Best Door Mats for Trapping Dirt 

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Entryways are a guest’s first impression of your home. Suffice to say you want to keep clean from dirt, mud, and water. Worry not! Here we’ve reviewed the best door mats for trapping dirt to help you stay on top of the mess and cut down on your routine cleaning. 

Reviewing the Best Door Mats for Trapping Dirt 

Door mats are one of those things that are easily a hit or miss depending on which one you end up with. For some people it’s enough to grab the first one they find on the shelf. Others like to see what’s out there, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with these reviews. 

We’ll break into some things you should know before you buy a dirt trapping door mat followed by some detailed reviews of our favorite models available! 


Polypropylene and rubber are incredibly common for what you’ll find across most of these door mats. After that, it’s mostly PVC. There’s ups and downs to each one respectively and you should ultimately choose something that’s going to hold up to you and your family’s lifestyle. 

For instance, rubber is fantastic but has a tendency to become slippery if and when the bottom of it builds up any water. Synthetic fibers work great for cleaning fairly easily, but aren’t always great for durability. 

The door mats reviewed below feature a variety of material types, styles and sizes to fit your entryway. If you’re dealing with a more high-traffic space it would be poignant to opt for something that’s a lot more durable. 

Style & Coverage

Gorilla Grip Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

Best door mats for trapping dirt chenille doormat

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It’s hard to ignore Gorilla Grip’s presence when it comes to doormats. They’re easily on par with commercial grade mats you’ll find in retail and restaurants for their water-trapping, non-slip capability. 

This door mat is right up there with their leading models. It effectively traps dirt, absorbs water and helps to keep the muck out of your entryway, or patio door area. And as a pet owner, I’d have to say that these are the real deal for those of us with dogs. (Especially in the winter, or when it’s raining!). 

The chenille high-pile design of this doormat lends well to trapping lots of moisture which is perfect if you live somewhere it likes to snow, or rain. It’s also completely machine washable, available in a selection of different colors and nicely covers a 30” x 20” entrance. 


  • Soft chenille pile is comfortable on the feet 
  • Non-slip bottom 
  • Highly absorbent, ideal for mud, snow and rain boots


  • You won’t like to keep it out for too long without throwing it in the washing machine 

GrassWorx Clean Machine Astroturf Doormat 

Grassworx clean machine astroturf doormat

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It might not look like much, but this door mat makes for a great outdoor mat for trapping dirt before it comes into your home. We’d recommend using it as a patio door mat over a deck or patio where style is a lot less important. 

While it doesn’t score many style points, this mat is excellent at keeping dirt, grass and rocks out of your entryway. It really is essential to have one of these mats out, especially if you’ve got some hardwood floors you’d like to keep small pebbles and dirt off of! 

Astroturf simulates a stiff brush surface that doesn’t wear down easily while also sufficiently scraping unwanted bits and pieces off of your footwear. 


  • Rough synthetic material that scrapes away dirt and loosens pebbles 
  • Holds up to 1 lb of dirt before needing to be brushed or shaken out 
  • Fade-resistant and weatherproof 


  • Not much too look at, although not a problem if used in your backyard spaces 

Amagabeli Outdoor Shoe Scraper Mat 

Outdoor Shoe scraper mat for trapping dirt

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This doormat features a low-profile textured design that helps remove mud, dirt and water from your boots. It’s fully washable and works well either inside or outside of your front entryway. 

The mat fits a 34” x 24” area, and comes at an amazing value for money. The synthetic material simulates short grass, while providing a scraping effect on your shoe soles. If you’ve got a lot of traffic going in and out of the front door, this one’s a good bet. 

It also cleans incredibly easily! The short height of the pile allows you to clean it easily with a cordless vacuum cleaner, stiff bristled brush or broom. 


  • Excellent value 
  • Textured surface for capturing dirt and water 
  • Easy to clean without using a washer 


  • Can shed some of the fibers for a while after using for the first time 

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat 

Sierra concepts door mat with dirt trapping

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This two pack of mats can be used either inside or outside to repel dirt and mud from your indoor spaces. It comes in a fairly toned-down gray color and has a horizontal line texture that works nicely for keeping at the door where it belongs. 

It’s low-pile, which I always find to be better for removing dirt from shoes with just a few scrapes across the surface. The synthetic material is well suited for outdoor use, too. 

It comes in a 30” x 17” size that’s ideal for wide patio door entrances. Speaking of using by the patio door, it helps a lot to keep mud, water and grass outside when the dogs come in. It also soaks up lots of moisture when it gets a bit snowy, drying on its own without getting musky. 


  • 2-pack that can be used in different entryways 
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Rubber backing prevents water from leaking to the floor 


  • Non-slip backing works outdoors better than it does on inside surfaces 

Gorilla Grip Low-Profile Rubber Grip Doormat 

Low-profile rubber grip doormat

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This mat by Gorilla Grip lives up to the company’s name with the best non-slip grip in our reviews. It’s also incredibly durable and makes for a good mat on the patio or inside of the front entrance. 

It’s got more of an industrial or commercial look to it, so we couldn’t blame you for choosing this one for a garage door or side door entrance. And, dog owners and gardeners know how pesky it can be having to kick off boots before coming in, or contesting with wet muddy puppy paws. 

This mat does well to keep the mess down, trapping dirt, pebbles, mud and moisture inside of the synthetic fibers. I’ve got a similar model at home and it doesn’t take more than a good shake outside and a vacuum to make it look like new. 


  • Superior non-slip grip 
  • Solid rubber backing to prevent leakage 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Black/gray mat shows dirt easily, opt for another color depending on your preferences 

Conclusions: The Best Door Mat for Trapping Dirt 

Hand’s down I believe the Gorilla Grip line of door mats are superior in both quality and performance. I’ve used these mats first hand before in different settings and can confirm that they’re both long lasting and good at what they do. 

Above all else, they help keep mucky water out of your indoor living spaces. This is key, since it’s one of the things that turns a peaceful entryway into a minefield of slippery puddles and disgusting mud. Not to mention potentially dangerous pebbles that can wreak havoc on your hardwood. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best door mat for trapping dirt! Be sure to voice your opinion down below if you’ve ever had the chance to use one of these for yourself.