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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Some of us only cook in the kitchen, some others prefer their BBQ grill. Whichever the case, it is well  known than cooking requires that you prep your foodstuffs to a varying degree (adding mayo to your  burger buns, for example).  These reviews for the best outdoor prep table with sink will help you find the perfect outdoor prep space for the grill or flat top!

Outdoor Cooking Made Easy: The Best Outdoor Prep Table With Sink

When you go to your favorite sub establishment, everything happens in front of you: slicing, dicing, spreading, sorting. What makes it possible, is the prep table, a somewhat unknown staple of a great many food businesses. It is this specialized table that enables convenient storage of the toppings and fillings within easy reach, and, with certain adjustments (such as the addition of a work surface and a sink), it can make your life easier as well.

But Will It Be Fine Outside?

Not all prep tables will be adequate for keeping in your patio; this can be due to a variety of factors such as bulk or—more importantly—the material they are made of. A common favorite for anything outdoor is stainless steel, as it is sturdy, not too heavy, and inherently resistant to corrosion. This is particularly relevant considering the suggestions we will be presenting you before long, will incorporate a sink!

It might not need clarifying, but just in case: many of these tables will lack the fixtures necessary for having running water. What they will have, is the appropriate holes for you (or a professional) to install the missing components. This does have the advantage of allowing you to pick any faucet you like (provided it fits), but it is worth remembering that your choice of fixture should boast the necessary outdoors resilience: stainless steel is a good choice, as previously mentioned; so is brass.

Other Considerations

There are a couple factors to keep in mind while shopping around, so that your choice will be the better fit for your particular circumstances (space, layout, purpose and so on).

Size: If we take into account the entire category, prep tables can vary wildly in size depending on the setting they are intended for; this is particularly true when it comes to commercial units. In our case, however, variations won’t be so marked, but you might still want to take some measurements, especially if your space is limited.

Storage: In some cases, all you get is the table top, and the sink section. Other models will come with drawers, cabinets, and even hooks or holders for your towels and cooking implements.

Portability: If you like fishing or hunting, there are tables that provide a faucet, a working surface, and can be hooked to a regular hose instead of a conventional water line. Their surface will be plastic, with steel legs, and they can be folded for transport so you can take them along when you go into the wilderness.

When arriving at your final choice, remember that more size and accessories is not always better; the fancier the table, the bigger the budget you will need.

The Selection

The following items come in different configurations, sizes and materials; whether you want something more permanent or you favor portability, one of these might just be what you’re looking for.

DuraSteel Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Faucet - DuraSteel 1 Compartment Commercial Utility Sink w/Double Drainboards -18' x 18' x 12' Bowl Size - For Restaurant, Laundry, Garage & Backyard - NSF Certified

Most of us are acquainted with stainless steel; what is not so widely known, is the concept of gauge, which expresses the thickness of the steel used to manufacture a product. In this case, the gauge is 18, just one notch shy of the thickets available (when it comes to gauge, a smaller number is better). This one is also NSF certified, for additional peace of mind.

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Designed to stand wherever you want it, the legs’ H shape provides extra stability, and the bullet feet help the unit maintain balance on more uneven floors. Featuring a drainboard on each side of the sink, the magic number is 18, for that is how many inches each area measures; this is likely to provide a decent work surface for nearly any task, cooking related or otherwise.


  • Design focused on stability, by way of its H-shaped legs and its adjustable bullet feet.
  • High backsplash (8.5″) helps prevent spills while using the sink.
  • Ample capacity for washing, thanks to its 14 gallon tub.


  • Utterly lacking in storage space; this could make organization more complicated.

Old Cedar Outfitters Premium Cleaning Station

Old Cedar Outfitters Premium Fish and Game Cleaning Table with Sink

This type of table is optimal if you would like to deploy and stash away your prep table as necessary, as this one can be folded and transported much like conventional folding tables can. There are certain drawbacks to this design—for example, the sink is considerably shallower than that of a stainless steel unit—, but it is a workable solution if you like your fixture to stay mobile.

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To help prevent accidental spills due to how shallow the sink is, the surface of the table features special grooves that will direct the water away without letting it reach anything resting on top at a given time. For those who intend to use this table for cleaning fish, one of the edges comes with a ruler, for precisely measuring your catches.


  • Unlike other similar tables, this one features a foldable faucet; no need to detach and reattach it every time.
  • Drain is larger than average—a full 6″. This helps prevent pools of water while working.


  • Putting it together for the first time can be a complicated task, according to some reports.

DNYSYSJ 2-Compartment Kitchen Prep & Utility Sink

DNYSYSJ Kitchen Commercial Sink with 2 Bowls,2 Compartment Utility Sink with 2 Drainer & 2 Shelves,304 Stainless Steel Freestanding Kitchen Sink

Made in 304 18-gauge stainless steel, this one may not be exactly like its counterpart in your kitchen, but it comes reasonably close, as it features two bowls for cleaning and filling pots, and two shelves underneath for your tools, containers and other odds and ends. It comes with two drainage devices and their respective filters—all of it also made in stainless steel—, so any debris and food leftovers will not be clogging the pipelines.

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The gooseneck faucet can turn a full 360°, and the fixture is optimized for mixing, so you can draw water at your desired temperature.


  • Shelf space this one provides is decently above average; should prove adequate for your most commonly used containers and implements.
  • Includes everything required for installation, including cloth gloves for protection.


  • The two bowls are smaller than average; it may feel cramped if too many dishes pile on.

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table, Faucet and Portable Sink, Portable, Foldable Table, Camping Table, Outdoor Station Hose Hook up, Fish Cleaning, Multi use Table with Sink

At a glance, it looks like a regular old folding table with sink, and in several ways, it is: surface made of plastic, steel legs, and a fixture that doesn’t have to be permanently attached to the water line. Beyond this group of basic features, however, it delivers quite a bit of value that other tables skimp on.

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To begin with, it comes with two bowls instead of the single one that many similar tables provide, and it also features a specialized compartment intended for your trash bag, which means you don’t have to make multiple trips to take care of your disposal, nor do you have to displace the trash can.

For further convenience, in case you don’t need to use water (or only need one bowl), this model features lids which you can place on top of any hole that is unnecessary at the moment, which will quickly expand the work surface you have available.


  • Space available can be easily tailored to fit the moment; more surface, or more bowls, depending on what you need.
  • One of the very few that includes a compartment to place the trash bag.


  • Faucet has been known to be an ill fit; reattaching it when the table is going to be used can reportedly be problematic.

KINGBO Prep & Utility Washing Hand Basin

Free Standing Stainless-Steel Single Bowl, Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Sink Set w/Faucet & Drainboard, Prep & Utility Washing Hand Basin w/Workbench & Storage Shelves Indoor Outdoor (47in)

This one stands out for its looks, and it is also decently functional for its purpose. Featuring a single bowl with a depth of 8″, the surface to the left is of good size to accommodate a cutting table and some other sundries. The shelf underneath can serve as placement for your most favored pots, pans and larger utensils.

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The bowl may be shallow, but the faucet is a gooseneck type that can allow for filling larger containers as necessary; the faucet features a full 360° of rotation, so you can aim the stream of water where you need it and keep it out of the way while you’re cleaning dishes or food.


  • Provides a larger work area than many other similar sinks.
  • Extra useful as a work table thanks to the two slots for keeping knives handy.


  • The faucet is not a mixer; it will work only with hot or cold water, with no way to regulate temperature.
  • Limited storage space, as it offers one shelf and there are no drawers or hooks.

Our Pick: DNYSYSJ 2-Compartment Kitchen Prep & Utility Sink

Among the options recently presented, we feel this one strikes a nice balance between size, work area, sink dimensions and storage. You get two shelves, two bowls, and a surface that should be enough for most food prep tasks, even if its not particularly spacious.

It is also of solid build, being made in 18-gauge stainless steel, unlike other options which have been consistently described as thin. For your cleaning and prepping needs, we believe this one will serve you quite adequately.

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