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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

The best outdoor digital clock is one you’ll be able to rely on for just about anything! Whether you’re losing track of time too easily while you’re outside, or just like to know how the day is coming along, the digital clocks in our reviews are perfect for meeting your needs! 

To answer that, we’re going to review a selection of some of the most popular digital clocks that are capable of sustained outdoor use. Surprisingly, there aren’t a whole lot of purpose-made clocks for outdoors. To take account of this, we’ve determined which clocks are the most capable of standing up to a bit of weather, while also providing clear and accurate time as well as additional features! 

Here’s what you should know before you buy an outdoor digital clock! 

What to Look for in an Outdoor Clock

They’re perfect for planning outdoor workout intervals, or even just keeping a loose eye on the time so the day doesn’t get ahead of itself. Plus, they’re chock full of additional features such as environmental and weather information that can give you an extra eye on the sky. 

Display Size 

Aside from the size of the digital numbers themselves, the display size is what’s going to give you the most accurate idea of just how useful this outdoor clock is really going to be. Are you going to want to be able to see the clock from far away? Or, do you want a smaller display size that’s easier to take with you to the garden? 

Additional Features 

Many digital clocks aren’t just a clear LED screen with a digital time readout. More often than not, you can even expect to be able to find some basic information regarding the weather conditions, as well as other timely tid bits here and there. 

If you’re specifically looking for a clock with features like this, consider outdoor digital clocks with weather reports, humidity sensors as well as calendars and more! You’d be surprised just how practical these digital clocks have gotten over the years. 


We’re mainly talking about waterproofing here. Do you need a digital clock that can stand up to a bit of rain? Or, are you expecting to bring one of these digital clocks outside before bringing it back in again for storage? Either way, the waterproof rating on each of these devices to make sure they’re going to suit your needs. 

What is the Best Outdoor Digital Clock?

Gan Xin App-Controlled LED Race Clock 

Cynobato App-Control 5'' High 6 Digits LED Race Clock Timer with Tripod for Running Events, Countdown/up Digital Timer, 12/24-Hour Real Time Clock, Stopwatch by Remote Control

This sophisticated outdoor digital clock is perfectly well suited for athletes, or even those who just want to be able to keep an eye on the time! Either way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this highly portable outdoor digital clock. 

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It’s controlled entirely by an app, which makes it suitable as being used as a digital clock for outdoor games, sports and of course athletic training or exercise routines. No matter what the use is, this model prevails as a reliable digital stopwatch, countdown timer and clock. 

We love this one for planning outdoor parties and games! The tripod means you don’t have to rely on a clean, elevated surface to place it down on. Also, the 12/24 hour digital display is easily visible outdoors. 


  • App controllable, including an IR remote if desired 
  • Included tripod for placement anywhere outside you might need it 
  • Highly visible display with an array of practical timing features 


  • Doesn’t display anything other than time and timers 
  • Remote is reportedly unreliable for some 

Baldr Weather Station Outdoor Digital Clock 

BALDR Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Temperature Humidity and Weather Forecast Gauge Monitor Room Thermometer with 326ft/100m(Black)

This digital clock truly lives up to its name as a ‘weather station’. In case you’re left wondering about the moniker, it really does display just about everything you’d need to know about the weather with a sleek and easy to understand visual design.

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This digital clock is packed with features that are insightful without causing too much clutter on the screen itself. It comes with a hygrometer, as well as a temperature and humidity gauge which can also display the forecast in a really unique and visual way. 

What makes this clock a good candidate for outdoor use? Quite simply, it’s totally wireless! It gives you all of the information you’d want at-a-glance all while being powered by a couple of AAA batteries. (the included wireless sensor itself uses AA’s). This makes a great option for someone who wants to be able to keep an eye on the weather without having to rely on their phone. 


  • Completely wireless capability that you can take anywhere 
  • Included wireless sensor for picking up info about current atmospheric conditions 
  • Large, easy to read visual design on the screen 


  • This unit isn’t explicitly waterproof, must be taken indoors when not in use

Baldr Waterproof LCD Clock

BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock

This versatile little digital clock is perfect for taking with you outdoors. It’s a convenient portable shape and size, although its mounting options give you the option to enjoy it in a variety of different places. 

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Four sturdy suction cups allow you to affix it straight to the back of the patio door, or even a window! Since it’s designed for bathrooms, this small clock is perfect for using outside. It’s completely waterproof, and even features a shatterproof face that can take a beating. 

If you prefer, it can even be wall mounted, or just used without being affixed to any surface in particular. This helps you keep an eye on the temperature, as well as the relative humidity and time at-a-glance. 


  • Several versatile mounting options, including portable use 
  • Included hygrometer 
  • Portable battery power 


  • Smaller face that would be difficult to read from across the patio, for instance 

Geevon Digital Atomic Wall Clock 

Geevon Digital Atomic Wall Clock,Auto-Set Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature,Calendar,Moon Phase for Home Office Elderly(1 Wireless Outdoor Sensor)

Ever wanted to figure out which phase of the moon you’re in, along with the temperature and oh, the time? This unique digital wall clock is an outdoor gadget that adds an element of sophistication and practicality to your outdoor space.

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Whether you’d just like to have the time in clear display, or be able to tell where the weather and temperature are heading, this clock makes a fantastic option for those who want both. 

A calendar, thermostat and even an alarm clock come together to make up some of the functions of this little clock. You can even use it to determine the moon’s current phase! If you need something to work as an alarm so you don’t truly get lost in all of the bliss of your outdoor oasis, this handy little clock can certainly do the trick! 


  • Plethora of useful and interesting information available through the screen 
  • Automatically retrieves updated information, as well as auto daylight savings time adjustment 
  • Kickstand for setting up on an outdoor table or deck 


  • Display screen might not have the best contrast for bright daylight outdoors 

Kadams Digital Waterproof Wall Clock 

KADAMS Bathroom Shower Digital Wall Clock Large LCD Screen - Kitchen Clock - Water Resistant Timer - Seconds Counter - Temperature & Humidity Display - Multiple Mounting Options (Silver)

This small clock bills itself as a waterproof wall clock, and it certainly does both of those things well. You can indeed hang this clock up if you wish, although the small size is more suitable for use in the shower than it is on an exterior wall or patio door. That being said, it holds fairly well for that purpose alone. 

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Enjoy this small clock for taking out with you while you’re doing some work in the garden, exercising around your backyard or just for a small clock to use while you’re swinging around on the hammock. 

It displays the date, as well as temperature, humidity and of course the time. Stay ahead of changing conditions and take life a little slower with an easy to use and incredibly affordable portable digital clock. 


  • Totally waterproof; meant for bathroom use 
  • Small and portable, as well as completely battery operated 
  • Date, temperature, humidity and time displays all in one 


  • Screen has high-angle viewing capability but might not fair well in direct sunlight 
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