Best Giant Yard Games

Camping, stacking the fire pit or lighting up the BBQ are all fantastic excuses to get some relaxation and fresh air! Nothing beats an afternoon in the sun with the people you love, but keeping everyone entertained isn’t always so simple. Thankfully, gone are the days of life-threateningly sharp lawn darts, and a whole host of other less dangerous but equally boring outdoor pastimes. If you want to have some fun in the sun but can’t find quite the right activity, we’ve totally got you covered. We’ve reviewed some of the best giant yard games available to double the fun for families, guests and everyone in attendance! These games are a mix of throwback favorites, and neat activities that are suited for kids of all ages. 

Best Giant Yard Games for Everyone to Play 

We’ve constructed a sizeable list of reviews for some of the best giant yard games for everyone out there! We’re talking family members, friends, kids and adults alike. Even grandma can get in on the fun and sheer hilarity of giant Connect Four!  These games are perfectly suited to players of all skill levels, and require varying degrees of activity. First things first, you’re going to want to figure out which games are the best fit for your group. Get a rough idea of how many players there are, what their ages are and which kind of games they’ll be interested in. Whether you’re giving these as a gift, or picking them up for you and your friends/family, be sure to take a look through your game stache first. If you find a lot of common or heritage board games that your family routinely enjoys, those are a great place to start!  

How to Find the Perfect Yard Game For Everyone to Enjoy

When you’re searching for yard games, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the slew of reproductions, and various other type of spin-off versions of the more popular games. Beyond that lies a whole bunch of games that are more or less targeted specifically towards adults. Keeping that in mind, we’ve gathered a bunch of giant sized yard games that are perfect for just about any group of players. Families, adults, and guests of nearly all ages will have a blast with these games. These games have also been selected for their overall durability, quality and enjoyment. As a parent, I know how disappointing it can be to find out that something which claimed to be suited for outdoor play couldn’t stand up to the slightest bout of weather. Check out some of the reviews below for our best giant yard games for your family to enjoy this summer!  

Giant Wooden Yard Dice

Best Giant Yard Games dice game for families

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We’re serious when we said these were giant versions of some of your classic favorites! This larger-than-life sized version of (popular dice scoring game) might not be official, but it doesn’t take much more than a bunch of dice, a cup and a scoresheet to replicate the excitement of the original. Thankfully, this game comes with all three! The game is as fun as you remember, and even more so on a larger scale, but the component quality is what helps it make our list. The classic dice have been blown up to a comically large size. Unlike most components you’ll find in yard and board games alike nowadays, these are made completely of wood. Handcrafted from New Zealand pine, they come with a unique craftsman charm. Not to mention they’re also completely waterproof. The plastic cup in the original game has been replaced with a large silicone bucket. Shaking the dice up isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, (especially for smaller players), but casting them onto the yard from the bucket is incredibly satisfying, and gets the job done! Scoresheets now come in the form of dry-erase boards, meaning you can re use them as many times as you’d like! 

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy 

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Alliteration aside, this game is a ton of fun. And, anyone who’s attended an office Christmas worth attending has had the privilege of being one of its unsuspecting victims. Just about everyone has played this one of a kind block stacking game, and is thoroughly aware of its potential to create epic victories, and devastating defeats! In this iteration, 56 pieces of ‘premium’ pine stack up to our expectations, and the destructive and inevitable collapse of this tower is only that much more satisfying than it used to be. This is one of those games that families, and all-adult parties alike will enjoy taking their chances with this exciting game of both skill and chance! 

Outdoor Giant Yard Pong

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So, it’s beer pong. BUT, filling these cups with brew would take a big wallet, and quite a lot of ambition. That being said, this is pong for the people. It’s blown up to a yard-game scale, with huge plastic ‘buckets’ standing in as the cup. They aren’t just any buckets, these are specially designed for epic yard tournaments where players of all ages and skill levels can come together to compete! These extra thick, double-walled buckets are totally weather, (and game) proof. In other words, they won’t crack under pressure (like 99.99% of yard toys), are easily stackable and even feature lines to make filling with water or sand incredibly simple! It comes with soft balls, and tennis balls to accommodate different play styles, so all you’ve got to worry about is making teams. 

Giant 4-to-Score Game Set 

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With an XXL sized game board that snaps together like nothing, this version of a much loved classic makes its way to your backyard! This awesome, outdoor-safe iteration of a classic tabletop experience comes with gigantic pieces. This time around, you won’t have to worry about losing them in the grass! Get some friends together and challenge them to an epic game of strategy and trick taking in a game just about anyone can get the hang of in seconds. (Just don’t be surprised if grandma takes the cake!) The game pieces slide in and out of the giant game board, this has the added benefit of letting smaller players participate without help. And, it removes the need to shake the pieces out. The frame of the board even includes posts for holding the pieces not already in use. This game represents a quality, larger than life sized recreation of one of our favorites, which is why it takes a place on our list for some of the best giant yard games. 

Extra Large Tic Tac Toe Yard Game 

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Made from quality, weatherproof poplar this bonafide classic comes to life on your back yard, campsite or even beach with gigantic style! Featuring a wood and rope board, it stays in place exactly where you set it, and definitely won’t blow away. The game pieces themselves are handcrafted from wood, and sealed to prevent them from cracking from sun and rain. Plus, the game board and pieces are incredibly portable! Just about everyone knows the rules, but of course there’s an XL twist to make this experience even more exciting. This time around, you’re able to toss the game pieces to take your turn. Increase the skill level with older and more experienced players by increasing your distance from the game board. 

Elite Viking Kubb Viking Clash Backyard Game 

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Available in ‘backyard’ and ‘regulation’ sizes, this pastime is growing in popularity! And for good reason, too. This game consists of setting up, and one-by-one, making attempts at knocking down your opponents pieces from a distance using a wooden batton. Now, it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, but it sure is a ton of fun. Make family brackets and go up against one another during BBQ season with this addictive and quality game set. The viking theme only adds to the experience and makes them that much cooler! 

These premium games are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with your family, friends and guests alike! Suitable for players of all ages, just about anyone would love to give these games a spin at least ones. We chose this particular selection for, of course, their size and competitive fun! For an added bit of fun, line up a few of these games for a team circuit across a set of 3 games. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to let us know about any more interesting, fun and larger-than-life sized games that we might have missed!