Best Outdoor Speaker for Google Home

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Blow the top off of your next outdoor party with a speaker that you don’t have to babysit all night long! Let your Google Home play DJ while you get back to owning the dance floor, or making yourself the life of the party. If you haven’t guessed already, these reviews are for the best outdoor speakers for Google Home. We’re going to review some of the best speakers available that are Google Home compatible for maximum hands-free enjoyment of your favorite music, (podcasts?), or whatever else you’d like to put on blast while you’re outdoors! First though, we’ll dive into some basic information on what you need to take into consideration before buying an outdoor wireless speaker

What is the Best Outdoor Speaker for Google Home 

Whether it’s for a yard party, intimate patio gathering or just a fun evening on the deck, there are speakers out there that are perfectly capable of hooking up to your Google Home connected devices to deliver convenient, hands-free enjoyment of your favorite artists. Whether you want to put Spotify on blast from the pool, or just change songs or artists without having to fumble with your phone, these speakers will be a great match! 

On top of that, we’re going to focus on speakers that are completely waterproof. That way, you can enjoy these outdoors with the peace of mind knowing that they’ll be able to sustain a little splash from the pool, or even sudden rainfall. Take them to the lake, or wherever else you’d like! That being said, we’ll also cover outdoor models that are better for installing by your porch or deck, but rest assured there’s something out there for everyone.  

Which Speakers are Compatible With Google Home? 

If you’re wondering which speakers you can get away with using Google Home functionality, you don’t have to look very far. Most bluetooth speakers are capable of connecting to your Google Home ecosystem. That way, you can wirelessly play music, with some models even supporting a voice speaker mode if you need to get everyone’s attention! All of the models featured in these reviews are compatible with Google Home, since they’re equipped with Bluetooth functionality out of the box! There are, however, a few other things you should take into consideration. 

What to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Speaker 

There’s plenty of different kinds of speakers out there, but we’re going to focus on small portable bluetooth speakers that should be able to connect to Google Home without much trouble. The reason being is so you can enjoy your favorite music any way you’d like! Taking these speakers from the deck, to the beach and everywhere in between is the goal, with each of them providing excellent sound quality, as well as a host of other features that will make your listening experience all the more exciting. Let’s dive into some product reviews for the best outdoor speakers for Google Home below! 

The Most Versatile Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for Google Home 

DBSOARS LED Flame Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

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A 2 pack of speakers, are these too good to be true? You’d be surprised to find out that they’re actually fairly highly rated, and loved by us for their ambiance and sound projection. If you want to get the party started, and keep it going these speakers are a fantastic option! They come equipped with Bluetooth functionality right out of the box and once connected to each other, should be able connect to your Google Home devices for hands-free listening wherever you choose to use them! Why are they the most versatile? They come with a hanging hook, wall mount and garden stake option for each speaker! And, the dancing flame makes these speakers an atmospheric addition to your outdoor oasis. 

The Best Outdoor Speakers For Google Home With Lots of Bass 

DINDIN Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Lights 

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Packed full of features, this highly capable outdoor speaker does a lot more than just simply play music. It’s easily the wireless speaker in our list of reviews with the most amount of bass power, featuring two included double subwoofers for a rich, deep bass range. The design is on a whole different level, with a handle, onboard controls and a set of LED lights that add something special to the party. This thing even has an FM radio, can act as a loudspeaker and comes with a remote control. Two tweeters and two subwoofers make this a speaker that you shouldn’t write off quickly, since it has such a decent range of sounds. The bluetooth functionality means that you should be able to connect it to Google Home equipped devices easily, too. 

The Best Quality Outdoor Speakers for Google Home 

Bose SoundLink Color II: Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 

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Capable of connecting to Google Home equipped devices, including your smartphone, this speaker represents the top of the line model for outdoor wireless speakers. Since it is such a high quality device, you can expect to hear some rich high’s and lows, bringing a whole new life to some of your favorite music without worrying about the elements. Speaking of, this speaker is totally waterproof, equipped with IPX4 level of water resistance. This speaker has a bold range of sound that is deep, and will breathe life into small and medium sized gatherings on its own with ease. A built-in speaker also sets it apart, as well as Google Home connectability by design from the manufacturer. Enjoy the lovely, crisp stereo sound of this wireless outdoor bluetooth speaker with family and friends! 

The Best Value Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for Google Home 

AmazonBasics Portable Outdoor Speaker 

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I know what you’re thinking. ‘An own-brand wireless speaker?’ Seriously, this speaker by the AmazonBasics line stands up to the competition with a rugged yet simplistic design, family functioning bluetooth capability, and a decent range of sounds. It also has fairly good bluetooth range on it, connecting to your phone or Google Home equipped device up to 33 feet away. The exterior is completely waterproof, and provides you with the peace of mind that you can take the party with you wherever you want. This little speaker also features handy on board controls for volume, and pairing. The power source is a rechargeable internal battery, which charges via an included cord. We love this speaker for the incredible value, paired with the level of quality you can come to expect from most AmazonBasics products.  

Lantern-Style Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for Google Home 

Olafus Lantern Style Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers 2 Pack

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This 2 pack of speakers is a great way to combine ambiance and sound quality to deliver a memorable listening experience when paired with your Google Home ecosystem. Great for everything from camping to backyard BBQ’s, patio parties and everything in between, this pair of speakers is a fantastic option! It made our list of reviews for a few key reasons, the first being the incredible style they bring to the table with a set of color changing LED mood lights that can pulse to add some truly incredible character to your deck party. 

These are also really versatile, with an included loop on top to hook onto anything around your deck, as well as a sturdy base. The pair of speakers connects with one another to project a wide range of sound around your deck or patio that’s enhanced by the hands-free experience offered by Google Home connectivity. If desired, you could even connect a fair few more of these, up to 200 in fact for a range of sound that can cover your entire property if you desire. They’re totally waterproof, and can last for 20 hours off of one charge. We love these outdoor wireless speakers for their atmospheric design, connectivity and sound quality. 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best outdoor speakers for Google Home! These speakers are a fun way to bring a whole new life into your parties and gatherings with ease. Which one of these speakers caught your eye? Also, if you have any experience connecting bluetooth devices to Google Home, share your knowledge with other readers down below to add something to the conversation, we’d love to hear from you!