Best Fireplace Grates for Indoors

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Either you’re replacing a rusty, decrepit old grate or you’re getting your first fireplace! Either way, we’ve got the best fireplace grates for indoors, reviewed. There’s a few factors you’ll want to take a look at beforehand, like the dimensions of your fireplace, and what you want out of a firewood frate. Join us while we show you some of our favorite models! 

What are the Best Fireplace Grates for Indoors? 

Here’s a few things you should take into consideration before you buy your first fireplace grate. Admittedly, there’s very specific features about each one that might sway you one way or another. But, above all else it’s got to fit properly in your fireplace and look good doing it! 

What Size Fireplace Grate Do I Need?

For these reviews we’re only covering wood burning fireplaces. The reason being is because you’re more limited to the types of grates you could use, and mixing them up can have very bad results! That being said, wood burning fireplace grates are fine for use in a gas fireplace as well. Not of course, vice versa. 

When you’re measuring for a fireplace grate, take a few inches off of either side of your measurement. For instance, if you’re allowing 2-3 inches of space on the sides, subtract 4-6 inches from your length requirement for your grate. The reason for this is because things tend to expand under heat, and you want to allow for adequate airflow on the sides of your grate as well. 

We’ve included a variety of different lengths, and if you explore further you’ll notice that most manufacturers make one or two different additional sizes for you to choose from if you’re partial to the style of grate. 

Basic Fireplace Safety 

If it does happen to be your first time owning a wood burning fireplace, here’s a few basic safety tips to take into account. 

  • Before lighting, ensure the damper, (flap between chimney and fireplace), is in the open position. If it isn’t you’ll be coughing up smoke as soon as you try to light your fireplace. 
  • Be aware of any immediate fire hazards near the fireplace including carpets, rugs, drapes, furniture and of course newspapers and books. It only takes one spark for fire to spread. 
  • Ensure your fireplace has a spark shield or steel curtain on or in front of it. You can’t light it without one, since embers will start flying as soon as the wood starts to break down. All wood has some level of moisture in it, so this crackling is inevitable. 
  • Don’t use firewood that’s too ‘green’, or freshly-cut. These logs will put a large amount of smoke and smokey odor in the air and generally won’t burn well or at all. 
  • Don’t burn leaves, magazines, cardboard or treated wood. Treated and compressed wood like 2×4’s are loaded with chemicals that allow them to be shaped the way they are. Burning them, as well as cardboard and printed materials will put toxins in the air regardless of how good your chimney is at redirecting smoke. 
  • Don’t overload your fireplace with logs or you risk a chimney fire where the flame climbs high enough to possibly ignite any soot within the lining of the chimney. 
  • Check the chimney every 6 months to make sure there isn’t a large buildup of soot and have it professionally cleaned once a year. Failing to do so could result in an extremely dangerous chimney fire. 

Now that you’re all set to burn, check out our reviews for the best fireplace grates for indoors below! 

Classic Wrought Iron Log Holder 

Amagabeli Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate 

best fireplace grates for indoors made frome wrought iron

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This 30-inch wide wrought iron fireplace log grate is made from a heavy duty solid steel. It features quadrilateral bars in a U-shape designed to hold logs close to the embers with enough room for air to make it underneath the structure. 

We love this grate since it’s the perfect upgrade to replace a rusty old fireplace grate, or if you’re just starting out with an indoor fireplace. It provides a totally classic look combined with an incredibly functional design that does exactly as it’s intended. 

The bars are ¾’s of an inch thick, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of heavier logs in your fireplace. It’s available in a 24” and 30” length, so either way you’ll be able to find the one that’s most suitable for your fireplace! 


  • Two different size lengths to support larger and smaller fireplaces. 
  • Doesn’t sag thanks to the thick supported steel bars on this grate. 
  • Durable cross bars that withstand frequent use and hot embers. 

20” Long Flat Bar Fireplace Log Holder 

Hi-Flame Fireplace Log Grate 

Log Grate designed for indoor fireplaces

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Great for both large wood stoves and indoor fireplaces, the Hi-Flame makes for a versatile and all-around practical fireplace grate. It comes in a 20” size, although the company also makes a 13” that might be more ideal for use inside of a wood stove. 

It’s a black stainless steel in a deep matte black with completely heat resistant paint. Great style that’s suitable for both modern and traditional interior design. It does a good job of holding a fair few logs, while also allowing for very even burning. Its flat design lends well to holding several logs placed one in front of the other if stacking isn’t a good option for your particular fireplace. 

Although it’s not very long it does come with some extra support legs which completely eliminates any worry of it bending or sagging whatsoever. 


  • Heavy-duty 13lb solid steel grate that holds quite a bit of wood. 
  • Flat bars allow for placing wood in a very stable stack without it falling suddenly. 
  • Matte black coating with heat proofing. 

Best Cast Iron Grate for Wood Stoves

US Stove G26 Small Logwood Grate 

Small sized iron grate for holding fireplace logs

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When it comes to reviewing fireplace and wood stove accessories like these, you’ve got to recognize what makes a quality piece. In this case, the US Stove Company’s grate ticks all the right boxes in terms of its casting quality and functionality. 

It’s great at what it does, and that is providing a durable and long-lasting cast iron surface for burning small logs in a traditional wood stove. We’ve included it here just in case you’re looking for a replacement piece, or interested in buying a wood stove of your own. 

This serves to protect the woodstove’s interior base, while also allowing for optimal air intake so that the log can burn hot and long. If you don’t like having to feed the wood stove too often, having the right grate goes a long way! 


  • Made completely of cast iron. 
  • Increases stove airflow while burning. 
  • Versatile and tough enough to use in a firepit when you’re not using the stove. 

Best Self-Feeding Indoor Fireplace Grate 

Plow & Hearth Large Cast Iron Deep-Bed Fireplace Grate 

Plow & Hearth cast iron deep design fireplace grate for indside use

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This fireplace grate has a deep-bed which is designed to act as a built-in self feeding mechanism for your fireplace. If you’re not a fan of having to jump up and down every hour to have to restock logs, this one is calling your name! 

Seriously, as a wood burning fireplace owner I’m probably going to be picking one of these up for myself before the next burning season. 

It has robust legs, and slots for airflow underneath the logs. This setup creates a more efficient burn, keeping the fire hotter for longer without the need to poke, prod and readjust logs all the time. Also, the added pressure from the logs on top help to push the burning logs into the ideal position for heat and airflow. 

We don’t love that it comes in three pieces, but it assembles in seconds and doesn’t have an unstable feeling to it. 


  • Self-feeding log design for efficient and long burning. 
  • Large capacity and able to hold lots of logs at once. 
  • Cast iron is virtually indestructible and heat proof as well. 

24” 7 Bar Fireplace Grate

Gleydy Indoor Hearth Rack For Wood Burning Fireplaces 

Indoor fireplace wood burning grate rack

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Of all of the models we’ve reviewed, this one is by far the most low-maintenance of them all. What do we mean by that? Simply that the coating on it is easy to brush clean, and it doesn’t need any attention whatsoever beyond that. 

It holds a fair bit of logs, roughly 6-8 1/4th slices so you can leave it a while before returning to it. And, the height and shape makes it usable in an outdoor fire pit during the summertime when you might not be using your fireplace much at all. 

It’s made to last, totally versatile and comes with a slightly gloss black coating that helps to make your fireplace pop! Also, the heightened design allows you to light the fire easily from the bottom.