Best Outdoor Rugs for Balcony Use

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

There are a lot of different rug styles, shapes, and materials out there – so how do you pick the one that’s best for you? Let us help you decide with our list of best outdoor rugs for balcony use.

How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Balcony


Look for rugs that are made of materials that are durable enough to be used outdoors, like all of the outdoor rugs for balcony use on this list. 

Polypropylene is probably the most popular outdoor rug material because it’s super durable. Essentially woven plastic, these rugs don’t retain moisture and hold up extremely well to all types of weather. Most resist fading, and can be left outside year round. Cleaning is usually done with a hose or soap and water.

Cotton also makes a great material for outdoor rugs. Although it will hold water, it is usually pretty durable and most cotton rugs can also be washed in a regular washing machine or by hand. 

Polyester isn’t usually found on its own, but when blended with cotton you can keep that natural fibre feeling while still getting some of the durability and water wicking benefits of synthetic fibers. 

The material you pick will depend on your personal preference, but you should also consider how sheltered your balcony is too. If it doesn’t get very wet or windy, cotton is probably fine, even if you don’t have a washing machine.

For rainy or snowy weather, though, consider a woven plastic rug instead if you don’t want to bring the cotton inside during inclement weather.


Balconies vary in size, and so do the rugs that you put on them. Maybe you’re super lucky and can fit a larger rug in the space. If your balcony is on the smaller size, though, make sure you measure before buying something.

You should also think about how you want the rug to fill the area. Should it cover the entire balcony, or are you looking for an accent rug? 


Rectangular rugs are usually best for balconies since that’s the most common balcony shape. Depending on how narrow the space is you might be better off with a “runner” style rug. 

There are also square rugs out there, and even round or oval options too.

The Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Balcony: Our Picks

USTIDE Cotton Rug Black & Cream Boho Rag Rug

USTIDE Cotton Rug Black&Cream Boho Rag Rug Washable Farmhouse Bath Tassel Rug Doormat Hand Woven Fringe Rug Chindi Rug 2’×3’

This cotton boho style rug is perfect for balconies of any size. You can get a bunch of different size options ranging from a tiny 2’x3’ all the way up to 4’x6’! The runner style is good for narrow balconies, too.

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I like cotton because it has a weight to it, and it makes the space feel cozier. This rug is machine washable, which is handy if it gets dirty. Of course that might be a pain if you do laundry at the laundromat, so keep that in mind before buying. You could also wash it by hand too, though.


  • Machine washable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Cotton rugs have weight to so they stay put easier
  • Soft


  • Slow to dry if soaked
  • Could fade in direct sunlight
  • Hard to clean if you don’t have good access to a washing machine

Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug

Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug - Waterproof, Fade Resistant, Crease-Free - Premium Recycled Plastic - Tribal Boho Neutral - Porch, Deck, Balcony, Hallway, Poolside - Kilimanjaro - Black - 2.5 x 8 ft Runner

I love reversible rugs! If you get bored of one side you can easily flip it over and change up the look. The same goes for if one side gets stained or faded, although this rug shouldn’t be too prone to colour changes even in the sun.

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Since it’s made from woven recycled plastic you get the durability of plastic while keeping a similar look to a woven straw rug. Water just runs through it so it dries super quick, and it cleans easily with a hose or wet cloth.


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Reversible pattern
  • Comes in a variety of sizes so you can get one that fits your balcony


  • Not a lot of size options for small balconies
  • Lightweight, so make sure you have something to hold it down if wind is a problem in your area (although this rug does lay flat pretty well)

Conscience Trading Artificial Grass

Conscience Trading Artificial Grass 0.8' Outdoor Rug Synthetic Fake Turf Lawn for Patio,Balcony,Pet Mat,Indoor/Outdoor Decor 0.8inch High (5FT X 8FT(40 SF))

Just because you don’t have a yard it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sitting on the grass! Even if it is artificial. This artificial turf is actually really nice, and even feels good on bare feet. 

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This rug stays down so you don’t have to worry much about movement. There’s also drainage holes so water is able to escape if your balcony doesn’t have an overhang. You can also cut it to make a custom fit, which is great if you want to cover the whole area.


  • Good for pets
  • Can be cut down to fit
  • Grass is soft, not prickly
  • Easy to clean


  • Grass isn’t very tall, so it definitely looks more like a rug than real grass
  • No 4’x9’ size for standard balconies

Uphome Indoor Outdoor Rug

Uphome Indoor Outdoor Rug 4' x 6' Gray Farmhouse Patio Rug Hand Woven Moroccan Cotton Area Rug Modern Boho Geometric Machine Washable Carpet for Entryway Bedroom Living Room

I love how modern and trendy this rug looks. It’s made for indoor and outdoor use, and you really could use it in both. Which is great if you like a stylish balcony that’s an extension of your home or apartment’s living space.

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This one’s made from a cotton and synthetic blend so you get the comfort and weight of cotton but the longevity of polyester and viscose. (Viscose is a type of rayon and used as a silk substitute.)


  • Blend of materials for a great weight and feeling
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Machine washable


  • On the thinner side and can easily blow in the wind if not secured
  • No backing, so it slides easily (fix this by adding a rubber anti-slip mat underneath)
  • Colours are less vibrant in person than they are in the pictures

Grey Geometric Indoor Outdoor Rug

Well Woven Kings Court Brooklyn Trellis Modern Grey Geometric Lattice 2' x 3' Mat Accent Indoor/Outdoor Rug

I love the sizes available for this rug so I had to include it in our best outdoor rugs for balcony use. It’s made from polypropylene to mimic a woven look that’s super durable and great for leaving outdoors year round.

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The geometric pattern should go well with most décor styles. Since it’s darker you shouldn’t have to worry about stains as much, either. Of course this rug is also washable either with soap and water or a garden hose.


  • Balcony-friendly size options
  • Durable material that’s easy to keep clean
  • Dries quickly if it gets wet


  • Real-life colours don’t quite match the photos, but it’s still nice
  • Light weight, so make sure it can’t blow off the balcony
  • Takes a couple days to flatten after you roll it out

Which of These Outdoor Rugs for Balcony Use is the Best?

Normally I’d recommend the synthetic outdoor rugs, but since it’s for a balcony they’re not as necessary. After all, most balconies have some kind of overhang that shelters you from the elements.

Since a balcony is normally used as an extension of the living area, you can go a bit trendier with your rug.  Balconies are also not typically high traffic areas and you usually aren’t tracking dirt and other backyard debris on to them.

For that reason the UTSIDE cotton rug is my pick as the best outdoor rug for balcony use.

It has the perfect mix of good quality, trendy design, and affordability. Personally, I like cotton rugs because they feel nicer on your feet – but this one is also pretty durable, too. It almost feels more like a throw blanket than a rug (in a good way).

If it does get dirty you can spot clean it or vacuum, and big messes can be washed out in a washing machine. Although that’s not always practical when living in an apartment without a washing machine, your balcony also isn’t a very dirty place so skating it off or vacuuming should be fine.

One downside is that this rug can slip, so depending on how slick your balcony is (and how much walking you do) you might want to add an anti-slip mat underneath. Otherwise, though, it looks cute even just thrown out when guests are coming!

The artificial grass rug does get an honourable mention, though. It’s completely different from most rugs and is really nice if you want to give your balcony a more backyard feel. It’s also good for pets and even kids who need a bit of extra padding. 

Of course, all of these rugs are great for patio use! It’s just about what kind of outdoor rug suits your needs. 

Best Outdoor Rugs for Balcony Use – Final Thoughts

Putting a rug on your balcony is a great way to dress it up and make the space feel more cozy. If you live somewhere with a lot of wind, though, make sure your rug is secured by placing a weight (like your furniture) on it so it can’t blow off. 

When shopping for outdoor rugs for balcony use, make sure you check the sizes before buying. A lot of rugs are designed for patios and large spaces, so they might not fit a narrow patio. Happy rug hunting!

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