Best Outdoor Games for Teens

You’re not alone if you want to spend more time outside, and what’s better than having your kids get some fresh air and sunlight occasionally? With more people looking to the outdoors, and summer finally upon us, here are some great ideas and reviews for the best outdoor games for teens! 

Are fun outdoor games for teens forgotten?

If you had a childhood anything like mine, you probably spent your days using imagination and anything within reach to play with friends and or siblings. However, with more kids being inside, some may need extra motivation to get outside and have fun. Let me give you an example, more kids rather play online due to easier access to videogames and stimulating content than the average park or playground can offer. 

Or does it? Kids, like adults, are social beings that need communication with peers to get through our day. Even if you communicate online with friends, this is all but a substitution for our need to socialize!

What fun outdoor games are your teens familiar with?

All kids like to have fun and pretend, whether it’s at playgrounds or sports teams they are part of. You may ask your kids what games they may know, or what outdoor games they play with their friends, but if met with silence or attitude, halt on unplugging the router!

Just any outdoor activity for your teen may not work, as everyone has different preferences and tastes. You may get a better understanding of what type of games your teen may enjoy depending on the type of video games they play online. Luckily, most games out today have more content to relate to than games like minesweeper and solitaire.

Choosing fun outdoor games for teens

It’s hard to keep up with the times as everyday there’s something new that takes the internet’s spotlight, and you may have already noticed your little one knows the newest, latest and greatest games. Once you know what game they’re playing you can make some suggestions that will surely spark their interest. Let’s have a look at some outdoor games!

Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite Pump-SG Water Blaster

The best outdoor games for teens nerf gun game

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This product is from the game Fortnite, so you know every kid will recognize this water blaster. With an easy-to-use mechanism for refilling the toy with water, it provides great accuracy when soaking others in water fights. Your teen will be yearning to have fun outside if they’re a fan.


  • Easy pump action mechanism
  • Easy to refill water tank


  • May leak under intense usage and mis care

Intex 12 ft x 30in Easy set with filter pump

Intex pool with filter for teens

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This family sized inflatable pool will surely get your kids out of the house. The great thing about this pool is it’s built with sturdy and laminated PVC sidewalls, so it won’t be falling apart for years. Don’t have an air pump? Not a problem, this pool comes with a 110 – 120-volt filter pump that fills 530 gallons an hour. Pools are especially hot on the market right now, so don’t miss out because you’ll wish you had a pool for those hot summer days.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great price for the size
  • Air pump included


  • Make require a solar cover for the night and bugs
  • Needs filters if used regularly
  • Chlorine tabs are not included

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Nerf N-Strike elite disruptor

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There are many different types of nerf gun models, luckily this one’s an affordable 6-dart drum and quick-draw blaster that allows many bullets to be shot for its size. Amazingly, this shoots the darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). To really make use of your firing power, you may want to get your teen an additional 300 foam bullets refill set (They go by fast). Some interesting things to do with nerf guns is joining a nerf war (Sometimes held at school campuses or local gym), so be sure to have some guns ready if you’re planning to join!


  • Premium quality
  • Strong spring 
  • Rarely jams


  • Spring may get worn out
  • May loose accuracy due to misuse
  • Requires additional bullets for more fun

Wham-O Slip and Slide Wave Rider Double Backyard Water Slide (18 ft)

Wham-O slip and slide double wide for teens

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When you have 18 feet to soak and slide, it’ll pair well for birthday parties, or just lazy afternoons. At a time when places are closed, having a waterslide in the backyard is just what you may need to get your teens excited. If the slide gets ripped in action, do not worry as there are 2 repair patches that come with the slide. With all water parks closed, this is a small but affordable alternative to water activities for your kids and teens.


  • Long and soaks water throughout the body
  • Has a wall of water on the bumper
  • Streams of water at the end


  • Requires a long area to have slide
  • Misuse may cause slide to rip
  • For best results use dish soap

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set

Premium ladder toss outdoor game set skill game for teens to play

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If you’re looking to get your kids active, improve their hand-eye coordination, you may want to have a look at the GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set. It’s quick to set up and will bring out their competitiveness even with the most reserved kids. Taking turns to throw the bolo balls, teens must compete to get the bolo ball on the poles.

Too easy? That’s exactly the attitude I had until I tried it, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. This simple but ingenious game will have you throwing bolo balls until somebody has the higher score.


  • Can be assembled easily
  • Comes in a travel case
  • Extremely light and durable


  • Hard to master
  • Bolo balls may easily be lost
  • PVC plastic may break with misuse

Franklin Sports Badminton

Complete badminton set for teens and adults

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If competitiveness is in their nature, be sure to get them started with the badminton sport. Not only will it open doors to being part of the badminton school teams, but they may also seriously find the sport exciting. If they haven’t already tried, getting two brackets and a birdie may just be what they need to get started.

This set gives two professionally built and sturdy brackets alongside the two birdies. However, there are a family and professional pack available, so be sure to check those out as well!


  • 2 professional grade brackets
  • Steppingstone to hobby


  • Birdies may fall apart if not hit too hard
  • If not taken care of, netting will unwind
  • Are these outdoor games for kids fun?

Absolutely, and with friends and family who may join, it only makes the games better with unforgettable memories. If staying indoors taught us anything, it’s that we must spend our time with others. These games, mostly water related, will give teens and kids alike the excuse they need to get outside, make friends and have fun. 

Right now, with summer quickly approaching, it is the best time to choose what type of outdoor activities to choose for your kids. If they are having a birthday in the summer, having one or more of those outdoor games will prove useful for the party. If it is a sleepover, nerf guns or water guns will be an excellent choice to get your kids attention (and put them on best behavior for the new toy).

One thing for certain, kids and adults need to spend more time outside, and these are brief, but fantastic recommendations for outdoor games for kids.

Final thoughts on outdoor games for teens 

I mentioned before that kids have different interests, and so it may be beneficial to chat with your teen about what sort of activities they’re going to enjoy or want to be a part of. More sporty or active kids will enjoy water sports, or games that involve competition and accuracy.

Kids that are more reserved, or shy around others may enjoy less involved games that focus on strategy and attention like bowling, badminton, or bolo balls. It all depends how you approach asking the initial question, but once you do I have no doubt you will come to an understanding about what type of outdoor activities you can set up for your Kids so you can have them outside in no time.

At the end of the day, what matters is that the kids are having fun. It has become increasingly difficult for kids to play together and make new friends. By creating an environment and setting up these outdoor games, kids will have an opportunity to partake in playing outside, making new friends, and exploring new interests or hobbies. 

Kids that are young enough should always have parental or guardian supervision when playing with water, but with the choices provided here, it should get you and the family going for fun outdoor games for the kids. If your home is small or doesn’t have a spacious backyard, local parks or playgrounds are an excellent choice to set some games up.