Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise

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If you live in a noisy area it can really disrupt the tranquility of your backyard. There are a few things you can do to mask noise, though. One easy way to do that is with a water feature so here’s the best outdoor fountains to mask noise.

Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise

There are so many different ways to mask noise in your yard. You’ll get the best results if you do multiple things, but that’s not always possible. Things like fences and even planting noise reducing greenery are big undertakings. And if you rent, you may not be allowed to make those changes anyway.

Water features and fountains naturally create white noise in any space. The bigger they are, the more noise they’ll make. Not only will it help drown out neighbourhood noise like traffic and power tools, but it adds an extra level of tranquility to the space.

Of course, a water feature isn’t going to 100% mask all noise – but it still can make a huge difference. 

How do you Install an Outdoor Fountain?

All of these outdoor fountains are super easy to install. They come with everything you need so all you have to do is follow the set up instructions (there’s usually some assembly) and plug them in.

To power your outdoor fountain you are going to need a power source so make sure that there’s some outdoor plugs near where you want to set it up.

Most can be filled with regular tap water, but some do require distilled water. Different types of water (eg. hard water) may decrease the lifespan of your outdoor fountain.

Can a Fountain Completely Mark Noise?

Unfortunately there aren’t many fountains out there that can completely mask all the noise that might be bothering you. Fountains are designed to create a gentle sound, especially smaller ones. 

Bigger ones usually have a louder sound, though, so it’s definitely worth splurging if you think it will help.

Another great way to make your fountain a bit more noisy is by making sure the water can splash a bit in the basin. That might mean filling it a bit lower with water than you would normally. Just make sure the pump is fully submerged. You’ll also have to refill the fountain more often.

Finally, placing the fountain strategically makes a big difference. Keep it near where you’ll be sitting and relaxing for the best effect. 

Alpine Corporation 43″ Tall Outdoor Multi-Tier Modern Industrial Metal Fountain

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This fountain can be louder or quieter depending on how you fill it up, which means it’s a great option if you’re trying to mask noise outside. The pump is still quiet, though, which means all you’ll hear is the simulated waterfall sound.

It’s pretty tall and holds a lot of water, which is nice if you want a bigger feature in your yard. The modern design also looks great on a patio, especially one that’s made of stone or concrete.


  • Large fountain that simulates waterfall sounds
  • Makes a good amount of noise, but you can also add more water or stones to reduce the sound
  • Modern design


  • Falling water can be blown out of the fountain in a strong breeze
  • Loses water and might make the patio area wet
  • Needs to be refilled 

Kenroy Home Nueva Fountains

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I love the look of this fountain, especially the cobalt colour. It’s made of ceramic so the bold colour should hold up, even when left outside for an extended period of time. At 25 inches tall, it’s a good mid-sized fountain option for the yard, deck, or porch.

The sound on this fountain is really relaxing, and it’s neither too quiet nor annoyingly loud. Of course, you want fountains on the noisery sound to drown out other sounds, and this one definitely helps with that

Especially because it can be easily placed near your seating areas.


  • Great colour and design that looks great
  • Nice sound that is loud enough to help drown out noise
  • Sturdy and easy to maintain


  • A bit on the small side if you want very bold sound
  • Works best if you use distilled water
  • Since it’s made of ceramic it might be easier for kids or pets to break than other fountains

Modern Cascade Rustic Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light

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This fountain is great if you’re looking for something that doubles as a statement piece. Not only is the design unique and stylish, but it also has a built-in LED light. The stone is faux and actually made of resin so it’s not too heavy to set up or move around.

As for the sound; it’s very relaxing. Since there’s so many little cups for the water to fall into you get a really quick falling water noise that’s definitely unique to this fountain. It sounds similar to a rocky mountain stream. 


  • Great, relaxing sound that’s loud enough to be heard outdoors
  • Stylish design that will be a focal point in your backyard
  • Has built in lights


  • Light bulb isn’t very durable
  • Tricky to refill the water without spilling
  • Would be better if it was larger

Ravenna Italian Outdoor Floor Water Fountain

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If you want a traditional looking fountain to mask noise in your yard this one is a great choice. The water falls down the three tiers and gets pumped back to the top. It’s easy to set up and install, and looks great in the garden, on the patio, or anywhere else in your yard.

Because of the water falling around all sides of the fountain you get a pretty loud sound from this one. If you’re someone who likes quieter water noises it may not be ideal, but for masking noise being loud is a great feature.


  • Loud and good for masking noise
  • Traditional design
  • Sturdy and doesn’t blow over


  • Loses a lot of water, especially due to evaporation, so you’ll need to refill it frequently
  • Might look better in a garden than on a deck
  • Needs to be installed on a level surface

Showering Spiral Water Fountain Feature

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This fountain is so unique that everyone who visits your yard will be asking about it. What’s better, it also makes a decent amount of noise, which means it might help drown out some of the noise in your backyard.

Unlike many other fountains, this one does a good job of keeping the water inside and not splashing it. Which is great if you want to set it up somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic. The sound is close to rain, which is a nice change from typical “babbling brook” sounding fountains.


  • Unique design that functions well
  • Decent sound that mimics rainfall
  • Good water flow


  • Like all fountains, this one needs to be refilled regularly
  • Depending on your taste you may not find the sound as soothing as other types of fountains
  • Pricey for the size

What are the Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise?

All of these fountains were chosen for their ability to mask noise, as well as their design and quality. So you really can’t go wrong with anything on this list – shop within your budget, decorating style, and what type of sounds appeal to you personally.

When it comes to actual noise masking, though, the Ravenna Italian Outdoor Floor Water Fountain is a great option. It has a louder sound than most fountains, which means it’s the most likely to make a difference. 

While it might be the loudest fountain, it may not be the most practical one for every yard. With its traditional design, it looks like it would fit best in a garden or grassy area rather than situated on the patio.

Water falls from all sides so you get the traditional fountain sound, which can really change the vibe in your yard. Of course, you have to have water in it all the time – and you’ll have to refill it frequently.

Refilling is necessary with all fountains because of evaporation and spillage, but this one especially has a large surface area where the water can evaporate. As a positive, though, birds do love it!

If this fountain isn’t your style another great runner up for noise masking is the Showering Spiral Water Fountain. The rainfall noise does a great job at drowning out undesirable sounds and it has a really cool, modern look to it.

Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise – Conclusion

Of course, you can really pick any of these and they should do the trick since they’re some of the best outdoor fountains to mask noise. Unfortunately, very loud sounds aren’t going to be drowned out by just a fountain – so you may need to add other inventions too.

Still, a fountain is a great way to add some ambiance, serenity, and outside noise masking to your yard or patio! 


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