Best Golf Nets for Backyards

What you’re looking for in the best golf nets for backyards is something that’s portable, lightweight and actually benefits your golf game overall. To help improve your swing, and reclaim your sense of confidence so you can step onto the course with more precision and lower scores. These outdoor golf nets are suitable for the golfer who wants to practice their driving skills, fairway woods, irons and even chipping wedges.

Thanks to the number of available models and golf aides out there, you can find yourself practicing all of these swings with only a couple of pieces of equipment. Before we break into reviewing some of the best golf nets for backyards, we’ll cover how you can best utilize them to improve your game. 

Whether you’re taking chip shots for leisure, or trying to perfect your driver shot, these nets are perfectly well suited for the golfer who just loves to relax with their favorite sport!

Believe it or not, practice doesn’t only make perfect, but it can even make fun. If you really wanted to up the ante, you could even throw a backyard golf-themed tournament! 

Backyard Golf Nets for Practice and Play

I’ll set the scene, it’s heading into the evening or you really don’t feel like trucking out the course that day. Grab a couple of your pals and set up some practice nets to make your own home brew ‘cornhole’-like tournament, scoring points for shots that make it in the nets!

Add a cooler and a barbeque and do the math, sounds like a pretty good night, huh? These would also make a great game/activity for a golf themed party, wedding or outdoor father’s day game! Make it all that much better by surprising the golf lover in your friend group with one of these set up and ready to go. 

How to Practice Golf Driving at Home 

At the end of the day, it really comes down to only two reliable methods you can use to practice golf driving at home. The first is with an in-home golf simulator. These use a projector, screen and ball to track your shot and give you up to the minute feedback.

While they’re incredibly practical, they’re far from affordable. The other option is a simple, but effective practice net system. These are often relatively inexpensive, and quick to set up. In fact, most golf practice nets use a collapsible pole system, allowing you to collapse and set them up in minutes.

The Best Golf Nets for Backyards for Practicing Your Golf Swing 

Below we’ll review some of the best golf nets for backyards to practice golf driving at home. Although, some of them are great for practicing your chip shots, irons as well! 

Wosofe Golf Practice Hitting Net 

golf practice hitting net

This net has a bit of versatility to it, but it really shines as a chipping and wedge shot practice aide. Perfect your golf chip shot with this pop-up, simple to assemble tent that gives you three targets that make practice a lot easier.

The benefit to using an aide like this one is that you get a kinetic and auditory feedback response. In other words, you can hear a ‘smack’ sound against the material as the ball hits the target, which will ripple to show you where it made impact.

All you have to do is adjust your distance from the target, or your angle to modify the difficulty of the shot. The reinforced nylon material of this golf practice net is durable enough to stand up to a golf ball, and gives you the ability to make your shots without fear of breaking anything.

Four stakes can keep this net fixed to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about it being toppled over by wind or golf balls. As far as value is concerned, this net is incredibly affordable for its design. 


  • Lightweight and easy to assemble 
  • 3-tiered targets that you can use for chipping practice 
  • Tent-shaped design that stakes into the ground for stability 


  • Less versatility than other models 
  • No net behind, or on either side of the target 

PodiuMax Pop Up Golf Chipping Target Net 

pop up golf chipping target net

This net serves a slightly different purpose from the previous model, but allows you to test your lob shot, chip shot as well as your iron if you’re making a punch shot. The upsides to this net are immediately evident.

It sets up in seconds, and allows you to land the ball in one of three pockets in the center of the net. This is a handy design because you’ll know for certain whether or not you’ve placed your shot simply by peeking down to see where it ended up once you go to retrieve them.

Besides the instantaneous setup, this net is as small, lightweight and portable as they come! You can take it with you anywhere, be that on a camping trip or outing, or rather to set up in the backyard whenever you’d like. 


  • Sets up in seconds 
  • 3 pocket targets allow you to practice your precision 


  • Small target for beginners 

PGM Golf Net for Driving Practice 

PGM driving practice net

This net is purpose-built for driving practice. It has a large tent-like design that allows for you to practice without having to worry too much about the accuracy of your golf shot. On top of that, you can also use it for practicing your fairway wood shots too.

A large target is draped in the center of this net to give you a little feedback as to where you managed to place your shot. The design of this practice net is what really makes it shine, though. At 10×6 feet, it gives you enough room to practice, while still giving you the ease and convenience of a ‘pop-up’ golf practice net you get from smaller models.

You’ll have the most luck with this net if you stick to your irons, and driver. It even has an additional netting structure you can apply if you’re concerned about the durability of the net. 


  • Easy tent-pole construction that’s quick to set up 
  • Durable design 


  • Reinforced area of the netting could cover a larger space 

Champkey Terpro 10’x7’ Golf Hitting Net and Mat 

champkey terpo golf hitting net and mat

Champkey brings us a golf net practice system in the form of a highly practical golf turf mat, golf ball storage and included practice net! This is the only combo set on our list, but the practice net is what really steals the show.

First however, we’ll touch on the practice mat. The Champkey golf practice mat is a great tool for practicing hitting out of the tee box, on fairway or the rough. Three textured and accurate pieces of turf give you the option of hitting off of either of those surfaces, thus giving you the ability to practice your golf swing on a variety of lies, or surfaces.

The net on the other hand, gives you a space to place those shots. 

You can confidently use any one of your golf clubs and styles of shot for this net. That being said, you’d be hard-pressed to try your lob wedge shot in this net. Thankfully there are other models more suited for that shot. The added ball storage slot is a great feature, in that it helps you focus on your swing and your shot since you’re not chasing golf balls around on the grass.

The target itself consists of a large nylon sheet suspended at the end of the net. It gives you a clearly marked target that makes a visible and auditory feedback when you land a shot. This is helpful, since you’ll be able to get a sense for the direction your ball would have been headed had it been a driver shot down the fairway towards the pin. 


  • 5-ply Knotless netting 
  • Stands up to lots of impact 
  • Comes with golf turf practice mat 


  • Slightly less portable than other models 
  • Higher price range due to added value

What is the Best Golf Net for a Backyard? (Conclusion)

After reviewing each of these practice aides, I’d have to say that the best golf net for backyards is clearly the Champkey Tepro, 10×7’ golf hitting net. It gives the player ample space to hit the ball, practice a variety of shots and all without having to worry about any issues concerning the durability of the net or other components.

The added practice net also provides a really unique training experience that I didn’t know I needed, the ability to make the golf shot from a variety of different course lies.

Thanks for checking out our guide for some of the best golf nets for backyards! These nets can help beginners and seasoned golfers alike improve their game, or just have a bit of fun shooting golf balls in the backyard.