Best Electric Patio Heater: Stay Cozy the Easy Way

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When temperatures drop and winter rolls around, many of us put an end to outdoor entertaining.

With an electric outdoor patio heater made specifically for this setting, you’ll have a simple way to keep everyone warm and cozy and you’ll still be able to enjoy outdoor entertaining on your patio.

How do electric patio heaters work?

An electric or infrared heater turns electricity into heat, usually with a lamp or other heating element, and then transmits the heat through the air using electromagnetic waves.

They’re an easy way to heat an outdoor space like a patio, so you can continue entertaining outdoors during cold weather.

To help you choose the perfect patio electric heater to keep you warm no matter the season, we’ve compiled a buying guide that will show you the top performers and their best features.

With one of these at the ready, you’ll be cozy and comfortable while you entertain outdoors during winter, and have an easy way to get everyone warm in minutes.

With the best-rated electric patio heater at your disposal, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying warm and cozy.

heck out what our top picks have to offer with these electric patio heater reviews and find the perfect way to entertain no matter the weather.

Winner: Key Tek Patio Heater

Key Tek Wall Mounted Patio Heater Electric Infrared
  • Heating Method: Convention
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Dimensions: 26.77 x 7.09 x 5.91 inches

The title for best electric heater for outdoor patio use goes to Key Tek with their 1500W, three settings, wall mounted device.

This hanging electric patio heater can be mounted to an outdoor wall for instant heat supply and its dimensions are 26.77 x 7.09 x 5.91 inches, giving you lots of opportunities to feel the warmth.

According to customers, their favorite thing about this heater was how quickly it got to work, thanks to its 1500W power output and conventional heating method.

You’ll feel a noticeable difference in mere seconds when you turn it on, and it’ll make it that much easier to enjoy entertaining on your balcony, even during winter.

Another great thing about the Key Tek Patio Heater is the type of heat it gives off, and that you’re able to choose from different heat settings, so it’s not all or nothing.

It can emit just a small amount of warmth to keep everyone comfortable or make it tolerable to be outside in the dead of winter, and you can adjust it to suit whatever the weather conditions are.

The worst thing about this heater is that you can only use the remote to turn it on and off, so if anything happens to the remote, you’re in trouble.

In the future, the addition of a control panel to the heater itself would save a lot of heartache for some people, and make the entire design more functional overall.

Some people also mentioned issues with the cord being too short on the Key Tek Patio Heater, which will depend entirely on the setup of your patio and close you can mount it to an electrical outlet.

Although you can use an extension cord to counteract this, it takes away from the aesthetics, so keep it in mind if you have limited options for space.

This patio heater is packed full of features, including the remote control, three variable heat settings, and two color options of black or silver to suit your patio’s décor.

The Key Tek Patio Heater is waterproof and weatherproof and comes with a durable aluminum alloy housing that keeps it free from rust as well.

If you’re ready to add some coziness to your patio, the Key Tek Patio Heater is our favorite way to do it.

This is our pick for the best rated electric patio heater and it’s available at Amazon for the best price online.

Key Tek covers this with a one-year limited warranty and loads of resources available to help with installation.

For ease of use and efficient and fast heat output, the Key Tek delivers a patio heater that can do it all.

Runner Up: Pamapic Patio Heater

Pamapic Patio Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Dimensions: 27.16 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches

Pamapic has developed a patio heater that’s one of the fastest on the market, and it measures 27.16 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches for easy mounting and installation.

Using radiant heating methods and with 1500W of power behind it, this is an efficient way to keep your patio cozy and they include everything you need to put it up on the wall, minus the tools.

One of the best features of the Pamapic Electric Heater is how quickly it heats up, so within just one second of turning it on, you’ll be feeling warm and cozy.

This is thanks to the infrared heating design that means the heat waves reach you faster without needing to be blown by a fan. If you like having this instant access to warm, the Pamapic is a good choice.

Another great feature of this heater is how you can move the angle of it, with up to 45 degrees adjustability.

You can direct the heat to go wherever you need it, even while it’s mounted on the wall, which is especially helpful when it’s a cold night and you want some direct heat to keep you warm.

However, the biggest letdown of this heater is that it only has one speed, so you can’t adjust it to suit the changing temperature outside.

If it’s just a cool night and not a freezing one, you’ll get the full heat still, which makes it a little intense.

Unlike others that give you multiple settings and the ability to change the heat output, this one lacks an important function.

This probably isn’t the best electric patio heater for large area spaces though, with some customers finding they had to purchase two to get their whole patio covered.

Depending on how much heat you need and the size of the area you’re trying to heat, you might want to invest in a second heater from Pamapic to get the job done.

Pamapic has made sure to include all of the bells and whistles with this patio heater, including a rose gold heating tube, aluminum shell, and IP55 rated waterproofing construction.

The patio heater can be controlled with either the included remote control or using the control panel on the front of it, so even if the remote dies on you, you’re still able to use it.

All in all, the Pamapic is an affordable way to heat your patio, and although it’s lacking in heat speeds, it does come with more options for adjustability.

To get your hands on this lightning-fast patio heater, head to Amazon for the best deals, and enjoy a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer as well.

The Pamapic Patio Heater is one of our favorites and the fastest on the market, so you’re guaranteed to get some relief from the harsh weather outside.

Alternative: Veito Electric Heater

Veito Electric Patio Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches

Veito is a leading name in heaters, and their outdoor patio heater is one of the best on the market, but also one of the most expensive.

This 1500-watt device uses radiant heating and carbon blades to deliver warmth to your patio, and it measures just 34 inches in length but just 5 inches in width, so it’s a lot sleeker than the competition.

The Veito Electric Heater has lots of extras like a tilt sensor, remote control, weatherproofing, and the option to use it indoors or outdoors, and even mount it on the roof or wall.

What customers loved most about this heater was the intensity of the heat it delivers.

If you live somewhere especially cold or have been let down by how much heat your past heaters produced, there’s no need to worry about the performance of the Veito Patio Heater.

Better still, you can turn the heat down, so it doesn’t always have to be at its hottest for you to enjoy it.

Another great feature of the Veito Electric Heater is the space that it’s able to heat when it’s operating at its best.

Unlike other brands where you need to buy two haters just to get your patio warm, you can do it all with just one of these Veito heaters.

Although the price of the standalone unit is more, it seems you make your money back without having to buy a backup.

The downside to this heater is the price, and you can expect to pay up to three times as much as others we’ve reviewed.

Although it does have some good features, if you’re looking to heat your patio affordably, there are probably cheaper choices out there that do just as good of a job.

Another downside to the Veito is the tilt sensor built into it, which was intended to be a safety feature that would shut the unit down if it fell over.

However, people have noted that the sensor is too sensitive, so things like opening and closing the patio door or moving around too much and causing vibrations can set it off.

If you live in a rowdy household or plan on keeping the heater close by to the door, you might want to rethink this brand.

The Veito Electric Heater is one of the more expensive options, but ideal for those with larger patios to cover.

It comes with a stand if you’d rather not mount it, but for an extra cost, and both of these products are available online at Amazon.

Veito covers this heater with an impressive two-year limited warranty, which is a nice bonus, and expected given the cost.

If you’re happy to pay for it, Veito can deliver a patio heater that blows the rest out of the water.

Veito gives users the option to mount this vertically or horizontally, and they sell a stand for an extra cost that lets you take it anywhere else there’s a power supply.

The heater comes in either silver or black and is sleek and stylish, giving the décor of your patio a noticeable boost.

Alternative: Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater

Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Dimensions: 21.46 x 6.38 x 4.13 inches

Sunday Living has designed a patio heater that’s affordable for every home, and still offers 1500W of power and 5,000 BTUs.

This patio heater measures 21.46 x 6.38 x 4.13 inches and can be mounted on any indoor or outdoor wall, with all of the tools, screws, and mounts you need to get the job done.

Although it’s a cheaper option, it’s still got lots of features you’d expect to see in something more expensive.

One of the best things about this heater is that you can easily adjust the heat coming from it, with three choices of 500W, 1000W, and 1500W.

This means it’ll deliver the perfect temperatures no matter the weather outside and it’s as simple as pressing a button on the remote.

Customers were also thrilled to find out how sturdy it is thanks to its construction which used a golden tube and aluminum casing, so it’s pretty durable.

The unit also holds a waterproof rating of IP65 which puts it into the same league as other more expensive heaters we’ve found and means you can use it outdoors without a worry.

However, there were some negatives that customers mentioned, with the biggest being the remote.

Unlike the heater unit which is waterproofed, the remote is not, as it’s the only way to change the settings of it, you don’t want to leave it out in the rain accidentally or lose it.

It is possible to order a replacement through Sunday Living, but it would be even better if they had a control panel on the heater that worked as a backup.

Another negative is that it didn’t cover a lot of ground, especially when you compare it to some of the others we’ve reviewed.

This would be a good choice for someone with a smaller patio or outdoor area to heat, otherwise, you’ll need a few of them running at the same time just to feel a difference past a few feet.

There are lots of features in this patio heater, which is nice to see at this price point, including a 45-degree adjustable angle so you can move it to wherever you need heat.

The Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater has overheat protection sensors to keep you safe and can be used inside as well as out.

The Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater can be found online at Amazon for a good price and it comes with a one year limited warranty included, and speedy customer service from the Sunday Living brand.

This is an affordable and efficient way to keep warm on your patio in winter, but if you’ve got a larger space, you may need more than one to get the job done.

Best Portable Patio Heater: TaoTronics Space Heater

TaoTronics Space Heater Review
  • Heating Method: Ceramic
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Dimensions: 7.72 x 17.8 x 7.72 inches

A portable patio heater is key for taking the warmth with you when you entertain outdoors, and our favorite in this category is the TaoTronics Space Heater.

With 1500W of power, it uses ceramic plates to heat up, and then an oscillating fan to spread the warmth around the patio.

With high, low, and ECO mode available, you decide how much heat you want and where you want it.

The dimensions of the TaoTronics Space Heater are 7.72 x 17.8 x 7.72, so it’s sleek without being bulky and the perfect size for your patio.

Customers loved how easy it was to pick up and move around thanks to its 6.6lbs weight, which meant they could sit anywhere outdoors and still enjoy the warmth, as long as there was a power supply.

Another great thing about this heater was its safety factor, with customers loving that they had peace of mind when using it.

It features V-0 flame retardant material, an overheating sensor, ETL certification, tip-over switch, and a timer that can be set or will turn off automatically after 12 hours.

On the downside, it doesn’t use infrared heatwaves to do the job, so unlike other heaters that provide almost instantaneous warmth, you’ll need to wait a little longer.

This also means you’ll want to sit close by to get the full force of the ceramic heating and fan, but the fact that it’s portable helps negate this a bit.

Customers also found this heater to be a little noisy, which is a common downside when you’re using a fan heating unit instead of an infrared design.

It’s likely not going to be a bother when you’re entertaining friends on the patio and everyone is talking, but if you plan on sleeping with it, you’ll probably find the noise overbearing.

The TaoTronics Space Heater packs a lot of features for such a compact and affordable unit, including a remote control, 83-degree angle tilt, automatic oscillation setting, and portability.

You can sit this patio heater on the table outside or the floor, giving you the ideal proximity to its warmth and comfort.

If you want a portable heater for patio and outdoor use, the TaoTronics Space Heater is our favorite pick.

This sleek but powerful heater is available online at Amazon and comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer, and the solid reputation that the TaoTronics brand has for household appliances.

Electric Patio Heater FAQs

Veito Electric Wall Mount Patio Heater

An outdoor electric patio heater is the coziest way to enjoy outdoor entertaining, even during winter.

To learn a little more about these unique types of heaters and whether they’d be a good fit for your outdoor living space, read some of these FAQs to find out everything you need to know.

Which Type Of Patio Heater Is Best?

The three main types of patio heaters are electric, gas, and wood fire, each offering something unique.

For simplicity, electric heaters are best as they get warm with just electricity and there’s no need to do anything else, but some may prefer the portability that gas and wood fire heaters offer.

Which Is Better, Fire Pit Or Patio Heater?

A patio heater is designed to keep an outdoor space like a patio warm using electricity or gas, whereas a fire pit creates heat with firewood or charcoal.

Patio heaters are the safer option and easier to turn on, but some may prefer the ambiance of a fire pit, so it depends on the setting and user.

Do Patio Heaters Work In The Winter?

Yes, patio heaters are designed specifically for colder weather, so they’re ideal for winter and cold climates.

As these heaters use electricity to emit heat and infrared waves, they can be operated in all weather conditions when stored safely on an undercover patio.

Can You Put A Patio Heater Under A Covered Porch?

Most patio heaters are intended for use in undercover areas like porches and patios, but with some limitations.

You’ll need to make sure the heater matches the dimensions and height of the covered area so it has ample clearance and only uses a heater that’s designed for this type of setting.

Up the Cozy Factor on Your Patio

There’s nothing quite as pleasant as sitting outside during winter, but being warm and snug while you do.

With a portable electric patio keeping you warm, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space with friends and family regardless of the weather, and be ultra-cozy while you do.