Best Fitted Picnic Table Cover for Winter

Don’t let winter get the best of your patio furniture: here’s some options to find the best fitted picnic table cover for winter.

Frost, snow and freezing temperatures wreaking havoc on your patio furniture? Trust me, you’re not alone on that one. But what about your picnic table? Often neglected, yard furniture pieces like these are either left to the elements, or are lifted and stowed somewhere they might have a slim chance of keeping dry once the snow begins to fall. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got a more practical option that’s sure to make a difference! We’ve reviewed the best fitted picnic table covers for winter below. 

Before you run out and buy, or order a fitted picnic table cover here’s a few things you should know beforehand! 

Do you Need to Cover Picnic Tables in the Winter? 

If it’s a wooden picnic table, you absolutely should! And here’s why: the stress put on the picnic table in the winter months ranges from freezing rain, to sitting water, ice and of course freezing temperatures causing the wood to contract and become susceptible to drying out. 

You should take the necessary steps to winterize your picnic table when the weather turns cold in order to extend the life of the table itself. Exposure to these elements could quickly lead to splinters and rough seats on your picnic table come summertime. 

Standard Picnic Table Size 

The most common length of a picnic table is roughly 6 feet. This is designed to comfortably accommodate 4-6 adults, and comes to about 72”. Most fitted covers you’ll find for picnic tables come anywhere from 70”-80”, so there’s some wiggle room in there for custom-built pieces as well. 

If you’re dealing with a picnic table you’ve made yourself, or one that’s been custom-made for you, there are some product dimensions you NEED TO take notice of: 

  • Table leg width, (2×4. Or 2×6?) 
  • Overall table width, height and length 
  • Table bench height 

Are Patio Table Covers Washable?

None of the table covers we’ve featured in our reviews are machine washable. However, you can certainly use a hose and a stiff brush to remove any debris. Most of them are composed of polyester, or even nylon. Both of these stand up alright to a simple water and scrub brush combo. 

Don’t use any detergent, or scrub too hard. This could actually cause the UV and waterproof coating to degrade slowly, so take care when cleaning your fitted picnic table cover as to not render it ineffective against winter weather conditions. 

What is the Best Fitted Picnic Table Cover for Winter? 

96” Waterproof Picnic Table Cover by StorMaster 

waterproof picnic table cover by stormaster

True to its name, this cover by StorMaster does a great job of fitting on snug to your outdoor picnic table to keep it from suffering the cold and wet conditions that winter has to offer. It fits a standard 8ft long patio table with an attached bench and it’s perfectly suited for use in winter conditions. 

This black cover is totally weather resistant, and comes in a fitted design that attaches easily to an 8ft sized picnic table. The weatherproofing includes a snow-resistant fabric that’s PVC and UV coated, yet still breathable as to prevent mildew or odours from developing during the winter. 

The polyester material makes this a long lasting picnic table protector that you can re-use for years to come! 


  • Built-in air vents for breathability and wind resistance 
  • Completely waterproof design that’s also UV and frost resistant 
  • Built-in Velcro fasteners to keep it on snug 


  • Not machine washable 
  • Straps only fit 2×4 legs, won’t be suitable for 2×6 picnic table legs 

iKover Heavy Duty Waterproof 70 Inch Outdoor Picnic Table Cover 

ikover heavy duty waterproof picnic table cover

This is an all-weather cover for your picnic table that doesn’t make for an eyesore on your patio, or out in your yard! 

A set of quick-release plastic buckles fasten this cover to your picnic table. These work together with an elastic hem fitted with a locking cord stop that do a great job of keeping this cover in place where it belongs. It’s quick to put on, too.

With four heavy-duty reinforced handles that let you position the cover easily, as well as numerous air vents to make sure that the winds don’t have a chance of blowing  it away.  

This cover also comes equipped with a layered polyester design that’s perfect for keeping the elements away, as well as all-weather protection that ranges from rain and snow, to dust and even sunlight. 


  • All-weather protection for keeping sun, rain, snow and wind off of your 
  • Condensation and mildew proof with excellent heavy-duty venting throughout 
  • Double-lined stitching for durability, as well as reinforced handles for quick application


  • Rigid design that’s specifically suited to 70 inch picnic tables 

Codree Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Table Cover 

best Best Fitted Picnic Table Cover for Winter - cordee

This beige and brown cover by Codree is a great way to protect your outdoor picnic table in style. Regardless of what time of year it is, this versatile cover is a great choice for protecting your picnic table for all-season conditions. In other words, you can use it for keeping the UV rays off while the table isn’t being used, or to keep snow off of your picnic table in the wintertime. 

This cover is easy to clean, you typically won’t need to use detergent or soap and it can also be hosed down to remove bird poop, dirt and other debris. 

It comes with an anti-UV coating that keeps the sun’s rays off of your picnic bench which helps prevent discoloration. This cover is fitted using a locking drawstring, and much like other models uses straps to secure it to the legs of the table itself. 


  • Easy to clean design which makes it ideal for yearlong use for sun and rain protection 
  • Drawstring helps the fitted design effectively cling to the lower part of the picnic table 


  • Less air vents than competing models which could cause some wind to get under the cover 

Yolaka Waterproof Picnic Table Cover 

Yolaka Waterproof Picnic Table Cover  - yolaka picnic table cover

This cover has one of the most shaped and fitted designs out of any of the ones we’ve reviewed, giving it great coverage and protection for your picnic table. 

It’s completely waterproof all throughout with the type of material that can withstand not only direct rain, but some amount of water pressure as well in the event of a heavy rain. It will even repel frost, snow and freezing temperatures making it ideal for protecting your picnic table in the winter. 

The picnic table cover is secured using a drawstring as well as buckles for each leg of the picnic table so it doesn’t come off unless you intend for it to. 


  • High-tolerance all season cover with lots of waterproofing as well as UV protection 
  • Improved secure design allows it to fasten to the table legs as well as a tightening drawstring
  • Two air pockets to allow the wind to move through it without pulling it off or offsetting it 


  • Thinner material as compared to other designs, which could catch on any rough edges of your picnic table 

Bosmere Weatherproof 76” Weatherproof Picnic Table Cover 

Bosmere Weatherproof 76” Weatherproof Picnic Table Cover 

Designed for picnic tables that seat roughly 8 people, or have a length of 76”, this green cover is a great alternative to a simple tarp to keep the weather off of your picnic table. 

First off, we’re really impressed with the unique fastening method this weatherproof cover uses to stay in place when it’s placed on your picnic table. It uses brass eyelets with heavy-duty bungees to tightly secure each corner of the cover to the table so it has no chance of flying off. 

The rugged surface of this cover is UV-proof, as well as waterproof and impervious to dust, rain and snow. 


  • Strong material wipes clean easily to remove debris 
  • Heavy-duty bungee ties for each table leg for a secure hold 
  • Easily repels water and dirt 


  • Nylon tarp-like material does not have any stretch, or ‘give’. The table dimensions must match the manufacturer’s recommended measurements 

Reviews for the Best Fitted Picnic Table Covers for Winter: Conclusion

Without a doubt the standout model here is the Bosmere weatherproof cover for 76” long picnic tables. This was a tough one, especially since the dimensions of your actual picnic table are going to factor into your final decision. That being said, here’s a few things I love about the Bosmere. 

It’s totally waterproof, the material is perfect for deflecting winter weather such as snow, frost ice and heavy winds. And, it has the most heavy-duty tie-downs out of all five of the models we’ve reviewed! While a drawback is the lack of stretch for even slightly larger table sizes, it still offers the best fitted hold and protection against the weather. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best fitted picnic table covers for winter! Stick around for more reviews for everything from patio furniture, to must-try DIY tips for upgrading your outdoor oasis.