Best Hanging Patio Heater

Tired of having to ditch the patio party once that evening chill sets in? So are we! Sometimes outdoor blankets and a warm pair of slippers just aren’t enough to cut it, which is why we’ve review the best hanging patio heaters! These are versatile in their placement, since you can hang them right over top of your outdoor conversation set, or seating area. They’re great for pergolas, gazebos and patios or decks with eaves. If you want some more direct heat right above your head when the sun starts to go down, these are a fantastic choice! Keep things toasty in style, and let’s jump right into everything you need to know about hanging patio heaters, followed by some reviews of our favorite models! 

What is the Best Hanging Patio Heater? 

Before we answer that question below with our detailed reviews, we’ll kick off with a bunch of relevant information that will help you make the right decision for your outdoor space! 

First, you might want to ask yourself questions like, ‘where do I want to hang it?’ Keep in mind, when we refer to ‘hanging’ patio heaters, we’re talking about ones that hang from a cord or chain. That means that they need significant clearance, as well as somewhere to hang from! Also, you might want to consider just how much space you want to heat. Are you hanging it inside of a pergola that’s more or less completely open on all sides? Is it going to hang under an eave of a back deck, or possibly even inside a gazebo? 

When looking at models of varying heating power levels, take these things into consideration! The last thing you’d want is an electric hanging patio heater that isn’t throwing off enough, or the right type of heat to suit your needs. 

Can you use a Hanging Patio Heater in High Winds? 

This is strictly inadvisable. In the event of high winds, you should power down and if possible, stabilize or take down your hanging heater. While it may seem tempting to use these heaters when a lot of chilling winds come through your patio, it may cause the element to swing and make contact with flammable surfaces or materials. Or worse, it could even become damaged or fall unexpectedly. All of the units we’re going to review below are well rated for the stability of their hanging apparatuses, but you should always default to following the manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to usage at all times. 

How Much Clearance Does a Hanging Heater Need? 

You should allow roughly 3 feet of clearance for a hanging outdoor patio heater in every direction. This means above, below and on all angles of the heater. The best way to achieve this level of clearance is to place it in central locations, such as above a conversation set, seating area or even an outdoor dining table. While these heaters are completely safe for outdoor use, they shouldn’t be anywhere near any potentially flammable materials such as drapes, curtains or canvas. 

Colliford 1500W Electric Hanging Heater 

Reviews for the best hanging patio heater 1500W hanging Colliford heater

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This ceiling mounted heater by Colliford features 3 adjustable heating modes, much like those you’ll find in outdoor electric wall heaters, as well. This unit itself is capable of being used both indoors and outdoors, and comes with a familiar yet handy pull-cord on/off design. Although you’re more likely to use this thing in a covered space, you can rest assured that it also comes with IP55 waterproofing right out of the box. In other words, it won’t hurt if it should come under rainfall. It comes with a chain design, and the infrared heating unit provides 360 degrees of heating. You can rely on a heater like this to deliver warming rays from about 6-5 feet around the heating element. If you’re sitting beneath it at a dining table or hang it above a patio furniture set, you’ll feel its warming rays. 


  • Pull-cord functionality 
  • Fast heating 


  • Eclectic brushed stainless steel finish 

Donyer Power 1500W Outdoor Patio Heater 

Outdoor hanging heater for patios

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The ceiling-mounted design of this heater makes it ideal for heating your patio and deck from an overhead position. It comes in an attractive coppered finish that really sets it apart from some of the other models you might find out on the market. That’s just one reason why it made our list, since it does fit in so well with a lot of existing patio decor and furniture pieces. This unique radiant heater comes with a set of dual halogen tubes that transfer radiant heat well. These bulbs last up to roughly 6,000 hours, making it a long-lasting solution with a replaceable heating bulb. Connectable to any 120V wall outlet, you’ll have to make sure that it reaches a power source when you’re thinking about installing it. IP24 waterproofing keeps it safe from the elements, and it’s operated via a standard pull-cord control. 


  • 1500W of heating power maximum 
  • Attractive copper styled housing 


  • Chain doesn’t match the color of the unit well 

Vivohome Hanging Electric Patio Heater 

Product review for a hanging patio heater

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The Vivohome is a truly unique looking patio heater. It comes in an attractive yet eclectic cylindrical shape. It’s modern at its core, and the features back up that assertion as well! This hanging patio heater is advertised as a two in one. Specifically, a two in one light and heater! If you’re looking for a good heater to hang in a gazebo, or under a pergola this one is a great choice! It delivers LED light as well as heat, which only takes a few seconds to warm up thanks to the halogen heating tubes. There’s five modes, to give you a wide range of heating options and of course, light to bring some brightness into your evening get together. It’s waterproof, and comes with a four-point hanging harness. It’s operated by a wireless remote, so you won’t have to worry too much about whether or not it’s in reach. 


  • Remote operated 
  • 5 heating modes 
  • Included LED light functionality 


  • Small screen on the side which indicates setting, may set off the design for some 

Star Patio Electric Patio Heater 

Electric hanging patio heater by star patio

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Star Patio brings us a truly traditional looking patio heater with a whole lot of rustic charm. Designed from an old oil lantern inspired shape and hanger, this infrared ceiling heater packs a lot of power and functions into one product. It comes in a black finish, with a steel cage design over the heating element which totally adds to the vintage look and feel of this unit. It’s operated via a small remote, but also includes an on-board on/off switch if you prefer to have something with a backup to it. It has 3 heating settings at 700, 800, and 1500 watts to give you options depending on how chilly you’re feeling. I’m a huge fan of the design of this unit, it’s especially charming when paired with farmhouse style outdoor decor! 


  • Rustic-inspired design
  • Remote and button operation 


  • Red on/off switch somewhat spoils the look of the heater 

Wan Xiao Infrared Patio Heater 

Wan Xiao brand infrared hanging patio heater

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This overhead hanging electric patio heater seriously sets itself apart from the pack with it’s totally unique 3-arm design! What makes this unit so special is that it can not only hang on its own, but also on the shaft of a patio umbrella as well! This solves the conundrum of where to hang a patio heater if you haven’t got overhead support to do so. Or, if you’ve just got a conventional patio set with a dining table and umbrella. It maxes out at about 1500W just like the other units featured in this review, which means it can still deliver a steady radiant heat. Not only that, but the unique arms of this heater can each lower to fold down for when the umbrella is pulled down to protect it from the wind, too! It uses halogen heating tubes and features protection on the top and bottom to keep things from making contact with the heat source itself. 


  • Hanging or umbrella installation
  • Safe touch heating elements 


  • Effective, but not a very attractive design 
  • Less practical when not installed on a patio umbrella 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best hanging patio heaters! If you have any questions about the units featured in our list of reviews please don’t hesitate in the comments below. Also, if you have any experience installing or using heaters like these, let other readers know about your experience below! For my money, I’d have to say that it depends on what specific application you need the heater for, and then working backwards from there in order to make the best selection possible!