Best Mosquito Netting to Keep the Bugs at Bay

The outdoors is the perfect place to unwind and if you like spending time on your patio, you try to enjoy it any chance you have.

One thing that turns people off from using their outdoor space, though, is mosquitoes, which is why investing in a simple piece of netting can pay off with great rewards.

What is the best netting to keep out mosquitoes?

A netting made from materials like polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, or cotton can be effective at keeping out insects like mosquitoes.

To ensure they don’t get through, choose a mesh size of 1.2 millimeter or 0.047 inches, and even tinier if you want to stop smaller insects as well.

A mosquito netting for outdoor patio use should fit your furniture and space exactly, and thankfully there are lots to choose from.

We’ve created this simple buying guide to help you find the right mosquito netting for umbrella patio coverage, dining tables, or just everyday living, so you don’t have to be afraid to go outside anymore.

One mosquito is enough to ruin any outdoor event, and if you want to continue using your patio even when these pesky fliers are around, finding the right mosquito netting fabric for patio coverage is key.

These are our top choices on the market in every category and budget to help you find the perfect fit

Winner: Hofzelt Mosquito Netting Walls

Hofzelt Mosquito Netting Walls
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 7 feet
  • Water Resistance: No

If you want mosquito netting curtains for patio refuge from bugs, these replacement netting walls from Hozfelt are our favorite.

Designed as a replacement screen for their gazebos, they work just as well on their own and will cover 10 feet by 10 feet of space in total.

These netting walls have a zipper on each side and are made with a fire retardant polyester, so they’re durable yet breathable.

What customers loved most about these netting walls was their strength, and although they cost a little more than the competition, you’re paying for quality.

These will last for years as mosquito netting for patio coverage as long as you take care of them, so they’re a smart investment overall.

Another bonus is that you get a zipper on each of the nets so you can open and close it as you choose.

These nets can be installed just about anywhere, including hanging from the roof of your patio or covering a tent outside, and with the zipper added on, it makes accessibility a dream come true.

These sheer walls aren’t water-resistant though, as some other mosquito netting products are, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for protection that can do it both.

Although they claim to be weather resistant they’ll still get water coming through if it starts to rain, so they’re not to be left outside entirely.

The Hozfelt Mosquito Netting Walls also took a bit of work to set up, as you have to insert the O rings into the loops of the netting and then put it over the frame or structure of whatever you want to cover.

Be prepared to put in some effort when they first arrive, but once it’s all set up, you can store it away with the rings still connected and pull it out for use straight away.

These netting walls from Hozfelt come with fire-retardant protection and are weather resistant to reduce fading and UV damage.

Each panel comes with 48 O-rings and detailed instructions, so you get everything you need to set it up.

To avoid disappointment, Hozfelt recommends measuring up where the mosquito curtain netting for patio will go and then ordering the right number of panels to match.

If you want durable, lightweight, and mosquito-blocking netting for your patio, Hozfelt is one of our favorite finds.

Their netting is available through Amazon for a low price, it comes with free shipping and free returns for 30 days, but unfortunately, there’s no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

For the most reliable and longest-lasting option out there, the Hozfelt Mosquito Netting Wall is our chosen one.

Runner Up: Tiimmgaal’s Mosquito Netting Canopy

Tiimmgaal’s Mosquito Netting Canopy
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 7.5 feet
  • Water Resistance: No

Tiimmgaal’s Mosquito Netting Canopy is a large polyester net with a drawstring top, designed to fit 10 x 10 feet gazebos or 10-to-13-inch diameter umbrellas, and everything in between.

This netting is 7.5 feet tall and completely flexible with mesh construction and 75D single filament thickness, along with a fillable water pipe that runs along the bottom to give it added weight.

The coolest feature of the Tiimmgaal Mosquito Netting is the drawstring top which gets rid of the issue of looping on rings or trying to find some way to stop mosquitoes from getting in from the small gaps up the top.

You place the net over whatever you want, pull the string tight, and then it stays in place until you’re done with it.

The multipurpose nature of this makes it a great choice as well, and it’s a great mosquito netting for patio swing, table, chair, umbrella, tent protection because it’s flexible enough to fit it all.

At its core, it’s made for a 10 x 10 feet gazebo but you can fit a lot inside that space if you want to.

The water-filled pipe at the bottom of the netting is a little cumbersome, and although it’s there to keep the net in place, it’s a pain to fill up.

You’ll also have to be careful about potential punctures that can happen if it’s sitting on the grass or anywhere that could have a sharp object, so keep this in mind.

Furthermore, people had some issues with the zippers being sensitive, so when you’re pulling it down or up, take your time.

With a broken zipper, the whole netting would be useless as you’d have a huge space where mosquitoes get in.

If you’re really keen, you could have the zips replaced professionally, but it’d probably be cheaper to just buy a new canopy.

The Tiimmgaal Mosquito Netting Canopy requires no installation, it’s versatile enough to fit all shapes and sizes and has insect-proof mech to keep all sizes of bugs out.

If you want to use it on an umbrella, you’ll be thrilled to know it works with round, square, and Roman styles, but you’ll need to remove the mesh before you put the umbrella back away in storage.

For a cheaper alternative to the mosquito net but with the functionality and ease of use that a drawstring brings, consider adding the Tiimmgaal to your patio setup.

This canopy doesn’t come with any warranty coverage but if you purchase it online at Amazon you can buy a five-year outdoor furniture protection plan for just over $10 and get it shipped for free to your door.

Alternative: SJHMoo Mosquito Curtain

SJHMoo Mosquito Curtain
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 54 x 84 inches
  • Water Resistance: No

If you like to keep things cheap and simple, the SJHmoo Mosquito Netting Curtain is what you’ve been waiting for.

The sheer curtain features a hole size of 0.8mm and measures 54 x 84 inches in total, so it does an amazing job at keeping mosquitoes away and is a simple curtain that you can drape over anything for protection.

What customers loved most about this mosquito curtain was the look of it, as it has a nice, soft, and romantic white sheer appearance.

Unlike other black panels or nets, this will add a touch of charm to your patio, no matter how you’re using it.

The cost of the SJHMoo Mosquito Curtain was another huge selling point and it was a cheap way to protect yourself and your guests from bugs.

This curtain proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that will keep the mosquitoes away, nor does it have to look ugly.

As it’s so cheap, you can purchase a few of these curtains and drape them more places, and it’ll still work out cheaper than most.

On the downside, because this is such a sheer curtain, it’s not the best quality when you compare it to the rest.

The curtain is still made of polyester like many other mesh protectors are, but it’s a lot thinner.

It will keep the bugs away but likely won’t last for years and years to come, so you’ll save now but might have to replace it sooner in the future than you’d like.

Another negative is that these curtains are threaded on with a rod pocket design which makes them look and act like literal curtains.

You can’t throw it over an umbrella or pull a drawstring and it’ll tighten up over a gazebo, so the application of these is a lot different than others, and only work in specific settings.

These problems aside, the SJHMoo Mosquito Curtain is still beautiful and sheer, and offers great protection against mosquitoes without restricting airflow or view.

You’ll get around 970 holes per square inch which is incredible and gets the job done, and they can be easily hand washed for cleaning whenever you need.

Not only are they great bug-repelling curtains but can be draped over a stroller, swing, or any other smaller outdoor accessory you keep on your patio.

The SJHMOO Mosquito Curtain is cheap and effective, and you can find it at Amazon for the best price.

Although it doesn’t have a warranty, it does come with free returns for 30 days, and if you buy more than two of them, Amazon will send the package for nothing.

These beautiful sheer curtains guarantee no more mosquitoes and are great for a temporary fix for your patio.

Best Netting for Patio Umbrellas: CYTBP Umbrella Cover

CYTBP Umbrella Cover
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions:
  • Water Resistance: No

The CYTBP Umbrella Cover is designed to keep mosquitoes away and it drapes over most patio umbrellas with ease.

Made with 100% polyester fiber, it covers a width of between 8.2 and 9.8 feet and a height of 7.5 feet.

The black mesh has holes that are slightly under 1mm in width to keep mosquitoes away, and two zips positioned on either side of your patio umbrella.

The best feature of these mosquito nets is that it’s easy to use, and all you have to do is put your umbrella down to halfway, and then drape it over the top.

From there, put the umbrella back up, and the net is already at work keeping mosquitoes away.

This is a strong netting material and can even withstand scratches and pulls, so if you have kids or pets and don’t want to worry about the safety of the net, it’s a smart choice.

The 100% polyester fiber used to make these canopies is durable and can take a beating which makes it even better value for money.

However, the water pipe down the bottom designed to act as a weight seems like more hassle than its worth.

While it’s good when it’s working, as soon as it springs a minor leak or a tear happens, it’s useless, and the fact that you have to let it dry out completely before packing it away is annoying.

For this price, it would be good if CYTBP could have included a small weight at the bottom themselves and saved everyone the hassle.

Another potential problem that others faced was the width of the holes, so keep in mind that it might not be able to keep out other smaller insects that are tinier than mosquitoes.

If you have a lot of midgies or similar flying bugs around your home, you’ll want a net that has around .8mm holes to keep them out as well.

The CYTBP Umbrella Cover can be adjusted to suit most sizes of umbrella you’re using, with a diameter of between 9.2 to 9.8 feet and enough size for at least four adults to sit under comfortably.

You’ll find a zipper on both sides so it comes on and off with ease, and if you want to enter through the mesh to sit underneath your umbrella, it’s easy to do as well.

This is our favorite find by far if you’re looking for an umbrella-specific mosquito netting, and you’ll feel instantly just how well made it is when it arrives.

Amazon has the CYTBP Umbrella Cover for sale online at the best price, and they offer free shipping and returns for 30 days, as well as outdoor furniture protection plans.

There’s no warranty from CYBTP which is expected with these mosquito nets, but if their customers’ happy remarks are any indication, you’ll be thrilled with your purchase as well.

Runner Up: Warmally Patio Umbrella Netting Cover

Warmally Patio Umbrella Netting Cover
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 feet
  • Water Resistance: No

The Warmally Patio Umbrella Netting Cover is another great choice for your backyard and it measures 9 x 9 feet to suit a wide range of umbrellas.

With two colors of beige and black to choose from, you can get a stylish match for your patio furniture, and keep visibility high.

The mesh is made with premium quality 100% polyester and monofilament thickness so it keeps mosquitoes away and ensures good airflow at the same time.

Warmally has made this super easy to install with a drawstring at the top that can be pulled and tightened to secure it in place.

Customers loved this easy functionality and it made both assembly and removal of the net easy. Once you’re done with the cover, you just take it down and store it away in a bag until it’s ready again.

Customers also loved the visibility that was possible with this mosquito net cover installed.

When you’re sitting underneath an umbrella with this net draped over it’s almost easy to forget that there’s even a net at all.

While it’s doing this, it’s also keeping you safe from mosquitoes, so it makes the sheerness of it even more impressive.

The biggest drawback of the Warmally Umbrella Mosquito Net Cover, though, is that it only has one door and one zip for the entire thing.

Most of the others we’ve reviewed have at least two so there are more options for entering and exiting the space under your umbrella, but not this one.

You’ll have to walk all the way around the table to get in and out, and two people won’t be able to come and go at once.

This umbrella cover has a smaller diameter and is better suited to small tables with only four adults at most.

The 9ft diameter can sound deceiving and some customers didn’t realize how compact it made the space under the umbrella.

Before jumping in, do some measurements for yourself to make sure that this is a good fit.

The Warmally Umbrella Mosquito Net Cover is lightweight so it comes with a tube around the bottom that can be filled with water to secure it on windy days.

The diameter and height can be adjusted to fit any size and it works with different shapes of umbrellas, including round, Roman, and square.

If you don’t mind having just one entry point or a more compact patio setup, the Warmally Umbrella Mosquito Net Cover is the way to go.

You can find this cover at Amazon for the lowest price, and benefit from their outdoor furniture protection plan and free returns.

To keep the mosquitoes out but visibility high, this netting from Warmally is one of our favorites.

Mosquito Netting For Patio FAQs

Mosquito Netting For Patio FAQ

A patio is prone to mosquito visitors, and rather than spraying them with chemicals or rubbing bug spray on yourself, a simple net will do the job.

If you’ve always wondered about the effectiveness of this netting, we’ve got some responses that will answer all of your questions.

Which Material Is Best For Mosquito Net?

Polyester is the most common and best material used for mosquito netting, but there are other options.

Some mosquito nets are made of nylon, cotton, polypropylene, or polyethylene, each with pros and cons to consider, however, polyester is considered the better choice.

Can I Use Tulle As Mosquito Netting?

Tulle can be used as a substitute for mosquito netting but only if it has the right size holes to prevent the small insects from entering.

Choose a tulle with a mesh size of 0.047 inches or 1.2 millimeters to ensure that nothing can get through the sheer fabric.

How Long Does A Mosquito Net Last?

With the right care, a well-made polyester mosquito net can last for up to 10 years, and sometimes more.

These nets should never be left outdoors permanently otherwise their exposure to moisture and UV will cause premature aging, so pack them up and bring them inside for storage whenever they’re not in use.

Does Mosquito Netting Provide Shade?

A mosquito net will not usually be effective at providing shade unless it’s made of a thicker material.

However, choosing something like this will also reduce visibility so if you hope to have a view still when sitting underneath a mosquito netting cover, you won’t be able to choose anything too thick.

The Trendy Way to Be Bug-Free

Investing in mosquito netting for patio umbrella protection or sheer curtains for your entire patio are great ways to keep these insects out without losing fresh air or your view of the great outdoors.

Any of our recommendations will ensure you keep all of the benefits of outside with none of the disturbances and provide protection for your guests as well.