Best Outdoor Badminton Set

Badminton is one of my family’s favourite summer activities. It’s one of those games that people of different ages and skill levels can play together and doesn’t need too much equipment to be fun. Whether you play regularly or just want to have a bit of fun you’ll want to pick up the best outdoor badminton set to do the job.

Best Outdoor Badminton Set

It can be tricky to pick which set is best for your family. Some come with extra racquets, others have nets that can be set up in the backyard. Prices vary a lot and it’s sometimes hard to determine whether the quality is good enough to hold up all summer long.

Then again, if you’re planning a family get together or having friends over you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a set that you’re going to use once. In those cases a less expensive kit that comes with everything you need is the way to go.

Do You Need a Net For Badminton?

Did you know that badminton was originally played without a net? Now, that doesn’t mean that a net isn’t ideal when playing, but it’s not always necessary. 

First of all, if you’re playing with new or younger players it’s more important to learn the basics than focusing on hitting the shuttle high enough to clear a net. Practice serving, volleying, and staying within the court first.

You can create a net yourself, too. The simplest way is to draw or somehow determine a line that will serve as the middle of the court. If you’re outside you can use spray paint, chalk, or just some sticks found around the yard.

If you want something with height, try running a string off two nearby objects. The regulation height for a badminton net is 5 feet high. Some communities and parks might also have public badminton courts you can play on. Just make sure you bring your own equipment!

To make things easier, though, these badminton sets all include nets. 

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Badminton Set

Eastpoint sports best outdoor badminton set for the whole family

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This set comes with a fast set up net, four badminton rackets (so you can play doubles), and two shuttlecocks. Everything you need to play badminton in your backyard or at a local park. It folds up for easy transportation, which is great for travel or apartment living. There are also stakes included in case you don’t have a perfectly even yard or are playing on a windy day.


  • Quick set up (3-5 minutes)
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Set comes with everything you need


  • Poles are made of plastic
  • Racquets are lightweight and may not hold up to kids playing
  • Net height isn’t adjustable

Best for: Bringing along to the park or on camping trips

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

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This two in one set has you covered for both badminton and volleyball games. If you’re looking for a set that does it all and has high quality pieces, this one’s for you. The poles are made from coated steel so they last longer and the net is even waterproof on the edges

You get a regulation size net, poles, stakes, a volleyball, four badminton racquets, three shuttlecocks, boundary lines to set up your court, and a carrying case for when you’re not playing.


  • Good for playing both badminton and volleyball
  • Steel poles are more durable than plastic 
  • Weatherproof


  • A bit of an investment if you’re not a regular player
  • Falls over in the wind
  • Shuttlecocks are slow so you may want to upgrade

Best for: People looking for a versatile set

Franklin Sports Badminton

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There are three different options available for this badminton set but I’d strongly recommend the professional set: that’s the one I’ll be talking about in this review. Unlike the other options, the professional net has steel poles instead of PVC making it way sturdier. The set comes with a net, a storage bag, four racquets, and two birdies.


  • Solid net if you get the steel one
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be left up or stored



  • Racquets aren’t bad, but they’re not great
  • Birdies break easily
  • Lower end sets not as durable

Best for: Families on a budget

HIRALIY Complete Badminton Set

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This set is unique because it comes with a few extras compared to the standard badminton sets. Alongside a net and racquets, you also get extra shuttlecocks (there’s 12) and 4 sets of replacement grip tape. Anyone who’s had a badminton set before knows that the grip tape and the birdies are two things that wear out faster than the net, so it’s nice to see them being proactive with this set.


  • Easy set up net
  • Good quality for the price
  • Includes extra birdies and replacement grips


  • Net is on the smaller side
  • Doesn’t stand up well in the wind
  • Not as sturdy as other style nets

Best for: Portability, families with younger kids

Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set

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The Deluxe Badminton Set has everything you need to play a game regardless of skill level. That includes the net, shuttlecocks, racquets, but also boundaries so you know where your court begins and ends. The net is sturdy and waterproof so it will take hours of playing and survive the weather when left set up.


  • High quality net is sturdy and durable
  • Comes with good quality birdies
  • Racquets are well made


  • Pricier than similar sets
  • Only the “Deluxe Badminton Set” is good quality, the other sets aren’t as sturdy

Best for: Avid players, rowdy teens

Patiassy Portable Pickleball Volleyball Badminton Combo Set with Net

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The cool feature about this set is that the net is adjustable. That means you can raise or lower it depending on the age of the players. Drop it down for kids, or bring it up for adult players. It’s also more than just a badminton set: you can also play pickleball and volleyball. It even comes with the equipment! Since it’s freestanding, you can put this net on any surface including concrete. 

One downside for badminton, though, is that it only comes with two racquets. That means you’ll have to pick up some separately if you want to play doubles. Still, if you’re looking for a multipurpose set this one is a great pick.


  • Comes with equipment for multiple sports including badminton, volleyball, and pickleball
  • Height adjustable net
  • Can be used on any flat surface including concrete


  • Blows over easily
  • Net not high enough for regulation volleyball
  • Only comes with equipment for two players

Best for: Someone interested in playing multiple sports

What is the Best Outdoor Badminton Set?

We play a lot of badminton at our house and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you really do get what you pay for. A good quality net and racquets can make a huge difference in how fun it is to play. Birdies are less important, but only because they’re relatively inexpensive to replace with higher quality options.

For that reason the Campion Sports Outdoor Badminton set is my pick. Just make sure you get the deluxe (most expensive) set – it’s the one with the high quality steel poles, waterproof net, and court boundaries.

I love how easy the net is to set up and that it comes with a really nice storage bag for when it’s not in use. That way it can be stored, or more importantly, transported to the park, beach, campsite, or a friend’s house. 

Out of all the sets it also has the best quality racquets and shuttlecocks, which means you’ll be ready to go right out of the box. The racquets are made of aluminum which means they’re lightweight but super durable. As for the birdies, two are regulation quality with goose feathers! 

Once you have it set up it looks like a real badminton court! Speaking of set up, that’s pretty easy too. You just have to assemble the net, put out the boundaries, and tether the net so it doesn’t sway.

The only downside to this set is that you have to set it up on a soft surface like grass, dirt, or sand because of the stakes. 

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Badminton Sets

The only time I’d go for a cheaper set is when you’re dealing with a bunch of kids who might not treat your badminton set very nicely. Or if you’re using it at a party around a bunch of adults who, well, may not treat your badminton set very nicely. 

That being said, though, all of these sets are going to get the job done. If you’re looking for some backyard fun and cost is an issue just get a less expensive set to enjoy now. It’s a good way to try out the game without committing too much money.

Of course, badminton is really fun for kids and adults so no matter which of these outdoor badminton sets you choose, it’s probably going to get a lot of use.