Best Outdoor Pull Up Bar

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Hitting your fitness goals shouldn’t mean missing out on your beloved outdoor spaces! To help keep your endurance up on back and upper body day, we’ve come together with a list of the best outdoor pull up bars reviewed so you can see what’s out there! At home fitness is best kept simple, otherwise you’re in danger of neglecting your goals. When it comes to fitness equipment, you want durability and ease of use, not a laundry list of special features or attachments. Here we’ll break down all of the available styles of outdoor pull-up bars that are available so you can crush your routine in the sun! 

The Best Outdoor Pull Up Bars For Home 

My goal here is to present you with a list of the most popular and versatile pieces of outdoor fitness equipment possible. For these pull up bars, that means models that you can get a lot of use out of no matter what your outdoor space looks like. But, it also means finding one that doesn’t need a whole lot of preparation, or heavy duty installation. This is how you can set up an outdoor pull up bar without concrete, or additional equipment/structures. First, we’ll dive into some tips you should be aware of before you buy an outdoor pull up bar. 

What you Need to Know About Outdoor Pull Up Bars 

The surface or material you’re going to use to mount your outdoor pull up bar on is incredibly important, and it’s the first thing you should consider when looking at the models we’ll be reviewing below. Pull up bars often rely on a small amount of hardware for quick and easy installation. That being said, if you don’t have an adequate surface to work with, it will pop right off of the wall as soon as you go to use it. Here’s what to look out for before you grab one for yourself. 

Places you Should Never Mount an Outdoor Pull up Bar 

  • Plaster or stucco exterior walls where you can’t locate a secure point
  • Brick
  • Plastic siding 
  • Drywall
  • Rotting or soft wooden structures that are damaged by water 
  • Onto a tree

Places that are Safe for Mounting an Outdoor Pull up Bar 

  • Thick wooden siding with access to studs
  • Visible wood studs or posts
  • Onto the studs of a wood shed 

How High Should You Hang a Pull Up Bar? 

Simply put, you should always be able to safely mount a pull up bar at least no lower than your own height. (From the top of your head). This means that you should be able to hang from it with your knees bent. 

How Do You Hang a Pull Up Bar When the Studs Don’t Line Up?

This is surprisingly simple, but you’re still going to want to take some precautions to do this properly. ALWAYS observe the manufacturer’s information and instructions before hanging a pull up bar on any surface. That being said, you’re typically going to be able to use a rigid unfinished board of your choice, such as a 2×4, to create a mount for the bar to go onto. 

  1. Cut 2-3 2×4 boards (depending on how many mounting holes your bar has), slightly wider on either side than your studs are located. (For instance, if my studs are 16 inches apart, I will cut 3 boards at about 24 inches). 
  2. Center the 3 boards over the two studs where you want to mount your bar, and attach them using lag bolts, with one on each stud, per board. If you’re unsure what size and length of bolt and washer to use, consult a hardware store associate who can help you determine which ones you need. 
  3. Afterwards, you’ll bolt the bar itself to your 2×4 bracers, roughly center on the boards. 

Next, we’ll dive right into our reviews for the best outdoor pull up bar! 

Best Freestanding Lightweight Outdoor Pull up Bar 

Stamina Power Tower 

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The stamina power tower is a trusted and somewhat well-known alternative to the mounted pull up bar in the at-home fitness community. These bars are versatile, and easy to set up just about anywhere. That being said, you’ll still want to find somewhere stable to set it down. Here’s what makes it a good pick for your backyard fitness setup. 

This pull up tower gives you the ability to perform pull-ups, dips, push ups, and even sit-ups and chin-ups! The non-slip footings on the tower allows you to place it confidently on your deck, porch, or even driveway without having to worry about it slipping out from underneath you. The legs are long on either side of the rack, and the base is wide, so it does not feel as if it will tip either.  

The Best Pull Up Bar With Cable Attachments

One Two Fit Mounted Outdoor Pull Up Bar 

Best Outdoor Pull Up Bar with cable attatchments

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This bar made our reviews for its durability, strength and optional extra uses that might just put you over the edge for adding a pull up bar to your home gym. 3 grip positions make this a valuable bar for those looking to do a variety of upper body strength workouts. 

On top of that, a 3 eyelet system of points built for exercise carabiners and cable attachments turn this into an even more well rounded piece of workout equipment. Lastly, 3 bolt spots on either side of the structure will give you all of the confidence you need that it will stay in place during your workout. 

Best Outdoor Heavy Duty Multi Positional Pull Up Bar   

Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 

Heavy-duty multi positional outdoor pull up bar for heavy duty workouts

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This pull up bar is well suited for outdoor setup. It features a really simplistic design that’s fit for standing up to regular use. What we love about this bar is that the bar itself can be relocated slightly more inset into the structure. On top of that, it allows you to hang various bodyweight and resistance training aides onto it as well. 

You can easily hang gymnastic rings, resistance bands, and handles to the bar itself. The bar isn’t padded, but instead comes with a practical knurling which allows you to use whatever grip is most comfortable for you without slipping. 

Best Foldable Free Standing Pull Up Bar 

KT Foldable Outdoor Pull Up Bar 

foldable free standing pull up bar rainproof outdoor workouts

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This foldable power tower of sorts works as a great outdoor pull up bar that’s totally portable, too! This bar is incredibly easy to assemble and works great for anyone under 7 feet tall. Since the height isn’t adjustable over that height, there is an obvious advantage to taller people using a different type of pull up bar. 

That being said, if you want an outdoor pull up bar that doesn’t need to be attached to the house, this is a great option. And, since it’s foldable you can easily take it back inside, somewhere else, or even fold it flat to fit comfortably under the deck. 

Pull Up Bar That can be Mounted on Trees

Pullup & Dip Portable Tree/Post Mount Bar 

Pull up bar for mounting on trees in your backyard

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Seriously, for those of us without a suitable exterior on the back deck, or a good shed anywhere, could seriously benefit from a pull up bar mount that can attach straight to a tree trunk! The best part is, it doesn’t cause any damage whatsoever to the tree! It uses an innovative design that allows it to attach to a band that secures safely to the tree trunk itself. After that, its angled design keeps it in place by pinching downwards while in use. That’s right, a pull up bar that Issac Newton himself would be proud of! 

We love this model because it’s completely portable, and perfect for those who want a versatile outdoor calisthenics bodyweight workout without a lot of equipment. 

Best Outdoor Pressure Mount Anti Slip Pull up Bar 

Dedakj Pull up Bar with Adjustable Locking Width 

Pressure mounted anti slip pull up bar for outdoor use

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This pull up bar wants to change the game for the pressure mounted system, and we’re all for it. Traditionally, these bars worked a lot like those horrible shower curtains, pretty much ushering in a slew of funny videos of people attempting a pull up and subsequently ending up on the floor. What’s different about this bar? It uses a 3 point locking system that increases the amount of locking pressure when you’re actually pulling down on it. Aside from that, the anti-skid feet work together with this mechanism to create a much safer pressure mounted system. 

This bar could easily work between two posts, a narrow section of your home’s exterior, or a couple of sheds. This is great for people who want to be able to do pull ups and chin ups just about anywhere, with a bar that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Thanks for checking out our reviews for the best outdoor pull up bar! The goal here was to present you with a variety of different models that fit a different need in your outdoor fitness regimen. Did you know that you could perform such a wide variety of bodyweight workouts with just one piece of equipment? Let us know if there’s anything else you should know before picking one of these up, or which one works best for you in the comments below!