Best Outdoor Prep Table for a Pizza Oven

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Mmm, who doesn’t love pizza? What’s even better is pizza fresh out of a dedicated (hopefully wood fired) pizza oven. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your own backyard then you’re definitely going to want to make good use of it. Here’s the best outdoor prep table for a pizza oven to make your cooking a lot easier.

The best outdoor prep table for your pizza oven is going to depend on what kind of prep work you plan on doing outside. If you just need a surface to set your pizzas on before and after cooking there’s a lot more flexibility.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Pizza Oven Prep Table

Heat proof is nice to have, especially if you’ll be setting hot pizzas on the surface. But you could also place a cutting board or kitchen towel on your prep table to protect it from heat too, so don’t let that deter you from picking an otherwise great prep table.

If you’re planning on assembling pizzas on your prep table you’ll need a bit more room. If it’s just toppings, something with plenty of storage space is great – especially if you entertain large groups. That way you have room for all your different options, and still enough space that you can prepare a pizza comfortably.

Working the dough outside poses a few additional challenges, mostly related to your tabletop surface. You need something that can be cleaned easily. Your outdoor prep table for pizza making should also be sturdy so it doesn’t wobble while you knead and press the dough, something that can be especially tricky outdoors due to uneven ground.

Plastic Folding Table

deaciber 6ft Folding Table 71 inch Plastic Fold in Half w/Handle Heavy Duty Portable Indoor Outdoor for Garden Party Picnic Camping BBQ Dining Kitchen Wedding Market Events

This is one of the most versatile options whenever you need some extra prep or table space outdoors. Made from plastic, it’s pretty easy to clean, durable, and lightweight enough for most people to set up. You’ll get a decent amount of prep space, which is really nice if you’re someone who likes to spread out while cooking.

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I wouldn’t recommend leaving this table outside year-round, but I have personally left them outside in my yard for the better part of the summer without any problems. Since it folds up you can easily store it inside a shed or garage when it’s not in use.

Another thing to consider is that plastic isn’t heat proof so make sure you protect it before putting a hot pizza (or pan) on top.


  • Easy to set up
  • Can be stored out the way when not in use, great if you have a small yard or patio
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of prep space
  • Can be used for other purposes too


  • Shouldn’t be left out year-round
  • Plastic is not heat-proof
  • Fold up tables can be wobbly, especially if the ground is uneven

Stainless Steel Prep Table With Sink

BSQT Stainless Steel Commercial Sink, 304 Stainless Steel Free Standing Prep Table Utility Sink with Console & Stand for Outdoor Indoor Garage Kitchen Laundry Room Utility Sink

This little prep table is perfect for making pizza outside or having a workspace while you’re cooking. Since it’s stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about damaging it with hot pans. Stainless steel is also naturally rust resistant, which is handy for something that’s going to be outside.

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The sink is also useful for any outdoor kitchen area if you have a rough in for plumbing. Even if you don’t, though, you can still fill the sink with water manually to wash up outside.


  • Working sink that can be hooked up to a water source
  • Stainless steel resists rust
  • Multi-purpose work area
  • Storage shelf


  • Work surface isn’t very big
  • You need a water hook up for the sink to work or else you’ll have to fill it manually

Keter Portable Outdoor Table and Storage Cabinet

Keter Unity XL Outdoor Kitchen Island Rolling Cart Bar Table & Storage Cabinet, Grill Station with Utensil Hooks for Grilling Accessories, Brown

I like this cabinet because you can also use it for the grill or entertaining in your backyard when it’s not being used as an outdoor prep table for a pizza oven. It’s a good size so you have enough space to make your pizzas outside or rest multiple pans.

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The storage underneath is also nice. You can actually lock it so kids or pets can’t find their way inside. The storage compartment is also sealed, which means you can keep your outdoor cooking accessories store inside without worrying about them.


  • Portable, multi-purpose prep table
  • Lockable storage compartment is sealed
  • Good size work area
  • Hooks and racks on the side for extra storage/easy prep


  • Assembly instructions could be easier to understand
  • Stainless steel top is great for resisting rust and working with hot pans, but can be difficult to keep looking clean especially outside
  • Made of plastic, which means it’s a bit lightweight

Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand

Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Portable Grill Stand

This little stand is really handy if you’re working with limited space or you want something that you can set up while you’re using the pizza oven and store when you’re not. The sides fold out for a larger work surface, and there’s extra storage compartments too.

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Something that’s really handy for an outdoor pizza oven is the tabletop. The sides are plastic, but the middle is made of heat-resistant aluminum. That means you can pull your pizza out and set it right on the table after it’s cooked.


  • Folds up for easy storage/transportation
  • Good size work area
  • Heat-resistant top makes cooking more convenient


  • Sturdy enough, but not as sturdy as a solid structure
  • Shouldn’t be stored outside for extended periods
  • You’ll need to set it up each time you use it

NUUK Double-Shelf Movable Outdoor Worktable

NUUK Double-Shelf Movable Outdoor Dining Cart Table, 20' x 30' Stainless Steel Commercial Multifunctional Kitchen Food Prep Worktable on Wheels

This is another outdoor prep table for a pizza oven that’s great if you plan on making your pizzas outside. There isn’t a huge amount of prep space, but it’s enough to get the job done – and great for small spaces, too. 

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As for the cart itself, stainless steel means it’s rust resistant and easy to clean. The cart is also on wheels so you can wheel it anywhere you need an extra work surface. Or use it to load up all the pizza making supplies inside and wheel it easily into the backyard!


  • This cart is on wheels so it’s easy to move around
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel work surface
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use


  • Work surface on the smaller side
  • Instructions make assembly a challenge
  • Works best on even ground

What is the Best Outdoor Prep Table for a Pizza Oven?

Overall, we found the Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table is the best outdoor prep table for a pizza oven. This table truly ticks all of the boxes we were looking for in a good quality prep table. 

First of all, the work area is large enough to accommodate multiple pizzas at once. It’s also good for pizza prep. The table top is also made of stainless steel, which means that you can put hot pizzas on top and clean it easily.

On top of that, this is one of the only prep tables that’s truly designed to be left outside. While it’s not perfectly air tight, the cupboard is sealed and lockable – which means you can store towels, cooking utensils, and other supplies in it.

Made of plastic and stainless steel, this outdoor prep table should resist rusting and rotting, which makes it a good choice for places with unpredictable weather. To extend the life you might want to cover it when not in use, though, and definitely keep it out of extreme weather like snow and freezing temps.

Finally, the extra storage on the sides are very convenient. There is a rack for condiments, which could hold pizza sauce or small containers of pizza toppings. Plus hooks are handy for tools, oven mitts, and towels.

The only criticisms we have of this prep table are minor. Since it’s plastic, it’s not as solid as it could be – so keep that in mind before buying. That doesn’t mean it’s not sturdy, it’s just light. 

They also advertise the storage compartment as sealed, and while it is, in extreme weather water can still get inside so it’s not perfectly air tight.

One last design flaw is the paper towel holder. While it’s handy while you’re cooking and entertaining, you have to remove the roll when you’re done or else it could get wet since it’s on the outside of the cart.

Best Outdoor Prep Table for a Pizza Oven – Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect outdoor prep table for a pizza oven can be tricky. You really need to look at what your needs are to find the best one. For example, if you want to do all the pizza prep outside (like rolling the dough or adding toppings) you’ll need a bigger work area than if you just need a place to rest pizzas while cooking.

All of these options are perfect for the aspiring chef or dedicated pizza oven connoisseur. Hopefully you’ll spend even more time enjoying pizza in your outdoor kitchen this season! 

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