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“It’s seasoning” is an excuse that only gets you so far, so to that end, we’ve reviewed a list of the best outdoor firewood racks!

Patio season goes hand-in-hand with roaring campfires, bonfires and raging fire pits. Any one of these will give your get together a warming, fun and entertaining feeling to carry the summer evening. One thing’s for sure, the key to any smooth summer season is staying on top of the nitty gritty, preparation, and organization that needs to be done around the yard and the patio.

Your fire pit and the surrounding area is just one of these spaces that stands to benefit from a little extra attention before you’re ready to invite guests over.

And yes, that means finally reconciling the ever growing stack of firewood that’s gone totally out of control.

Why Use a Fire Rack?

Quite frankly, nobody really likes a sprawling pile of logs in their backyard. Besides being incredibly unsightly, it serves as cover for pesky pests, as well as a number of undesirable invasive plants and foliage. They collect yard waste like leaves, and absolutely kill the grass they sit on.

This is finally the year to take care of your lovely outdoor escape, and turn it into somewhere you can enjoy without having to stress over any would-be chores. To help you rise up, and reform from your messy wood stacking ways, we’ve assembled a list of our reviews of some of the best outdoor firewood racks available! 

What Kind of Firewood Rack Should you use Outside?

Realistically, there’s pretty much nothing from stopping you from setting the one by your fireplace out onto the patio, or backyard by the fire pit. Thankfully though, we’re looking out for you!

The thing is, these pieces are made exclusively for the indoors, and thus struggle to stand up to even some of the most mild weather elements. Besides that, they’re usually unsuitable for holding firewood for your fire pit since they’re just not large enough. We’ve gone through the trouble of finding purpose-built firewood racks that were made to stand up to the elements, hold enough firewood for a night of relaxing gathering with friends and family over a dancing, warming flame.

The Best Outdoor Firewood Rack for the Patio

Whether it’s marshmallows or keeping the buzzards away, we’ve found the best outdoor firewood rack to keep your evening alive! Check them out down below. 

 Tidyboss 2 Pack Firewood Bracket Rack 

Tidyboss Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack | 2x4 Bracket kit | Adjustable to Any Length with Seal Strip, Gloves, Steel Plates and Screws (Dark Brown)

The first fire rack to make our list is one that’s an absolute breeze to set up, and will provide you with ample storage for plenty of split wood, small logs and kindling alike! This is a heavy-duty rack system that’s designed to hold a fair volume of wood.

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But the most impressive thing about it? It’s totally customizable! This brings us to it’s first and only real drawback here: you’ve got to construct it yourself using 2×4’s of varying lengths.

That being said, the brackets do the rest of the work for you, making this an incredibly simple DIY job. These brackets are totally weather-proof, with an anti-rust coating to prevent unsightly and damaging rusting. You’ll also be pleased to find out that this set comes with a pair of useful wood gloves, 25 wood screws for quick and easy assembly, and a steel strip for securing your wood safely. Burn on! 


  • Includes extras like wood gloves, screws for assembly, and steel strip
  • Customize it to any size that works for your space
  • Super durable for outdoor use in all weather and climates


  • You’ll still need to get some 2x4s and make sure they’re cute to the right lengths
  • A drill is required for assembly
  • More labor intensive to set up than other options

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Capable Firewood Rack

PHI VILLA All-In-One Heavy Duty Hearth Firewood Rack with Fireplace Tools Set, 18' W x 28' Tall Indoor/Outdoor Log Holder, Black

Although it may look like your average heath-style fireplace rack, this little holder is sturdier than you might think!

First things first, it comes sealed with a black powder coating to protect it from the weather.

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It comes with some fireplace tools, which would work exceptionally well for chiminea and small fire pit owners. These tools include a set of tongs, a brush, poker and even a small shovel for ash.

It holds roughly a couple of large arm-fulls of split logs. This is ideal for smaller pits, demanding less of your precious patio space, and keeping your logs close by, somewhere they won’t just tumble away. Or worse yet, get tripped over! It features a lower rack too, where you might see put to store matches and other paraphernalia. The value is out of this world on this small outdoor firewood rack! 


  • Looks nice in smaller spaces like on the patio or near a fire pit
  • Lower rack is handy for storing other tools and supplies
  • Super sturdy


  • Won’t hold very much wood or large logs
  • Product photos make this one out to look a bit bigger than it is up close so note the dimensions before buying

Artibear Firewood Rack Stand

Artibear Firewood Rack Stand 4ft Heavy Duty Logs Holder for Outdoor Indoor Fireplace Metal Wood Pile Storage Stacker Organizer, Matte Black

Was the last rack substantially smaller than you need for your fire pit that’s the real life of the party? Not to worry!

This 4 foot tall rack is capable of holding up to 550lbs of wood, ideal for standing up to whatever volume of wood you need close by.

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The black metal frame comes in an inoffensive modern style, but doesn’t look out of place enough to fit with just about any patio or yard design scheme. 4 sets of feet span the bottom of the rack, braces at each set. This adds quite a bit of stability to what is already a decent construction for this model.

The high-strength steel is completely powder coated for weather, and there’s even optional anti tip locking rings to secure it to the side of your house, or fence with ease. The value shines through on this large, sturdy and practical outdoor firewood rack. 


  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Different size options so you can get one that fits your needs/space
  • Sturdy and functional


  • Assembly isn’t too hard but can be tricky at times
  • Cross braces feel a bit wobbly but the rack is sturdy overall

ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack 

ShelterLogic 4' Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack with Steel Frame Construction and Water-Resistant Cover

For exceptional strength in a design that’s large enough to hold a season’s worth of firewood, the ShelterLogic is enough storage for ⅕ of a cord, or 1100lbs of wood.

The leading feature behind this outdoor firewood rack is especially designed for those who are worried about their firewood getting soaked by the rain.

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A clever half cover design allows water from building up on the top level of wood, while allowing adequate airflow in the bottom and middle of the stack. Ultimately, this means that you don’t have to sacrifice covering your wood while seasoning it.

While the rack is sturdy there are some cons when it comes to the cover. It’s a little bit finicky and I really wish it had the option to come down completely so I can cover my wood during heavy rain or snowfall.


  • Cover means your wood stays dry and seasons better
  • Good height off the ground, great if your area is wet or gets snow covered
  • Adjustable height
  • Other size options available from the same brand


  • Cover doesn’t fully enclose the wood (this is to let it breath but it means that you can’t protect it during inclimate weather)
  • Difficult to stretch the cover over a wood pile if your wood is stacked uneven (not a lot of give)

Best Outdoor Firewood Rack: Conclusion

Out of all of these outdoor firewood racks I checked out my personal favourite is the Tidyboss 2 Pack Firewood Bracket Rack because it’s so customizable and sturdy but I just can’t recommend it as my overall pick for best outdoor firewood rack because you’ll need to go out and get extra materials and tools to get it together.

For that reason, my overall pick for the best outdoor firewood rack is the Artibear Firewood Rack Stand. I love that it comes in multiple sizes to suit your space, that it’s easy to assemble, and super sturdy even with long term use.

Since we’re looking at outdoor use specifically I really like that it keeps my wood off the ground and can be anchored to a nearby structure to keep it from swaying or tipping. While it doesn’t come with anything to keep out the rain or an adjustable height ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack (another great option), I didn’t mind because I store my firewood under an awning anyway.

That being said, all these are great options depending on your needs, DIY skills, and how much wood you need to store outdoors!

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