Best Lightweight Picnic Tables

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Everyone loves picnics, but not everyone likes placing their plates and cups on uneven ground, where they may topple over—to say nothing of the bugs that may be crawling in the vicinity. There’s no need to go to a park and hope there will be seating available: with a lightweight table, you can have a picnic wherever you want! Find detailed reviews for the best lightweight picnic tables below.

The Best Lightweight Picnic Tables For Any Occasion

Perhaps you would like to have a picnic at a place that does not have tables; perhaps all you want is to be able to increase the table space available in your backyard for an impromptu family meal, without having to commit the space permanently. And how about camping trips? Just because you are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself some comfort. Whatever your motivation, a lightweight (also referred to as portable) picnic table will give you the ability to set up a dining area in short order, and dismantle it just as quickly. Depending on your intended use, however, your table may require certain characteristics, as we describe below.

For Home Use

Or, more specifically, for your backyard. In this case, it is safe to assume that looks will be of certain importance: you might very well fancy a table that will complement (at least to some degree) the looks of your living space. To cover these specifications, a table made of wood might be more suitable, as opposed to something in plastic which may be more functional than eye-catching.

Wood comes with a distinct drawback: it is more vulnerable to exposure to the elements, especially rain. For this reason, it should be put away as soon as possible after the gathering disbands.

For Your Escapades

Plastic and aluminum are some examples of the materials you can rely on, as they will make your table inherently resistant to the elements while keeping its weight low. The more relevant feature for a travel-friendly table, however, is more related to its structure: instead of a fixed posture, it will be foldable, making it far easier to stuff it into your trunk and take it along with you. Beach, campground, tailgate party, nothing will be out of reach.

Your Seat May Vary

For the sake of weight, some tables will be just big enough to use while sitting on the ground; others will be of sufficient height for you to bring a chair close; certain models will incorporate their own benches. Whichever the case, it’s unlikely to be an issue—this is still a picnic, after all.

Table To Go: The Ones We Like

The following tables are all suitable for those occasions you need somewhere to set your plates on, be it because of an off-the-cuff gathering or as part of a long-awaited trip.

1. Lifetime 80373 Portable Picnic Table and Bench Set

the best lightweight picnic tables for portability

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Even though many others are considerable lighter, this one is still only 30lbs, give or take—lighter than your luggage allowance when traveling by plane. When deployed, it provides comfortable seating for a full party of four, and a table surface of 42 x 24″. For all the space it offers, it becomes quite compact when put away, since you can attach the benches to the underside of the table for transport.

Made in high density polyethylene, its naturally stain resistant surface has been treated with UV inhibitors for even better protection. Frame is steel, coated with an All-Weather finish so its resilience will match that of bench and tabletop.


  • Unlike other similar options, benches are not attached to the table; this provides additional freedom—including stacking one bench on top of the other should one desire more height.


  • While lighter than a full-blown table, it may still require more than one person to move and assemble the table, as its weight is above average for its category.

2. Outsunny Portable Foldable Camping Picnic Table Set with Four Chairs and Umbrella Hole

folding camping table set with umbrella hole

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In line with most products of its type, this one doesn’t offer a carrying case. Unlike most competitors, it doesn’t need it: when folded in, it features a handle so you can easily grip it and take it wherever you please, be it your chosen picnic ground or its intended storage location. In this manner, it’s hardly larger than a suitcase, and weighs about the same—14lbs, give or take—, which means there is little to no limitation as to who can haul it along. Available in 3 colors: blue, green, and a neutral gray for those who’d like something that will easily match their surrounding palette.


  • Remarkably easy to add a suitable shade on the right spot, thanks to the umbrella hole running through the center.


  • Plastic on the seats is somewhat flimsy, according to several reports; this may explain the limited weight capacity per seat—170lbs.
  • Some of the parts intended to lock the table’s position are plastic, and thus might be too brittle for their purpose.

3. PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable Picnic Camping Table

Outdoor folding portable picnic camping table

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Made almost completely in aluminum (with very few plastic parts), this one can adapt to any ground you bring her to—no matter how uneven—, thanks to its adjustable legs, with a total height range of 17.7 – 27.5″. Assembling it involves only two parts: first the legs get unfolded and set down, and then the top gets unrolled into place. The mesh underneath provides some easy to access storage space, and it can easily be taken off if, for example, your table will be sitting too close to the ground. Two versions are available, mainly varying in terms of table surface offered.


  • Remarkably versatile thanks to its adjustable height: it can be used in tandem with chairs, or when sitting at ground level.
  • Its carrying case makes it possible to for a person to keep their hands completely free while bearing it.


  • Scant offering in terms of space—both on table surface and seating potential—compared to a great many of its competitors.

4. CampLand Outdoor Folding Table

Campland folding table for the campsite

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It is, like many others, a get-your-own-seat kind of deal; this one, however, more than makes up for it in a way that is fairly unusual for a product of this type—i.e. storage space. The included zippered cartons, when attached to the legs, can house almost anything you would need to have handy at the table, with the additional perk that your food will be safe from any animal seeking an easy meal… including your pet!

Assembly is fairly easy: simply unfold and set down. The legs’ height can be adjusted, but only by pairs, which means it might not sit level if the ground below is just too uneven. A handle attached to one of the sides permits easy carrying when folded.


  • Can easily double up as a prep table, thanks to the ample storage space it offers.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Per manufacturer, this table cannot withstand the rain; this may portend frequent inconvenience, as user could be forced to hastily pack it up if weather takes a turn for the worse.

5. ZUZHII 3ft Low Height Portable Folding Wooden Travel Camping Table for Outdoor/Indoor Picnic

Wooden portable camping table for indoor/outdoor use

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This one could be a great pick for those who would love to boast the classic feel of real wood, but don’t want to tie themselves to a cumbersome, regular sized table: this one weighs only 12lbs, is extremely compact (enough to fit into its included carrying case, which is not unlike that of a foldable chair)… and the top is made of actual wood! Not only that, it offers two options: natural, and walnut, for those who would go for a darker, richer look.

Assembly is simple as they come: unfold and set down the legs, and unroll the wood surface on top. Worth noting, this one is very low, which means chairs are essentially pointless.


  • One of the very few tables of its type that features the popular, time-honored look of real wood.


  • Not as heavy-duty as most other similar tables: cannot suffer exposure to the rain, and it must be waxed every 3 months or so, in order to preserve its looks.
  • Fairly simple design: no storage space, no adjustable height, limited seating space.

We Prefer: Lifetime 80373 Portable Picnic Table and Bench Set

Needs and taste are bound to vary but, in this case, we believe simplicity might be the best alternative: this one may not have the fancy looks of a wine table, or storage space, or even variety in color, but it is pretty hard to beat in terms of fulfilling its intended purpose: the independent benches provide more freedom in terms of positioning (what if all you want is sit somewhere, not necessarily by the table), and they manage to be as compact as their single-structure, folding counterparts thanks to their ability to attach to the underside of the table for transport. The entire set is sturdy, with more than sufficient weight capacity for a party of four, and it comes from a brand with a long history of making solid items for outdoor applications.

It’s not without its drawbacks, to be sure; but it is still a fairly solid choice from almost any angle.