Best Outdoor Furniture For High Humidity

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All of us would say yes to comfort in the patio, but who wants soggy cushions and cracked frames? All it takes is the right kind of furniture, and even an outdoors area with high humidity in the air can be as cozy as your favorite common room. Ready to know more? Check out our list of best outdoor furniture for high humidity below.

  • Born To Be Outside

Furniture that is intended to stay indoors will be made of just about any material that looks pretty and holds weight decently. If we want something to put outside, however, we must choose with weather resistance in mind. The key here, is the material.

Wicker: If the term sounds familiar, it’s because it is commonly associated with baskets. Wicker is a technique for weaving that has been around for millennia, and in the present day the material most commonly used is rattan—a plant indigenous to Asia, Africa and Australia—, though it’s slowly begun to be replaced by synthetic materials for the sake of sustainability. The items created in this way vary wildly, from the aforementioned baskets to chests, boxes and, of course, furniture. Pieces made of this material will look equally good outside and inside.

Aluminum: Lightweight though it is, it’s also durable and won’t rust. Any finishes applied to an aluminum surface will take good hold, which means they won’t scratch off so easily under humid, sunny conditions.

Steel: Heavier than aluminum, it’s also sturdier and fairly long lasting. Be it by applied finishes, the use of stainless steel, or both, it tends to endure for quite a while without decaying.

Iron: The strongest and heaviest of furniture, it would take nothing short of a windstorm for it to lose stability. Cushions are a must for seating pieces, and a proper finish is imperative as well; depending on the paint used, a touch-up may be required every now and then to prevent rusting.

The Types You Will Find

The sort of humidity-resistant furniture you will find available is fairly similar that of your living room and dining room, but it doesn’t mirror it to a tee. For proper clarity, here’s a primer on what you can expect to see when shopping around.

1. Sets

You will find them almost universally comprised of chairs and a table, in varying sizes. The composition will vary depending on their intended use:

Conversation: Designed for people to sit in proximity and shoot the breeze. A set geared for a conversation space will be two or more chairs (and, sometimes, a 2- or 3- seater), and a table, either coffee style (more surface but lower to the ground), or taller but with a smaller top surface.

Bistro: These sets are often seen in many patios: a table of appropriate height for meals, but with only enough surface for a small gathering; and 2-4 chairs. Named and inspired by the bistrot, a small restaurant fairly common in Paris.

Dining: Large table, and several chairs. Intended for larger parties to share meals, as they would in an indoors dining room.

2. Pieces

Seating & Resting: Chairs fall into this category, but you will also find the rocking type, chairs intended for lounging, and even patio swings—yes, you read that right! They come in different configurations and with seating capacities from 1 to 3 people (as well as varying weight ratings), some with canopies so that the sun won’t keep you away from your favorite relaxation spot.

Here it’s worth mentioning that certain types of chair (and swings) will allow, or perhaps even require, the addition of cushions. Made with sun- and water- resistant covers and fillings, there are so many patterns, sizes and colors out there that you are all but certain to find something to your liking.

Tables: Not only can you find them in different heights and sizes (end tables, bar height, coffee types and more), there’s also the variety in tops: there’s glass, wood, metal and more. For extra comfort (all but required in the summer), choose a table with a hole in the middle so you can add an umbrella and you have shade no matter the time of day.

Odds & Ends: We’ve already mentioned umbrellas and cushions, and there are also rugs—yes, really, there are some that can stay outside!, and much, much more. With some planning and investment, your patio can become just about as comfortable as your living room!

High Humidity & Rain: Similar, But Not The Same

For the purposes of this review, we are focusing on items that can stay outside without corroding from ambient humidity; however, if your area sees constant, heavy raining, you might want to place your furniture in a gazebo or something similar that will keep most of the rain away.

  • Sit In The Open, Sit Comfortably

Below we list a few items and sets that might very well find a home in that empty spot in your outdoors area.

1. Ovios Patio Furniture Set, 12 Pcs

ovios Patio Furniture Set

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A living room in the patio? With this set, it’s perfectly doable! The body is rattan, with the frame made in rust-resistant aluminum, which makes all pieces light and easy to move around. The cushions’ covers are high-density, UV- and water resistant. A zipper on the side allows easy removal of the stuffing, which is firmer for seat cushions and softer for those intended for the back. Covers are included, for when you don’t expect to be using the furniture for extended periods of time. Set arrives fully assembled, in 4 boxes total.


  • 5 colors to choose from.
  • Ready to put in place straight out of the box.


  • Back is a little low, which may cause some discomfort.

2. Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Set, 4 Pcs

best outdoor furniture for high humidity rattan set

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It’s not the biggest nor the fanciest, but for its low asking price, you still get a good deal: adding to rattan’s inherent properties, the cushions are suitable to stay outside (though not under copious rain), and the coffee table comes with a glass panel to place on top, which gives it additional appeal and is also perfectly fine outside. Cushion’s covers come with zipper, for easy removal of the core before washing. Although the seat cushions may be considered somewhat thin and there is no padding on the back, consumers have reported decent comfort—and it is, of course always possible to switch the default cushions out for some you purchase separately.


  • A good option for furnishing an outdoors area without breaking bank.


  • Difficult to put together.

3. Flash Furniture Nantucket Patio Garden Set, 6 Pcs

Patio Garden Set with Table

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For the pieces it offers, it’s not particularly expensive, and it still delivers the experience it is intended for: the top of the bistro table is glass, and the seat and back of the foldable chairs is breathable, water-resistant textilene; frame is powder-coated steel. The included umbrella can be tilted, so as to keep the sun out at any time of the day, and its canopy is polyester, making it capable of staying outside without issue.


Color range is likely to fit a wide variety of palettes.


Not exactly durable.

Umbrella’s shaft reportedly might snap if exposed to strong winds.

4. M&W Outdoor Loveseat with Glass Table

Wicker Loveseat with Glass Table for Balcony

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Bring out your favorite companion and your drinks of choice, and let the hours pass by: this love seat’s middle platform may not be as large as a proper coffee table, but it still has enough surface for any small items you’d rather not hold all the time. Its wicker and steel construction will easily endure average weather conditions, and the cushion is covered in polyester, which can be opened by the zipper on the side to remove the core in case the cover needs washing.

Important to note that, although pictures may easily give a different impression, no cushion is included for the back, only for the seat.


  • Combined weight capacity of 500lbs (250bs per seat)


  • Difficult to align holes during assembly, which may complicate the process.

5. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Sofa with Tray

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Seat 2 people a la love seat, or remove the tray and make space for a third! Made in anodized aluminum, the cushion’s cover is water resistant, and the core can be removed via a zipper on the side if deeper cleaning is required. There are several options available: you can get the love seat only, or pair it with other items such as club chairs, coffee table or end table, so you may set up your seating area just the way you want it.

It only comes in one color scheme but, between the taupe cushion covers and the frame’s silver finish it is likely this item will complement just about any outdoors setting.


  • Available in various configurations.


  • Only one color to choose from.
  • Cushion cover is not fade-resistant.
  • Topping The List: Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Sofa with Tray

This one is nothing if not customizable: you can seat a total of 3 people rather comfortably or, if there’s only two of you, set the tray in between and have a good time with your drinks (and phones) close at hand. You can also get it alone if that’s all you need, or pair it off with chairs or tables, so your area will accommodate more people, and have more surfaces (and where you want them) for drinks or finger foods.

Between the and material of the frame, and the weather- resistant capabilities of the cushions, you can rest assured that your set will last you quite a while; and there’s always the possibility of taking the stuffing out of the cushions if you want to clean more in depth. Several customers have conveyed the same impression: this set is both solid, and comfortable, with firm cushions that won’t leave you wanting for support.

This is it—it’s gathering time!