Best Outdoor Analog Clocks

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You’re out tending to your flowers. You’re hungry, and wondering how much longer until lunchtime Do you really want to reach for your phone with those muddy hands? With an outdoor device keeping track, all you have to do is look up from where you’re sitting—and nothing can beat the classy look of an analog clock!

The Best Outdoor Analog Clocks Reviewed

Surprising though it may be, clocks are joining a long, long list of products which were once confined to the inside of our homes and have since begun venturing out. If you’re worried such clocks will be clunky and uninspired, then let me tell you, you can be at ease! Sturdy and all, outdoor clocks are just as varied and eye-catching as those you’re used to seeing in the fanciest living rooms.

But why analog? Sure, you can find some digital types that are also designed to withstand the weather—but analog inner workings are just better suited for tougher environmental conditions, which is why such models are so numerous. Furthermore, however simple their mechanism may be, analog clocks are known to include some elaborate features:

Radio control. No, sadly it doesn’t mean you get to set the time via remote. What it means, is that the clock can receive radio waves, and it can in this manner detect when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends, adjusting the time appropriately without you having to do a thing.

Backlit dial. Useful if you are often outside after sundown. It will, of course, have an impact on battery life, but it might just be worth it depending on your backyard habits.

Extra dials. Some of these analog clocks feature either a thermometer, a hygrometer, or both, allowing you to be apprised of dominant weather conditions at a glance (just be mindful of placing the clock in a shaded location; full sun exposure will artificially raise temperature readings). For those of us who like to keep track of the present time in a distant location, some models come with a secondary clock face, which you can set to a different timezone.

Continuous motion. For those who would rather the minute hand not tick when it changes to the next number.

Even if you’re no fan of bells and whistles, you might still be pleased by the many different looks you can find: from a variety of numerals (roman, arabic, 12-3-6-9 format, you name it), to finishes mimicking rock or wood, it’s all but certain you will find something to please your personal aesthetic.

The Best Outdoor Analog Clocks: Here’s Our Selection

The following compilation includes clocks of varying configurations, looks and features; one of these could be what you’ve been looking for.

KRNYKJ Waterproof, Silent Clock

Best outdoor analog clock that's waterproof and silent

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There’s retro, and then there’s this clock that looks like it could be right at home in any steampunk-inspired locale, thanks to the vibe lent by its bare-looking gears and cogs. Realistic-looking finish notwithstanding, the entire body is a plastic composite, sealed with a back gasket to preserve the inner workings from the elements, rain included. Per several reports, its 12″ diameter and exposed numerals make it fairly easy to tell the time, even at a distance. Should the green patina look not agree with your aesthetic vision, this model is also available in red, which resembles the looks of time-worn copper.


  • Its unique design makes it remarkably compatible with just about any old-fashioned decorating theme.
  • Can be effortlessly seen from a decent distance, thanks in part to the light reflected by the hands.


  • Incidences reported of clock no longer functioning after a few weeks in areas with higher heat.

Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock

Hanging wall clock you can use outside

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Although it is made of plastic, it does more than a decent job at mimicking the look of stone—and that is but one of its perks: aside from the time, it measures temperature, with a fairly respectable range of -60 to 120°F; the hygrometer it also includes, will keep track of ambient humidity between 0 and 100%. It boasts a diameter of 14″, but only 9.5″ are the actual face.

Fans of the stone look need not settle for a single look if they wish to acquire this clock; two other styles, also stone-related, are available, with different color schemes that could make it easier to find a fit for almost any area theme.


  • Full weather data available, thanks to the additional dials.
  • Stone-like frame and numeral format make it suitable for many decoration and color palettes, outside or inside.


  • Face is somewhat small, which could make it difficult to see from longer distances; this shortcoming might be more evident when trying to look at the two supplementary gauges.

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SMILEMARY Retro Non-Ticking Waterproof Wall Clock

Retro style wall clock that's completely waterproof

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For the nostalgic sort, or anyone who wishes to more closely replicate the living-room vibe in their outdoor space, this clock might be the right match. As the name implies, this model is all about the retro feeling, boasting a look that may remind many of us of the kitchens in our childhood homes. Aside from an entire series of numerals (as opposed to bearing only 12, 3, 6 and 9), this one comes with a thermometer, which manages to be of decent size since it does not share space with a hygrometer.

Should the B&W theme be too dull, this same model is also available with a gold bevel that is likely to add an accent to distinction to any location it is placed in.


  • One of the easiest models to read, thanks to its full complement of large, bold numerals.
  • Silent, non-ticking operation; this makes it a potential candidate for bedrooms or any area where quiet is appreciated.
  • Quite affordable; among the least expensive among its category.


  • Some customers have reported having to change battery frequently in an effort to keep the clock accurate.

Whitehall Products Ivy Silhouette Clock

Ivy Silhouette clock for patio or deck

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Anybody who is either constantly feeling like they were born in the wrong century, or just a fan of bygone eras, might find this clock quite to their liking; between the French bronze finish, the texture on the surface, the roman numerals and the intricate ivy decoration pattern, this one is all but certain to fit right in no matter if the area is inside or outside. Thanks to its aluminum body, it is both pleasantly heavy and resistant to weather exposure. Worth noting that, due in part to the material involved in its manufacture, this clock comes with a higher than average price tag.


  • A good choice for enhancing the look of any area and impressing any guests.


  • Due to how the numerals are placed (with no contrast of any kind at the back), it might be rather difficult to read, especiall after dark, unless a separate source of illumination is provided, such as placing it near a lamp.

FirsTime & Co. Sundeck Outdoor Clock

Outdoor clock with thermometer

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It may be sunny out there, it may not be, but whatever the case, this clock is a great way to add a warm touch to any location. Its numerals are peculiar in that numbers 5 to 7 are absent, to make extra room for the thermometer—which boasts a range of -40 to 140°F. While it may seem like a good portion of this clock’s size is the sunbeam ornaments, the unit makes up for this addition by featuring a total diameter of 19″. In a noteworthy departure from common practice, the body on this one is entirely made of metal, with a glass lens to cover the face.


  • Its metal body provides an aged look that few clocks can match.
  • Thermometer dial is larger—and thus easier to see—than featured by many other models.


  • Not completely weatherproof; intended for hanging in a covered area, safe from exposure to snow and rain.
  • Per several reports, contacting customer service to inform of a problem has often proven troublesome.

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Best For Your Outdoor Area: Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock

The distance—and height—at which you’re actually able to place this clock may be somewhat limited due to the smaller face and the even smaller additional dials but, beyond this shortcoming, it is a fairly solid choice: at a glance, you get to tell the time and general weather conditions, and there is a unique aesthetic boon to be gained from the stone-like theme either of the three options available offer you. It is among the most expensive of its type, but it is still an investment unlikely to disappoint.