Best Fire Pit Table

Fire pits can easily be the heart and soul of any good backyard bash, get together or BBQ! Just as soon as they can warm you up, they’re also ideal for conjuring up a warm and welcoming atmosphere on your backyard or patio. Choosing a fire pit, however, might not be quite as simple as you’d think once you start shopping around. To that effect, we’ve created a list of the best fire pit tables to create a relaxing oasis right in your backyard! 

The Best Fire Pit Tables for Your Patio 

The fire pits we’ll be reviewing are specially designed for use outdoors, and they’re specially designed to fit in with your patio decor. They’re also safe for use on decks and patios, with just a bit of fire safety precautions. (Just like the ones you’d apply to your BBQ or charcoal grill). 

We’re also going to explore dining tables with fire pits in the middle that you can use in place of a traditional patio table for entertaining! Below we’ll touch on some things you should consider before you pick a fire pit table, before jumping into some detailed reviews of our favorite models out there. 

Fire Pit Table Vs Fire Bowls and Pits 

This is probably one that comes up a lot when you’re designing your dream outdoor escape. Once you’re ready to take the leap, here’s some benefits you should keep in mind when you’re choosing between the two. Traditional fire bowls, and yard fire pits are wood burning. While that’s still a common feature of some patio fire tables, it can be said that the wider models will consume a larger volume of fuel. This is because you’re creating a larger flame to fill the bowl, thus it will require more fire wood over an extended period of time. This also means it will take some babysitting throughout the night to keep the flame as hot as you’d like it to be. 

Propane fire tables, on the other hand, are great for those who’d like to keep a consistent flame going, without the need to constantly add fuel. There’s several inherent upsides to this too. Since you won’t be burning wood, you won’t have to deal with hot embers flying around, or ash and excessive smoke clouding up your outdoor space. Anyone who’s had to re-position themselves around a fire pit or bonfire can tell you just how irritating that can be. 

Lastly, the odour put off by a propane fire table, as well as dining tables with a fire pit in the middle, won’t put off the burning smell of a wood burning fire pit constantly. If you’re hosting guests who prefer not to smell like a bonfire, or simply can’t stand the smoke, these make a great alternative for having a fire safely on your patio.  

Best Faux Wood Grain Propane Fire Pit Table 

Legacy Heating Propane Fire Pit Table 

Faux wood grain fire pit table best fire pit tables

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This model comes with a distinctive, yet natural look to incorporate some wood grain texture into your patio set. It fits comfortably on any patio or deck with a narrower stand-up design. The upside is that you can fit a lot of chairs around it, making it a great entertaining centerpiece for your outdoor get-togethers! You’ll also be surprised to know that it comes out of the box with ETL certification, making it safe for use on patios. Since it’s propane powered, all you’ve got to do is borrow the tank from your grill in order to keep it going. 

It comes with 50,000 BTU, which is great for warming up on a cool summer night, or even roasting some marshmallows and making some delicious smores right on the comfort of your patio! 

Best Square Wood Burning Fire Pit With a Table 

Sibosen Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Table 

Square wood burning fire pit table

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If you sincerely preer the wood burning models of fire pits, this 32 inch model might be on you’d want to take a look at. It gives you the crackling and nostalgic smell of a bonfire, with a frame and safety mesh grate cover that allows you to use it on your deck or patio without worry. It comes with a poker and cover, and might be a bit more versatile than you think. If you’re the charcoal BBQ type over propane, it also saves you having to pick up an additional propane fuel tank as well. 

There’s a few additional features advertised by the manufacturer that caught me by surprise, too! Besides a cover, mesh grate and poker, there’s even a BBQ grate attachment. That means that not only can you enjoy this fire pit for kicking back in the evening and making some smores, but you can get some hotdogs, burgers or even skewers on the grill at the same time. 

Best Round Fire Pit Column

Baide Home Propane Fire Pit Column

Fire pit column with propane

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If you want to go for looks over heating power, this propane fire pit table has one of the most unique designs out there. In an attractive stone rock exterior, this granite top fire bowl sits on top of a column. The table is small, at about 22” across including the fire table portion. For the best fire pit table for cocktail parties, this one would have to top that list as well! I love the granite design of the tall pedestal table-top on this fire pit. It’s great for glasses, and providing a little bit of a buffer between the flame and anything it shouldn’t be near. 

The lava rocks design of the inside of the fire pit is impressive too, and gives it the slightest touch of exotic to bring a bit more character into your outdoor escape. Besides the looks, there’s an included weather cover, asd well as an auto-ignition system so that you don’t have to worry about lighting it manually. 

Best Dining Table With Fire Pit in the Middle 

Fire Sensa Perissa Round Woven Aluminum Fire Pit Table 

Dining table with fire pit in the middle

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This all-aluminum built fire pit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lightweight, yet somewhat rustic looking fire pit table on their back patio! The antique bronze finish that appears all over the faux woven texture along the casing, and the lid adds a ton of character, which also makes it a great conversation piece. Speaking of, the table top itself has enough room for a few small plates, drinks and can easily accommodate hors d’oeuvres and finger foods. It accommodates a 20lb propane tank, and can start easily with the push of a button! 

Best Large Fire Pit Table for Entertaining Dinner Guests 

Design by Ashley Windon Barn Fire Pit Table 

 The best fire put table barn wood fire pit

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This fire pit table has a much more welcoming design if you’re thinking of having a few people over. It’s composed of a rectangular table top, with a small fire pit in the center. It has a distinctive faux barnwood look to it, which makes it blend in easily with the rest of your outdoor patio furniture and decor. Seating is a little higher, providing a comfortable surface for guests to mingle while they’re standing, or when they’re sitting to enjoy a meal with you! 

It has 30,000 BTU, which emits a flame from a glass-bead style surface. It creates a warm dancing flame, with plenty of flickering thanks to the bead surface. Reviewers applaud it for the flame output, which is perfectly atmospheric depending on the type of mood you’d like to set! 

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Coffee Table

Ehomexpert Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Ehomexpert outdoor propane gas fire pit

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This elegant fire pit sits low, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a fire pit coffee table to put in the center of their outdoor seating arrangement! It will easily compliment your outdoor furniture, adding a natural element with its faux log style design! There’s plenty of room around the flame, too! This nicely accommodates glasses, mugs, and small plates. 

If you want to stay warm while enjoying your patio in the morning, or evening, this fire pit is a safe and practical option for your patio or deck! There is one downside to this fire pit, which is that it requires the propane tank to be out in the open, since it’s so low profile there’s no housing for your standard sized tank. You can however connect it to a hose that emerges from the side of the fire pit table. 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best fire pit tables! These tables are made exactly for the purpose of entertaining your guests in style on your patio. Which one caught your eye? And, have you ever had the chance to sit at one of these tables? They’re a great way to enjoy your backyard escape with just a little heat, and a beautiful ambiance.