Best Outdoor Punching Bags

Who said you couldn’t take your cardio out into the sun and fresh air? Having an outdoor gym is incredibly liberating if you’ve got the space and means. Even if you can’t bring out your whole set up, it’s nice to be able to do a few of your workouts in the fresh air. Here we’re going to review the best outdoor punching bags to give you an entirely new way to workout! 

The Best Outdoor Punching Bags for Outdoor Workouts 

These punching bags give you the option of taking your workout outside to maximize your efforts, as well as your overall enjoyment when you’re on the grind! We’ll talk a little bit about what goes into them, as well as what you can do to get the most out of an outdoor punching bag set up that’s made to stand up to some wear. 

Can you put a Punching bag Outside?

You totally can install a punching bag outside just about anywhere on your property. What matters is less is where you put it, and which one you decide to use outside. A weather proof punching bag is your best bet. These are typically made to repel water, keeping it away from the filling and allowing it to be permanently, or semi permanently installed outdoors in all weather conditions. 

Below we’re going to review some of the best outdoor punching bags to complete your outdoor workout space that can take a bit of rain! 

How do you Hang an Outdoor Punching bag? 

While some of it depends largely on which type of punching bag you’re wanting to install, there are some basic principles to follow. 

For instance, if the punching bag doesn’t come with it’s own hanging materials, you’ll want to stick with either synthetic materials, or a pure stainless steel chain system. If you’re planning on hanging it with all of your own hardware, we’ll give you some tips to follow for hanging your own punching bag outside. 

  • Use a bracket that’s able to support the weight of the punching bag 
  • Consider a freestanding punching bag holder that’s also weatherproof 
  • Use stainless steel chain and bearings to secure it to the eyelets on the bag 
  • If hanging from an eave or overhang, ensure that it doesn’t have to hang too low otherwise it may swing wildly or too far. 

What’s the Best way to Protect an Outdoor Punching Bag?

First off, there are outdoor punching bags which are totally water resistant. If you want to protect a bag that wouldn’t fare so well in the rain, say it has a zipper on top with a bit of an opening, or even a material that absorbs some water, there is an alternative.

You can easily pair some punching bags with one of these, a  

Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag 100lb 

Best outdoor punching bags everlast hydro strike

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This is a small but incredibly durable heavy bag for practicing your reflexes and working on your muscles in the long run. If you’re looking for a good outdoor punching bag that’s great for your endurance, this one is a solid choice! 

It holds up to 12 gallons of water, and once full it weighs 100 pounds. This is great for your muscle work, since you’re going to be practicing your impact on a very solid target. It’s got a durable exterior, and the ability to fill it once it’s installed makes it a lot easier to set up. 

The added bonus of using a water filled bag like this is that it helps absorb the shock of punching impact more effectively than more solid alternatives. This can give you an advantage so you can work on your punches without degrading your wrists over time. 


  • Heavy weight for simulating punch impact 
  • Provides a safer level of absorption with each strike 
  • Features a durable ring at the top for installation 


  • Comes with a chain, but not a mount

Cleto Reyes Nylon-Canvas Heavy Bag 

Nylon-canvas mix heavy outdoor boxing bag

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Although it arrives unfilled, this nylon and canvas mixed bag is durable and easy to set up. It comes in a bright red color, but provides you with ample striking surface that can also stand up to the elements. While it is a strong bag, I would personally recommend a semi-permanent installation for this punching bag. 

Luckily however, it comes with a series of 3 steel and canvas straps at the top, which makes it easy to remove should you so desire. 

It’s only 23 pounds out of the box, which makes this thing easy to hoist up. This gives you the option to fill the bag once it’s hung up. The length makes it great for a comprehensive contact workout involving kicks, punches and whatever else you can throw at it. 


  • Simple straps and rings for hanging on an outdoor hook or hanger 
  • Can fill with whatever material you prefer 
  • Coated canvas is ideal for inclimate weather 


  • You have to fill it yourself, although there is a higher priced option for a prefilled bag 

Fairtex 7Ft Muay Thai Bag 

Punching bag for outdoor use all weather

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This highly durable ‘pole’ style bag is a great candidate for hanging outdoors, since it repels water and can seriously take a beating. It comes in a black faux leather material which is completely water resistant, and even tear proof. 

It’s shipped unfilled, so you will have to provide your own punching bag filling. That being said though, it really stands up to the task at hand when it comes to martial arts. It’s ideal for Muay Thai practice, where you need to combine legwork and arms across a long surface that absorbs blows well. 

There are a set of nylon straps and hanging hooks that come with it, although it does not include a chain. 


  • 7-ft long design ideal for Muay Thai practice 
  • Water resistant faux leather material 
  • Absorbs shock well by distributing force across a large surface 


  • This bag may not be suitable for traditional boxing practice

XN8 5Ft Punching Bag 

5Ft punching bag designed for outdoor isntallation

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Available in both 5 and 4 foot lengths, this punching bag is the all-around versatile model that you’d get a lot of use from if your focus is throwing punches outside in the sun. 

It’s a heavy-duty bag that comes with a durable and water repellent material construction. The mounting system is really where this bag shines, though. It comes with a chain support system at the top, with 4 s-hooks connecting it to the bag on one end, and a swivel mounted ring on the top. This means it will remain stable when it’s hung up, so you can focus on your workout.  

And last but not least, it even comes with its own set of punching mitts with ventilation, adjusting straps for fit and a leather material. 


  • Included punching mitts if you’re just getting started 
  • Reliable s-hook and swivel mounted ring hanging system 
  • Perfect size and construction for kickboxing workouts 


  • Shouldn’t be left out all year round, but is easy to take down from the mount. 

HOPWELL Heavy Duty Kickboxing Bag 

Heavy Duty kickboxing bag for use outdoors

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This dedicated kickboxing bag arrives unfilled, which allows you to use your preferred material and lowers the cost to make it a really decent value. Especially if you’re looking for your first outdoor punching bag! 

This bag makes the list thanks to its hanging design, including a heavy duty chain system that uses carabiners to attach it to steel rings on the top of the bag, and an easy-to-install loop on the top. 

The top of the bag features a zipper-access flap where you can insert the filling from. Between that and the steel carabiner system, hanging this thing up is a breeze. Overall it’s a great multipurpose punching bag that’s great for your training routine. 


  • Leather exterior that repels moisture well 
  • Steel chain and carabiner hanging system for easy setup 
  • Durable and great for a wide variety of workouts 


  • Zipper flap at the top could let in moisture, so it’s recommended to use a cover if possible