Best Outdoor Quilt

When the weather starts to cool off while you’re outside it can be tempting to come in. Especially if you were dressed for warmer daytime weather. Having the best outdoor quilt on hand, though, can make things more comfortable. Here’s some of our favourites.

Best Outdoor Quilt

Outdoor quilts are great to have around during the spring, summer, and fall. Especially if you live in an area that cools off in the evening or is prone to temperature dips during the day. There’s nothing worse than having to turn in earlier than planned because everyone’s freezing!

Warming up by campfire or fire table isn’t always possible, but having a few quilts handy on the patio are perfect for yourself or guests to stay warm in cooler temperatures. They’re also great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. 

Finally, keeping an outdoor quilt in your vehicle is good all year ‘round. Should something happen, an emergency blanket can keep you warm until help arrives even in freezing temperatures.

What Are Outdoor Quilts Made From?

When looking for outdoor blankets you’ll probably see a lot of glorified picnic blankets. That is, ones that are soft on one side and waterproof on the other. While those can be handy to keep around, especially if you want something you can also sit on, they’re not always the best outdoor quilts.

Other types of outdoor quilts are fleece, down filled, sherpa, or made of wool. Wool especially is a great material for outdoor blankets – it’s no wonder that it’s been used historically for so long.

Whether you opt for natural materials or synthetic, though, there are so many great quilts that will keep you warm outside. 

Where to Use Outdoor Quilts

  • Outside in your backyard on the deck or patio
  • To keep warmer around the fire pit
  • Camping or hiking
  • On a picnic
  • At sporting events/games and music festivals
  • To sit on outside at the park or beach
  • On boats or other open air transportation where you might get chilly

Fleece Outdoor Blankets

Fleece Best Outdoor Quilt to warm up

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Fleece is a great material for outdoor blankets because it’s super soft and lightweight. Even if you’re wearing shorts it feels nice on the skin, which is perfect when you’re covering up in the evening after being dressed for sunny weather all day.

I also find that my fleece blankets dry quickly if I leave them outside in the rain, and usually are pretty durable to withstand being left outside. The only downside is that most are light and might blow easily in the wind (or blow away)! 


  • Lightweight and portable – easily fits into a bag or backpack
  • Super soft
  • Dries quickly when wet


  • Not as heavy as other blankets so it may get picked up by the wind
  • Dark colours could fade if left in the sun

Smyrna Original Turkish Throw Blanket

Smyrna authentic Turkish throw for warming up by the bonfire

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Turkish throws are super trendy, especially if you’re going for a modern or boho style look on your patio. A little bit heavier than synthetics, this blanket is made from 100% cotton.

One thing that I like about this design specifically is that it’s multi functional. You could easily use it as a picnic blanket, throw, table cloth, yoga mat, or decorative accent inside or outdoors. The tassels also add a bit of style and texture, too.


  • Super stylish, especially with the combination of colours and design
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Made in Turkey (so it’s authentic)


  • On the smaller side
  • Cotton isn’t as soft on the skin as other materials like fleece
  • Light colours could be prone to staining outdoors

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Wool military blanket for the patio

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You really can’t go wrong with wool when it comes to outdoor blankets. Hardy and heavy, there isn’t much to worry about when leaving your wool blankets out on the patio all season long. 

The biggest downside to wool blankets is that they are quite heavy, so you probably don’t want to take them around too much. This one is a bit better for that since it’s only 80% wool – which fixes some of the issues of weight and texture that normally turns people off pure wool products. 


  • Great sized blanket, especially for guys
  • A nice combination of natural wool fibres and synthetic to make it softer
  • Very warm and comfortable


  • Natural wool is prone to needing extra care, especially when washing
  • Heavier blankets aren’t a portable

Outdoor Packable Down Camping Blanket

Blanket with down for keeping warm on summer evenings

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This might not be the softest blanket to put against your skin, but it definitely makes it for it by being super lightweight and easy to clean. It’s probably the best outdoor quilt for taking to the beach or on picnics, but also super handy to bring out when the temperature dips at home.

One thing that’s really cool about this blanket is the snaps on it. You can close it around yourself in different ways, and it folds up for travel too. When folded the travel bag is super small! 


  • Very compact and easy to bring along when folded 
  • Snaps make it stay on your body when you’re sitting up (like a shall)
  • Comfortable and keeps you warm


  • Fairly small, you likely won’t be able to cover your whole body with this outdoor quilt
  • Folding to fit in the travel bag can take a minute
  • Material isn’t very soft on the skin (polyester)

Handcrafted Large Mexican Blankets

Large Mexican blanket with unique pattern

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Like the survival wool blanket, mexican blankets are also a traditional mainstay when it comes to outdoor quilts. These ones are made from 100% recycled synthetic materials, which is better for the environment than other synthetic blankets.

They’re pretty stylish, but keep in mind that these aren’t quite the same as authentic blankets of the same name. Since they’re made from acrylic and polyester, these blankets will do well sitting outside on your deck all summer long.


  • Comes in a variety of trendy colours to choose from
  • Great for wrapping around yourself or sitting on
  • Price is good so you won’t be worried about wrecking it during outdoor use


  • Quite lightweight, including some gaps in the weave which means it’s not going to keep you as warm as other more solid blankets
  • Plasticy fibres are not as soft as natural ones

Oceas Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket

Waterproof sherpa blanket for camping

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If you’re looking for the best soft outdoor quilt, sherpa is definitely the way to go. This one is perfect for outside because it’s waterproof on one side and super plush on the other. You can easily use it to wrap up in or to lay under you when relaxing outside.

One thing that makes this blanket good is that the polyester backing helps keep the wind and rain off you when you’re stuck in bad weather. There’s also a carrying case and it folds up pretty well – although you may not want it folded up much!


  • Very soft and comfortable on the sherpa side
  • Wind and water resistant (protects you from both when you’re wrapped up in this blanket)
  • Large enough to fit comfortably over you, lay on, or even share


  • Light weight blankets aren’t good for keeping outside on the patio because they can blow away
  • While it’s a good size, it would be nice if you could order a larger size

What is the Best Outdoor Quilt?

While I personally love all of these blankets, I absolutely recommend the Oceas Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket as the best outdoor quilt.

First of all, nothing beats how soft sherpa is on the skin. Secondly, I love the waterproof and dirt proof backing that makes this blanket so versatile. You can easily take it camping, bring it as a picnic blanket, or lay it out on the beach.

When the weather changes to cold, wrapping up in this blanket is both comfortable (especially if you’re wearing shorts or swimwear) and the polyester backing protects you from the wind or rain. 

That being said, if you want something to leave out on your patio all summer long then I would go with something like the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket, the Handcrafted Large Mexican Blanket, or the Smyrna Original Turkish throw.

These are all great, comfortable options for blankets that are durable to withstand the weather and heavy enough to stay where you leave them.

Last (but not least!), the Outdoor Packable Down Camping Blanket and the Fleece Outdoor Blankets win hands down for portability. Whether it’s covering up during a chilly sports game or something to take travelling, these blankets are easy to care for and get the job done.

Best Outdoor Quilt – Final Thoughts

Choosing the best outdoor quilt for yourself really depends on how you’re going to use it and what your preferences are. Some people hate the feeling of wool, others want a blanket that fits their decor.

All of the quilts on this list were chosen because they work great outside, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.