Best Outdoor Push Broom

Getting rid of dirt and debris around your house is one thing, but trying to get that same level  of efficiency outdoors is quite the challenge. Doubly so, when you want to try and use the same tools for a different job entirely. Believe it or not, there are a series of brooms designed specifically for sweeping up outside. Whether you need to sweep aside dirt, lawn trimmings, food, debris and even snow, an outdoor push broom will do the trick. Here we’re going to review the best outdoor push broom to help you keep things neat and tidy and ready for guests! Outdoor areas are a fantastic place to relax, and while vacuuming and dusting is much less of a concern than it is indoors, you still want to keep your surfaces generally free of dirt and debris. 

How to Find the Best Outdoor Push Broom: Top Models Reviewed 

Push brooms are the fast-track to a clean deck, at least when you’re talking about little bits and pieces of yard trimmings, onions from last night’s cookout and of course the regular host of dit pieces collected from the yard. Here we’re going to review a bunch of models of outdoor-friendly push brooms so you don’t have to end up with a case of buyer’s remorse, or worse, a dirty deck or patio. Tsk tsk. Fear not, fellow patio lover. First things first, though, we’re going to talk a little bit about what makes a good outdoor broom. 

Can you use Any Broom Outdoors?

You’re on to something there, but you will definitely be disappointed if you try and use your handy red kitchen broom to sweep your back deck or patio. Here’s why. While the bristles are synthetic, they’re still probably going to get plucked out by the crevices of your deck. And worse yet, they’re still prone to fraying at the end. Another point, the thing that makes those kitchen and non porous surfaces brooms so handy for cleaning the inside of your home, is exactly what makes them a poor choice for an outdoor broom. Let me explain why. 

The bristles on an indoor broom are very tightly bunched together, or compact in nature. The reason for this is that they’re designed to help you clean up every little piece of smooshed up Goldfish cracker and dog hair you could possibly come across. 

That makes them a great choice for cleaning your kitchen! That being said, the compact nature of the bristles on these things, (and sometimes the included dust-pads made from sponge you can find in the center of them), will get absolutely torn to shreds on your outdoor surfaces. Take it from me, save the life of your handy kitchen sweeper and opt for the right tool for the task at hand. 

What’s the Best Broom for Your Patio? 

We’ll use the notion of a concrete patio here as the litmus test for what’s going to make for a good outdoor broom. Why? You ask. Simply put, a standard concrete, wood or stone patio is going to put the absolute most wear and tear on your outdoor broom possible. 

First things first, Polypropylene is one of the most essential compounds you’ll find in the make of a good outdoor broom. Not to be too much of a nerd, but quite frankly the molded nature of this compound makes it perfect for standing up to more than just a little wear and tear. Indoor brooms use thin plastic components, as well as thin aluminum shafts which we all know can break and bend just by looking at them the wrong way. Strong bristles, especially those that are textured, rippled or weaved are also a great touch. These stand up to being brushed over concrete and other unforgiving outdoor surfaces around your property. Don’t get left in the dust, and opt for a broom that’s actually going to stand the test of time, and really get all of that debris off of your patio, porch or deck. 

All of that being said, we’re going to hope right into some reviews of the best outdoor push brooms to help you find the right model to suit your needs. 

Heavy Duty Push Broom for Walkways 

TreeLen 18 Inch Push Broom for Outdoors 

Best outdoor push broom heavy duty for walkways

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This is one of the most versatile outdoor brooms you can find, and it’s perfectly suited to stand up to those same elements that are making your patio and outdoor walkways a dingey mess. Seriously, this broom can tear through matted down leaves, mud and even wet sand to give your spaces a refreshing clean as regularly as you need. 

Even water stains, sitting water and mud don’t stand a chance against this thing. What’s good about this model is that it’s specially designed to tackle debris and messes on rough outdoor surfaces, such as your patio and walkways. Whether it be concrete, stone, or brick surfaces, the tough synthetic bristles of this 18” broom will tear through dirt and grime.

The Best Outdoor Broom for Leaves and Dirt 

Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi Surface Outdoor Broom 

Best outdoor broom for leaves and dirt on concrete

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This highly capable outdoor push broom is a great choice for clearing leaves, dirt and grass quickly and without hardly any hassle. It also stows away nicely. One feature you won’t find in every model, this convenient clip-on system allows the broom head to clip straight onto the handle for easy storage either on an outdoor patio storage unit, garage or shed. Once you’re ready to break this thing out, the leaves, dirt and twigs don’t stand a chance. 

First of all, we love the wide head on this broom. They don’t call it the Bulldozer for nothing, the extra-wide 24-Inch head tackles overflowing pieces of mulch, leaves and grass with less effort than competing models. The solid wood handle means that you can rely on the construction of this broom to not fall apart should it get wedged into a crevice somewhere on your outdoor surfaces. Here’s the thing, wooden handle brooms allow some degree of flexibility, or give, to stand up to your outdoor spaces.  The wide head is capable of pushing more debris out of the way at once, meaning you can take less time cleaning and more relaxing out on the patio or back deck. 

The Best Outdoor Push Broom for Mud and Grime 

Blade Sweep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Push Broom 

18 inch heavy duty push broom for outdoors

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The blade sweeper takes heavy duty to a whole new level. This broom is exactly what you need to deal with caked-on, dry mud. These can wreak havoc on your outdoor spaces and surfaces, especially stone and concrete. If you want to seriously deal with your patio slabs, this is exactly the push broom for the job. The shaft is a fiberglass construction and is the perfect housing for the heavy-duty scraper on this thing. The real selling point of this broom is without a doubt the stainless screen industrial-grade scraper. To deal with all of the mud and grime that can accumulate on your outdoor surfaces, all you have to do is flip this broom around to expose the business end of this tool. 

The stainless steel scraper will easily cut through just about any level of dried dirt, all the way from caked on clumps of mud and grass, to dog poop and or even just the odd leaves that have been matted down by rain. This tool is essential for getting things tidied up the way they should be; free of stuck-on yard trimmings and mud. The bristles themselves are incredibly long, yet quite stiff which makes them ideal for removing everything once you’ve managed to loosen it up with the blade side. 

The Best Stiff Bristle Outdoor Push Broom for Small Particles 

Stiff bristle broom for cleaning up small particles of dirt

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I know what you’re thinking right off the bat, ‘doesn’t this broom break one of our cardinal rules about a good outdoor broom?’ Well, astute reader, you’ll take note of the fact that while the bristles on this broom head are indeed densely packed, they have widely separated points from which they’re mounted. In other words, while this broom does have a ton of densely packed bristles for cleaning out every nook and cranny of your deck or patio, it still manages to avoid getting damaged fairly easily. The bristles are tough, rigid and won’t fray at the first sight of a gap or a notch in the wood. 

We love this model, since it’s like a toothbrush for your deck or patio. What do I mean by that? Simply put, the densely packed bristles on this thing easily tear through the granular nooks and surface of a rough concrete surface, such as a stone or concrete patio, and easily loosen up and carry away finite pieces of debris. That being said, it doesn’t shy away from grass or leaves either. 

These were some of the best outdoor push brooms we could find on the market. They were chosen as such for their versatility, solid construction and ability to tear through dirt and grime just about anywhere it might find itself on your outdoor surfaces. Do you have any experience with cleaning an outdoor patio, deck or porch? Let us and other readers down below in the comments know what you have to say about having a good outdoor broom! 

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