to remember. As someone with a lot of outdoor chores to take care of, believe me when I say that it all starts with tidying up and getting organized. To that end, we’re going to help you find some of the most practical and best charcoal storage solutions out there to fit your needs. 

The Best Charcoal Storage Bins and Containers for Your Outdoor Space

What can you use to store charcoal in? It really comes down to a variety of factors, but at the end of the day you still need a dedicated storage container to keep it in. Charcoal, besides being a reliable fuel source for your BBQ, is incredibly messy.

And anyone who’s spilled a bag of it, (and walked away looking like a coal miner), can tell you just how much of a pain it is to keep loose. In this article, I’ll review some of the most practical charcoal storage solutions from a variety of materials and designs so you can figure out how to keep charcoal on your deck, patio or outdoor space. 

If you’d prefer, these containers would also be really practical for keeping charcoal in your garage, too. But first, we’ll dive into some tips for using and storing charcoal that you might find useful, as well! 

How do You Store Charcoal?

I’m a huge fan of charcoal, since it’s a safe and stable fuel source that’s economical for cooking with. That being said, you still need to employ some care when storing it on your property. Charcoal is completely safe to store indoors, as long as it’s sealed.

On that note, remember never to store lighter fluid inside of your home if you can help it. Instead, the garage is a great place to store it. 

Charcoal will benefit most from a dark, moisture-free environment. Preventing charcoal from getting wet is important, since this can sometimes cause it to crumble and become ineffective at igniting and holding a flame.

If space is a limiting factor, be sure to buy charcoal in smaller and more manageable quantities that you expect to use in a short amount of time. Plastic and metal containers are the best material to store charcoal in. That’s because they’re typically impervious to water and moisture to some degree.

Reviews for the Best Charcoal Storage Containers 

Below, I’ll review some containers of varying price points, design and material that you can use to store charcoal in. 

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Totes 

Rubbermaid Rugged Plastic Storage Bin with Stay Tight Lid and Handles for Home, Office, and School Storage Solutions, Dark Indigo, 6 Pack

These are useful for more than just spider-proofing old family photo albums and Christmas decorations. Rubbermaid containers are a great option for storing charcoal in, since the thick plastic exterior and tight-fitting lid prevents light and moisture from ruining your charcoal.

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These bins are a great solution for storing charcoal in the garage, for those of us that don’t want to keep it on the deck. 

That being said, make sure you only open it once you’re ready to use it. Charcoal can often produce quite a bit of dust and soot, so you wouldn’t want to open one of these inside of your home, for instance. As an added bonus, you can purchase the 6 pack of these 3 gallon Rubbermaid roughneck storage totes to make your charcoal much more portable.

Plus, they’re stackable! 


  • Manageable 3-gallon size for carrying to the BBQ 
  • Tight fitting lid 
  • Thick plastic exterior 


  • These wouldn’t look very nice on your deck/patio 

Rubbermaid ActionPacker 35 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin 

Rubbermaid 35 Gallon Lockable Latch Heavy Duty Storage Box with Lid for Home, Garage, and Backyard Organization and Storage, Black

It should probably come to no surprise to virtually anyone that Rubbermaid containers are prominently featured in this review. Quite frankly, their containers are made with superb quality, value and practicality. I use them personally, and can attest to just how rugged they are. This bin in particular, the ActionPacker, is nearly indestructible.

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Let’s break into why it would make an excellent charcoal storage container. While it might be a little bit overkill for storing just charcoal, there’s a good reason why you might want to consider this storage bin. It’s ideal for storing under your deck, or porch.

As far as outdoor charcoal bins are concerned, this one has to be up there. You can keep it underneath the deck, inside the camper, in the garage, right next to the BBQ or in a larger outdoor deck storage chest if you prefer. The reason it’s suitable for keeping charcoal outside, is because it’s nearly water resistant. It would take submerging this container to get the charcoal wet, so rain isn’t really an issue.

And for those of us with kids, you can be sure that they won’t be having charcoal snowball fights with the addition of a simple lock of your choice, which fixes right onto the latch with a built-in loop. 


  • Weatherproof indestructible storage bin 
  • Optional lock placement 


  • Limited storage capacity for larger bags of charcoal 

Kingsford Rainproof Charcoal Storage Dispenser 

Kingsford Charcoal Airtight Storage Container - Charcoal Storage Container, Stackable Blue Flip Lid, Heavy Duty Grip Handles, 10 LB Capacity for Charcoal Pellets, Wood Pellets, or Smoker Pellets

This small dispenser made by Kingsford makes for a really convenient charcoal storage caddy. The first thing you’ll notice about this handy container is the lid design. The lid is made to easily open and close for charcoal (and even smoker pellets!) dispensing.

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kingsford rainpoof charcoal storage dispenser

This small dispenser made by Kingsford makes for a really convenient charcoal storage caddy. The first thing you’ll notice about this handy container is the lid design. The lid is made to easily open and close for charcoal (and even smoker pellets!) dispensing.

Besides being weather resistant, it also gives you the option to easily refill your BBQ. An ergonomic ‘heavy duty’ handle assists you with carrying and refilling, as well. On top of that, this container fits a 12lb bag of charcoal easily.

To keep mess to a minimum, you can cut open the top of the bag, and place it inside of the container to prevent a dust-cloud of charcoal. If you’re taking your charcoal tailgating, to the beach or to the campsite, this solution might work perfectly for you! 


  • Heavy duty handle for dispensing charcoal 
  • Fits 20lb bags upright without having to empty them
  • Weather resistant 


  • Not ideal for storing larger amounts of charcoal
  • Can stand up to rain, but wouldn’t look nice on your deck 
  • Unsightly label difficult to remove 

Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Outdoor Deck Storage Box 

Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

This isn’t your average Rubbermaid container, in fact it might just fit the bill perfectly for the best charcoal storage bin for your deck. This stand-up container is designed for outdoor use, even down to its visual design. You’ll notice that it looks a little bit like those pool/cabana storage containers people often use in their outdoor spaces.

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It’s a lot like those, but with the strength and durability of a Rubbermaid container. The lid of this charcoal storage bin opens upwards, providing lots of interior space for storing charcoal. The lid also sits flush with the opening, which is part of what makes it weather resistant.

The interior is so large at 2.6 cubic feet, that you should be able to fit most charcoal bags in without emptying them. All you’d have to do is scoop it out using a plastic charcoal scoop when you need it. 


  • Large capacity charcoal storage 
  • Outdoor weather-proof container 


  • Not lockable 
  • May need additional weight, such as sand to hold it down 

Airtight Storage Container on Wheels 

IRIS USA 58 Lbs / 67 Qt WeatherPro Airtight Pet Food Storage Container with Attachable Casters, For Dog Cat Bird and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, Keep Fresh, Easy Mobility, BPA Free, Smoke

Alright, if you absolutely have to store your charcoal inside of your home, this container will give you the most versatility and practical use for wheeling around. As you can see, four wheels allow you to be able to push, scoot or wheel this thing around to wherever you need it.

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If you kept your charcoal in a utility closet, under the stairs or somewhere else on the main level, you’d easily be able to bring it to the back door to use with your charcoal BBQ. It has a weight limit of 55 pounds, and 67 quarts of volume.

This should allow you to store a decent amount of charcoal without having to refill it too often. There is one important thing you should take note of when using this charcoal storage container. Be sure to fill it outside, or at least in a garage so that the charcoal dust and debris doesn’t get into the air inside your home.

And, you should also make sure that any lighter fluid is not stored anywhere inside of your home if possible. When I reviewed this item, this container came in at a decent price for its features, too. 


  • Wheels for transporting this container across the house. 
  • Ideal for storing charcoal indoors if necessary 


  • Some customers have reported that it isn’t completely airtight 
  • No handles for upending the container, must use a scoop

What is the Best Outdoor Charcoal Storage Container?

After reviewing each of these storage bins, I’ve got to say that the Rubbermaid outdoor storage bin was the most practical for storing charcoal on the deck. Besides how well it keeps moisture away from the charcoal, it also looks good for storing it right on the deck. 

The best charcoal storage container is going to depend in your specific needs, though. If you need portability, for example, you may want to opt for one of the smaller or portable options. Either way, I know you’re going to make some great food on that grill this summer!

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