Best Hot Tub Outdoor Towel Rack

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There’s those things that you don’t quite think about until your project is just about wrapped up, and this is definitely one of them. Hot tubs are an incredibly enjoyable way to unwind in your outdoor space. But less so when you don’t have a place to put you, or your guest’s towels. These are the best hot tub outdoor towel racks reviewed, so you can check one more thing off of your shopping list. 

What is the Best Hot Tub Outdoor Towel Rack? 

This is exactly the question we’re going to get to the bottom of in our detailed reviews! First off, we’re going to start with a little bit of important info you should know before you buy, as well as some basic things you should consider before deciding which one to purchase. After that, you’ll find our favorite models of towel racks out there! 

What to Know Before you Buy an Outdoor Towel Rack 

Here’s some things to look out for before buying an outdoor towel rack. 

How Many Guests? 

First things first, take into account how many guests, or residents of your household might be using the hot tub at one time. There’s a whole bunch of chic options out there, but it doesn’t really matter how good one looks once you’re trying to find other places to hang your towels. 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d totally be surprised how often people overlook small details like this when buying outdoor furniture and accessories! 

Freestanding, or Wall-Mounted?

There’s merits to each one, and if your hot tub is located close to an exterior wall, a mountable outdoor towel rack might be just what you’re looking for. The thing is, towels are only as useful as they are close to you when you actually need to get out. Many people prefer to grab one just as they’re stepping out, so they don’t cool down too quickly. 

Freestanding towel racks are perfect for hot tub layouts that aren’t near any supporting walls. Also, they’re portable so you can bring it closer to the backdoor to let the towels dry, before collecting them for the wash or re use in the future. 

Arm Length of the Holder Itself

Who doesn’t love those plush, oversized bath towels? I know I sure do! 

Don’t get entranced by a certain model of towel rack, only to find out that it can’t actually fit the towels you’re trying to place on it! This is crucial, since the last thing you want is a towel rack that won’t even fulfill its own purpose. 

What Design are you Into?

Seriously! There’s sleek and modern towel racks, as well as minimalist, and ones that look a little more Scandinavian in their design. If you want to create a more spa-like experience in your hot tub area, it will probably influence what kind of towel rack you’re ultimately going to want to buy.

Below we’ve included a wide variety of different models to fit various design preferences! 

Reviewing the Best Hot Tub Outdoor Towel Racks 

Lonffery Wall-Mounted Outdoor Towel Rack

Best hot tub outdoor towel rack wall-mounted

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This bespoke black towel rack is a great way to add another touch of luxury and convenience to your outdoor hot tub space. It features 4 arms on a swivel, with a wall-mountable design that’s incredibly versatile. 

It’s great for installing near pools, hot tubs and outdoor spas, all you need is an exterior wall, fence or post to put it on! It comes in a gorgeous matte black design that repels water efficiently, while giving your towel enough space to dry out properly, or hang waiting to be used. 

The bottom also comes with a double hook for holding an extra few towels, or anything with a loop! The design is pretty simplistic, save for the crowns at the end of each bar to prevent towels from sliding off. 


  • Clean weatherproof matte black color all throughout 
  • Swinging arms to hold towels apart from one another, while also providing room for larger towels 
  • Hooks for holding other pool or spa accessories 


  • Great for pool towels, less so for accommodating oversized spa towels 

O2COOL Pool & Spa Valet Towel Holder 

Valet style towel holder for outdoor hot tubs

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This towel holder comes with a unique design that makes it an eye catching and luxurious addition to your outdoor spa setup. It has the ability to hold 6 large pool towels, meaning it’s great for larger hot tubs, pools and outdoor spas! 

It has a large weighted base to prevent it from tipping, and it comes with 3 sets of dual towel holders which each have their own clip for holding the towel in place. The last thing you want is to give guests a towel that’s been bundled up on the ground at the base of the holder itself. 

It’s simple to assemble, and has a small tray on the top to hold onto keys, wallets or your cell phone. Overall it has a sort of french design with small flourishes all around. 


  • Sturdy and weighted base for holding the rack in place even if towels are placed on one side 
  • Features clips for holding the pool towels in place securely when not in use 
  • Comes with a small tray at the top for holding onto everyday items you don’t want to bring with you into the hot tub


  • Has a less neutral and overall eclectic visual design, might fit more luxe looking spa areas 

Heavy Duty Metal Outdoor Pool Towel Rack 

Metal Pool Towel Rack

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This 4 bar towel holder is more akin to a coat hanger than a traditional bathroom rack. For many people, that might be a huge plus! It holds the towels up higher, while still remaining freestanding so guests will have access to them when they’re ready to exit the hot tub. 

It’s sturdy, with four wide and flat legs supporting the pole. It’s made from iron, so it adds a heavier tone to your outdoor setup, making it a great match for stone patios, or walkways. It’s hardly able to tip, and holds an impressive 50 pounds. 

It comes with a waterproof metal coating and UV resistant design. 


  • Holds an astonishing 50 pounds with long towel rods, making it great for oversized spa towels 
  • Completely weatherproof from top to bottom 
  • Quick and simple assembly 


  • Is definitely prone to heating up in the sun, avoid grabbing it if it’s been exposed to direct sunlight all day without any towels on it! 

Leisure Concepts Spa Towel Bar 

Spa Towel Bar for outdoor use

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This slick modern-style spa towel bar is made to be installed directly onto your hot tub, making it perfect for a more minimalist approach to your patio or spa area. 

The bar is incredibly sturdy, making it capable of holding heavier towels and robes. It’s also powder coated in black, making it totally weatherproof and UV resistant. It swivels once installed, so you can keep it out of the way by pressing it towards the side of the hot tub, or by pulling it out when you’re ready to use it. 

All of the installation hardware is included, and it’s suitable for hot tubs that have a solid structure, preferably solid wood, on the side you’d like to install this towel holder. The downside however, is that it’s more well suited to holding one or two towels, and doesn’t help much for drying them afterwards. 


  • Powder coating for complete weatherproofing 
  • Installs directly onto the side of the hot tub for low-profile, stowaway design when not in use 
  • Provides a really sturdy bar from which to hang heavier towels and robes from 


  •  Some users have reported that it does not come with adequate instructions, although it’s incredibly straightforward. 

MyGift 3-Tier Black Metal and Bamboo Freestanding Towel Rack 

Bamboo construction 3-tiered towel rack

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This freestanding towel rack aims to bring some a touch of Scandinavian design into your outdoor spa area with its mixed bamboo and metal construction and overall shape. It’s a pseudo-industrial looking towel rack with ascending rectangular shaped bars. 

The bamboo does more than just add a natural touch to the design, too. It acts as a drying surface for once you’re finished with your towel, so you don’t have to worry about rust on the rack itself. Also, it provides a little more friction for keeping the towel from slumping off the side of the rack.


  • Bamboo rack surface for allowing the towels to dry without fear of rust or odours building up 
  • Metal construction that can support any size of towel or robe that you prefer 
  • Sleek modern design with a touch of Scandinavian influence that looks perfectly luxurious 


  • Plain steel tubing base leaves something left to be desired. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best hot tub outdoor towel racks! With any luck, they’ve pointed you in the direction of a product that will fit the look and feel of your outdoor spa space. Stay tuned for more up to date outdoor lifestyle product reviews for just about anything!