Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights for Homes and Yards

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We’re going to help you find some of the most cost efficient and brightest solutions for lighting up your property with our reviews for the best outdoor LED flood lights. Check out our list of reviews down below, as well as some information on just what makes them such a good choice for your home and outdoor spaces. 

When you’re talking about outdoor lighting, LED’s should almost always be a part of the conversation. They’re incredibly affordable, oftentimes completely solar powered and extremely energy efficient. Oh, and did I mention they cast a lot of light. Creating compelling outdoor spaces is the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into your property, and for the better, too!

How to Choose LED Floodlights For Your Home

Before we dive into some product reviews of our favorite LED flood lights on the market, we’ll touch on some key details you should be aware of before buying a set of your own. 

LED floodlights have plenty of different purposes, although many people use them solely as security lights for darker areas around their property. We’ll have included some lights that come right out of the package with motion sensor capability, as well as some that you might be more inclined to use for other purposes around your property as well. 

Why LED for Flood Lights? 

Simply put, LEDs are brighter, more energy efficient and cost effective. They’re easy to waterproof, too since the diodes can fit in such a wide variety of cases while still delivering a ton of light. All of the models of flood lights we’re going to feature in these reviews will be lit using LEDs, and we can’t recommend going that route strongly enough. 

Ok, but What About Wiring? 

If you’re wondering, “should I hire an electrician to install LED floodlights”, unless you’re ladder-avoidant by nature, no. They’re perfectly simple enough to install, and at worst all you’ll have to do is install them near an outlet plug either on the interior or exterior of your house. While some may require some basic wiring, it’s similar in nature to installing a new light fixture for models that are switch operated. If there isn’t power nearby and you don’t want to start drilling through walls, you can always opt for a solar powered LED flood light, which we’ll also feature in the product reviews below. 

Why Should I Use an LED Flood Light? 

They’re perfect for adding another layer of security to your property, since they’re available with motion sensors and shine an incredibly bright security light that will cover large areas of your home, lawn or driveway.

Besides repelling intruders though, some people like to keep them installed for arriving home late while still having a way to see around, and others to keep pests like raccoons out of their garbage cans. They have a multitude of different uses and given the price point, they’re a cheap way to make your home just that much safer! Below we’ll delve into some product reviews for some of the best outdoor LED flood lights you can find, as well as what they’re useful for, and how they’re likely to be installed. 

What are the Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights? Our Picks

The Best Pivoting LED Flood Light for Security 

Amico 3500LM LED Security Light 

Amico LED Flood Lights Outdoor 3500LM Security Light, 30W Bright Outdoor Flood Light, 5000K Daylight White, IP65 Waterproof 3 Adjustable Heads for Garage, Backyard, Patio, Garden, Porch&Stair(White)

This model checks all of the boxes for reliability, and versatility as a strong contender for the best outdoor LED flood light. It consists of 3 LED light arrays, each of which can pivot in alternative directions providing a large amount of light for any area on your property. How can you get the most out of this light? 

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We highly recommend using it as a security flood light, its powerful LED panels are designed to point the light directly where you need it. It’s a standard 30W fixture, and can take the place of an existing garage light with a bit of basic wiring. It’s completely ETL certified, and comes out of the box with an impressive IP65 waterproof rating, so you won’t have to worry about the weather getting to it.

One small drawback, it isn’t a motion sensor light. So you’ll have to use the switch to turn it on manually, which is an added bonus if you don’t want that feature in the first place. This also means that there’s less that can go wrong with the unit. 


  • Great for home security
  • Super bright
  • Waterproof


  • No motion sensor option
  • Needs to be wired in

The Best Heavy Duty LED Flood Light 

STASUN LED Flood Light, 150W Shatter-proof Security Lights

STASUN LED Flood Light Outdoor, 150W 13500lm Outdoor Lighting, 6000K Daylight White, IP66 Waterproof Outside Floodlight Exterior Security Light with 3 Adjustable Heads for Yard, Street, Parking Lot

The Stasun is a great example of why LED security flood lights can really shine. Apologies for the terrible pun, but this really is a standout unit when it comes to flood lights. This light has a 330 degree wide lighting area, giving it a huge amount of coverage if you’re looking for a flood light to light a large area.

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Ideal for businesses, the real shining quality of this light is that it’s unbelievably durable. It’s shatterproof, shock resistant, IP66 waterproof rated, and made with a robust die-cast casing that’s nearly tamperproof. 

When you’re talking about bright LED lights like these, heat-proofing is an important factor to keep in mind. Look for LED floodlights like this one that advertise a robust heat dissipation system to maintain the life of the LED lights for years, while requiring little to no maintenance. 


  • Doesn’t get too hot while shining a bright light over your property
  • 330 degree wide light range
  • Super durable and waterproof


  • May be too bright depending on your set up location
  • Not very stylish if curb appeal is important to you

Best Motion Sensor Flood Light for Home

Sansi LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Light 

SANSI 36W 3600LM Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights, 50,000 Hrs Lifespan LED Flood Light Outdoor Motion Sensor, 350W Equiv 5000K Dusk to Dawn IP65, Super Bright for Yard Garage, White, Wired

If you’re looking for a reliable home security LED flood light to go over your garage or entranceway, this unit is a highly recommended choice. It uses a dual set of 5000K daylight white LED bulbs at 36W (equivalent to 250W incandescent), that are capable of lighting a driveway, walkway, front or backyard with a bright light. 

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They’re backed by a highly versatile motion sensor which has a host of adjustable features to fit your needs. Also, it comes with a dusk to dawn setting so it won’t go off during the day time. It’s ETL listed too, which is an important factor to look out for when you’re buying lighting fixtures online.

It’s worth noting that this light is also waterproof, as well as frost resistant making it a good choice for those of us who experience a strong winter season. Thankfully, it comes with all of the hardware you need for set-up straight out of the box! 


  • Motion sensor and light sensor turns on the light only when you need it
  • Frost-resistant for cold weather
  • Comes with everything you need to set up


  • Very bright, may be too bright for some locations
  • Motion sensor range is good but could be better

Best Solar Motion Sensor LED Flood Light 

ATUPEN 210 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights 

WWimy Solar Lights Outdoor,210 LED 2500LM Motion Sensor Lights with Remote Control, 3 Heads Security LED Flood Lights, IP65 Waterproof, 270° Wide Angle Illumination Wall Lights with 3 Modes

This is the first remote control entry on our list, besides the fact that it’s also completely solar powered! This eco-friendly alternative doesn’t just help you save on power, but you can also rest assured that it will work in the event of a power outage! 

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The popular 3-angle lighting design is also present in this model, allowing you to swivel the heads and cover the areas you need lit, and not the ones you’d rather keep in the dark. IP65 waterproofing makes it excellent for outdoor use under any inclement weather, and a motion sensor makes it a great choice as a security light, too! What’s more is this unit comes as a part of a 2 pack, meaning you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground with its extremely affordable price point. 


  • Comes in a 2 pack for better light coverage
  • Solar powered means you can set it up anywhere
  • Included remote is handy


  • Solar lights aren’t usually as bright as wired ones, and these are no exception to that rule
  • Solar panel sticks out and is a bit of an eyesore

Brightest Outdoor LED Flood Light 

KeKeou LED Flood Light 300W Stadium Lights 

Kekeou Stadium Lights LED Flood Lights Outdoor 300W 33000LM 6500K Flood Lights Outdoor IP67 Waterproof 300 Watt Exterior Flood Lights with 3 Adjustable Heads for Yard

Yes, you read that right. These are basically stadium flood lights, only ones that are suitable for installing on your own property! These ultra-bright 30,000LM lights are ideal for lighting up an outdoor basketball court, playground, dock or backyard.

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And it will do so with relative ease. Not only that, but this is an incredibly heavy-duty flood light too. It features a die-cast aluminum housing, with a virtually unbreakable cover, non-corrosive steel screws and steel mounting brackets. 

While these aren’t great for installing on eaves, they’ll go up on walls and ceilings no problem. The bracket is fully adjustable too, so you can change the angle of the lights to suit your needs. 


  • Super bright floodlight option for outdoor spaces
  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable angles


  • Can’t be installed on eaves; needs a sturdy place to be mounted on
  • Larger investment than other outdoor LED flood lights on this list

Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights: Conclusion

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best outdoor LED flood lights! These units are perfect for lighting your outdoor spaces with ease, while also providing you with security and peace of mind when it comes to your home and property. We tried to find ones that fit with every lifestyle need, so there really isn’t one “best” option here – they’re all great for different reasons.

Whichever you choose, it’s going to make a big difference in the lighting of your property!

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