Best Outdoor Key Lock Box

Realtors have been using key lock boxes for a long time now. They provide a safe and effective method for keeping keys safe and in the hands of their intended handler. Oftentimes, they work using a one-way passcode that is entered into the lock box itself, which then allows for the key to be released, and then replaced after it’s used. The use of these however, isn’t just limited to realtors. Homeowners can use them for personal use too, such as to let kids or guests in when they’re not around! For some of the best outdoor key lock boxes available now, we’ve developed these reviews to guide you in the right direction if you’re looking for one of your own! 

What is the Best Outdoor Key Lock Box You Can Buy? 

Don’t fret! We’ll sort through the hundreds of results to bring you some of the most highly-rated, and feature full models to choose from. Key lock boxes should always be able to stand up to some weather, stay in place where it belongs as well as remain intact against a would-be intruder or thief. We’ll review the following models of key lock boxes after diving into some things you should know about them ahead of time. 

What Kind of Key Lock Box Do I Need For Knobs, Handles or Levers? 

Most of it will depend solely on what you’re using it for, and what kind of front door handle you have. For spherical and ‘handle’-style front door handles, you’ll be just fine using the standard lock box for which they’re designed. 

The spherical handle creates a ‘wedge’ with the upper loop of the standard lock box, while the handle provides a fool-proof vertical handle from which to hang the lock box. In the rare instance that you may have a lever-style door handle, consider using a lock box lever clamp, which makes the standard lock box compatible with lever handles. (So that the box can not just be slid off of the handle).  

Different Lock Mechanisms for Key Lock Boxes 

The most common type of lock mechanisms you’ll encounter are either 4-(or more) digit suitcase-style locks, a button sequence, or numbered button passcode combination lock. Depending on what you’re planning on using it for, the most common type is the numbered button lock button, which will allow you to release the door on the front of the box after successfully entering the customizable passcode. 

Our reviews will stick to lock boxes with these standardized combination dials and buttons since they’re considered the most secure type of locks you can buy. Check out some of our reviews for the best outdoor key lock boxes below! 

Highly Rated Key Lock Box 

Master Lock 5400D Lock Box 

best outdoor key lock box master lock

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This lock box by Master Lock is one of the most highly rated units available, and it’s not hard to tell why. This is an incredibly sturdy lock box which is know for being incredibly weatherproof as well as one of the most durable. It’s a traditional shackle-style lock that fits easily onto both door knobs and handles. 

A four-digit series of dials is what releases the lock mechanism, and is simple yet complex enough to be used effectively by everyone from kids to adults. This isn’t just a great outdoor lock box for realtors, but it is a really useful and more secure alternative to leaving the keys under a mat or a flower pot. 

The Best Non-Shackle Lock Box 

Rudy Run Outdoor Lock Box Storage Safe 

Rudy Run storage safe for outdoor use lock box for keys

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This small box packs a bunch of protection for your entry keys, and makes for a good alternative for those of us who can’t bear to leave the keys outside, but prefer not to use a door handle box. This is unusual in that it’s a lock box that doesn’t come with a shackle, nor can it be used with one. However, it has a few interesting features that makes it a really viable alternative. 

This box is completely wall mountable, and can stand up to quite a lot of abuse. The Rudy Run is totally waterproof, rust-proof, heat resistant, and is able to withstand hammering, sawing and prying. This means it can sit out all year long and be used as a viable alternative to a traditional shackle box. 

Mount this box somewhere discreet, or right by the door if you prefer! Either way, it provides a sake method of key storage outdoors if you prefer not to use a handle lock box. 

Best Electronic Outdoor Key Lock Box 

Master Lock Box Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe 

Electronic outdoor key lock box for protecting your property

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Another favorite for homeowners, Master Lock brings us this phenomenal electronic unit that will keep your keys safe for your kids, family members or friends to use when you’re away. In fact, there’s no need to remember lock combinations since you can use a smartphone app to unlock it yourself! 

Don’t worry, there is also a keypad which can be used for backup access. The internal unit is actually large enough for not just keys, but access cards (such as a community pool pass) as well! This mounted box is perfect for homeowners who want a permanent outdoor lockbox to keep their keys and cards in. Up to 10 locks can be programmed to one phone app, meaning you can use them in other places around your property as well. 

Best All Metal Outdoor Key Lock Box

Kingsly Guard-a-Key Black Relator’s Lockbox 

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The Kingsly lock is for those of us who prefer an all-metal construction, which some believe provides an added layer of safety to this lock box. It’s also considerably smaller than most boxes, which may be a positive or negative feature depending on what you’re using it for. 

The interior itself will hold around 5 keys stacked next to each other in the rather interesting ‘slotted’ style this box has to it. The included 4-digit series of dials allows for 10,000 combinations you can use to set it with. With a simple combination, it’s incredibly useful for those with pet sitters, house cleaners and even contractors! 

Best Push-Button Key Lock Box 

Kidde AccessPoint Keysafe 

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The access point unit by Kidde is the perfect exampl of a barebones, easy to use key say lock box that you can install on an exterior wall. Whether you’re a parent who’d like to leave an extra set of keys out for your kids, or a house cleaner, these push-button style cases make it simple enough for anyone to use, while keeping your set of keys secure! The button lock itself gives you the ability to use over 1,000 personalized combinations, so you can change it up as frequently as you’d like, even every week. Reviewers don’t love how exposed it is to the elements, particularly the button mechanism. That being said, Kidde does sell a cheap weather cover you can use for it as well. 

Best Shackle Combination Lockbox With a Cover 

NU-SET Key Care Storage LockBox

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This lockbox lets you store more than just a key! It’s also the perfect size for keycards, for those who live in condos, apartments or just prefer to have the ability to store something like a pool pass outside of their home safely. This is a standardized hanging shackle model that fits comfortably over a doorknob, or handle. While it isn’t compatible with lever-style handles, it still provides a safe alternative to leaving a key under a doormat, for instance. What’s unique about this model is that each pushbutton is labeled with both letters and numbers, kind of like an old-school flip phone. This way, you can set an incredibly high number of different passwords over its lifespan, or use something that’s easy enough for you to remember! 

Thanks for checking out this guide to finding the best outdoor key lock box! Hopefully it’s done something to help point you in the right direction. Have any bad experiences with a key lock box before, or something else you’d want others to know before purchasing their own? Let us know in the comments down below!