Best Fireplace Grates for Outdoor Fireplaces

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Creating the perfect outdoor space doesn’t come without a little legwork on the research side of things. Certainly by now you’ve browsed a ton of outdoor style and design inspiration boards, videos and pictures to find something that will inspire your next addition. If that happens to be an outdoor fireplace, we’ve got you covered! These are our reviews for the best fireplace grates for outdoor fireplaces. 

The Best Fireplace Grates for Outdoor Fireplaces

These models of fire pit and fireplace grates we’ve reviewed below are perfect for creating an outdoor fireplace, or replacing an existing grate. There’s a couple of key things you should consider before you buy one, though. 

Choose The Right Size Grate for the Fireplace 

First, you’ll want to measure the interior length of your fireplace. In other words, the walls of the area where the wood burns, in order to determine how long of a grate you’ll need. 

Once you’ve done that, choose a grate that’s somewhat shorter on either end. In other words, one that’s at least 2” shorter than you need. The reason for that is to allow proper airflow on all sides of the fireplace grate so your fire can burn long and hot. 

Lastly, just be sure that it’s the correct shape and width as well. If you’re dealing with a round grate in a traditional outdoor fireplace, you’re going to have wood burning on the outside of the chimney which could blow smoke right into your face. Also, a spark screen won’t do as good a job of protecting you and your property if the grate protrudes from the inside of the fire pit. 

Best Wide Outdoor Fireplace Grate 

Amagabeli Outdoor 24” Fireplace Grate 

best fireplace grates for outdoor fireplaces 24 inch ember spit screen in black

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When you’re looking for fireplace grates for outdoor fireplaces, there’s nothing wrong with going for a classic option like one of these! This model by Amagabeli features a classic look, much like that you’d find in a standard indoor fireplace. 

The metal supports on this fireplace grate are a heft 3/4th’s of an inch thick, providing excellent capacity for heavier logs you might be burning outdoors. Also, it’s incredibly simple to clean since you can easily pull it out of the fireplace to brush up ash and leaves before and after using it. 

The shape also lends well to cooling once it’s finished being used, which is especially helpful if you’d like to clean up your ashes before you’re done in the evening. It’s made from a sturdy wrought iron, and is bound to stand up for years and years. If you like a wide, heavy traditional looking grate this one makes a great choice! 

Best Outdoor Fireplace Cooking Grate 

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fireplace 24” Grate for Cooking 

Outdoor fireplace grate for cooking on

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Unlike many fireplace grates, this one is entirely made from a lighter steel alloy. This is beneficial since it’s both lighter and a lot less likely to rust! 

There are some upsides, and downsides to having a firepit like this one. First off, it’s the type that requires you to have a fire going underneath it. This is ideal for a large outdoor ‘pizza-oven’ style fire pit, or perhaps even a large chiminea. 

Important things you should know before buying this fireplace grate for outdoors: it doesn’t allow you to place food directly on the surface of the grate! The finish on it, while doing a great job of protecting it from the elements, has a drawback. That being said, it’s perfectly suitable for placing pots, pans, aluminum foil and of course cast iron on top of! 

Get the most out of this firepit with your favorite outdoor cookware for dinner under the stars! 

Best Small Round Fireplace Grate 

Steel Freak Classic Round Outdoor Fireplace Grate 

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At 18”, this smaller grate is perfect for more low-profile outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. It features raised, thick steel bars that are ideal for supporting small and medium-sized pieces of firewood outdoors. This is also perfect for airflow, which keeps the fire stoked while enjoying the warm flame. 

It’s made from steel and features a dark black coating with low-sheen that compliments just about any fireplace or fire pit design. You can also rely on the structure of this grate to keep the burning logs off of the ground or fireplace base. This reduces the amount of burnt-on carbon and cinder that builds up. 

It stands up to frequent use thanks to its compact raised design, you’ll be able to leave this one outside without worrying too much about rust, too! 

Best Wagon Wheel Outdoor Fireplace Grate 

Amagabeli Heavy Duty Wagon Wheel Grate for Outdoor Fireplaces 

Wagon Wheel shaped firepit grate made for outdoor use on large outdoor fireplaces and firepits

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This outdoor fireplace grate features a spider-web, or ‘wagon wheel’ shape that makes it easier to stack firewood in a variety of different ways. If you prefer to stack logs in a tent-shape, you’ll find that the curved ends of these grate supports do a good job of helping to hold the firewood in position while it burns. 

It’s raised, and has four strong legs that give room for adequate air flow underneath your firewood. It’s made from a slick stainless steel that makes it light enough to easily remove when it’s time to clean up the ash, while also making it somewhat more rust-proof. 

The 12 steel bars with raised ends prevent firewood from tumbling off, making it easier to stack, especially for those who are a bit less experienced. 

Best Extra-Wide Fireplace Grate 

SteelFreak 30” Wide Fireplace Grate for Indoors or Outdoors 

indoor and outdoor firepit grate that covers 30 inches wide

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With an all-steel construction, this fireplace grate comes in an extra-wide version that makes a good fit for larger models of outdoor fireplaces. Whether you’ve custom-designed your own, or are looking to replace a grate from an existing fireplace, this 30” steel grate is a reliable replacement. 

The support legs are shorter on average as compared to competitor’s models, while it may seem like a largely insignificant feature, this actually makes it a lot more stable. The shorter rectangular legs help it from tipping over or rocking due to firewood placement or logs shifting during the burn. 

It is still substantially raised to allow for a good amount of airflow whether it’s placed in the outside of a fire pit or fireplace. The ends of the horizontal steel supports make your firewood easier to stack, and allows the great itself to fit inside of shallower fireplaces. We love this fireplace grate for outdoor fireplaces for summer evening burns on the patio!