Best Outdoor Speakers for a Deck

Summer is slowly giving us hope and promises to finally be able to get outside and make the most out of the gorgeous weather, so if you have plans to go camping, hiking, trailing, and or road trips, don’t forget to pick up the best outdoor wireless speaker! Let’s explore some of the best outdoor wireless speakers for any activity you’re pursuing, and trust me when I say a speaker makes a world a difference even in a sad office or retail store.

The Best Outdoor Speakers for a Deck: Reviewed

Music has been at the heart of humanity, it’s so intrinsic that we’ve developed instruments and tunes to socialize and participate with others. Imagine for a moment if you had to pull out a trombone or guitar everytime you wanted to listen to the latest hit. Fortunately, many great speakers make life easier, so you can focus on the immediate and leave the rest to your ears, but with greater portability and battery life, you don’t need to sit near a power outlet or a loud generator. 

Some of the greatest outdoor speakers on this list have an amazing energy consumption in comparison to it’s decibel output. But what exactly qualifies them to be the best outdoor wireless speaker? Let’s ask some basic questions:

Q: Is bluetooth or AUX more important when selecting a speaker?

A: That depends. Most phones support bluetooth, however having an outdoor speaker with aux capabilities isn’t a bad idea in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

Q: How heavy should the speakers be?

A: Generally it depends on the type of speakers you are purchasing, and what use they’ll have. Permanent or stationary speakers for backyards are built differently than portable speakers.

Q: Are outdoor speakers that are waterproof worth it? Will they be in the rain?

A:  If you are planning on keeping them outside, waterproof casing should be a requirement. If they do not work as advertised, check the manufacturer and return / refund policies

What are the best portable outdoor speakers?

INSMY Portable Bluetooth Speakers

INSMY Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best outdoor speakers for a deck

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Light, compact and contemporarily designed, the INSMY speaker will be perfect if you want to have combined mobility and professional grade sound quality. There’s three things that immediately stand out aside from the humble color choices, and that is the battery, bass, and waterproof ability.

The INSMY Portable Bluetooth speakers are worthy competitors to take the title of the best outdoor speakers. What I find most interesting about this product is it’s inherent ability to float in water, so if it’s pool parties, this would make the perfect product!


  • Waterproof (Can float!)
  • Bass boosted stereo
  • Great battery life (up to 24)
  • Quite Durable for its size


  • May have trouble pairing if too many devices nearby
  • Buttons have delayed reactions sometimes

JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL clip small personal sized bluetooth speaker for outdoors

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With many colors to choose from, the JBL Clip 3 is a fun-sized speaker ready for the next adventure. Its minimalistic style and sound to size performance will be clipping it onto your backpack in no time. The JBL 3 is waterproof, while its cousin, the JBL 4 is larger, waterproof and provides a greater battery life. Depending on what you’ll be doing, you should totally look at these price conscious speakers. 

However, if you’re looking for a small and portable speaker, there are many great speakers. What separates the JBL 3 from the rest is the built-in microphone. With an included microphone you can take full advantage of virtual assistant and voice commands.

The other option is the JBL 4, which admittedly has less colors but makes up in its rich sound quality. Both speakers can be paired to any smartphone, however, they need to be updated to the latest versions. To get the best longevity out of any device, make sure to have them updated to the latest firmware to reduce the potential for error.


  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in Microphone


  • Require additional software updates for best performance
  • Not heavy duty

The Wireless portable PA Speaker System 700 W Battery Powered

Wireless PA system for use outdoors on the patio

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An absolute unit of a speaker, the Pyle PA Speaker has an entire 12’’ subwoofer system for the most intense purposes. At a glance this looks like any other speaker you’d find, but upon closer inspection you notice it is powered entirely by a 700 W battery, making it a perfect mix between portability and power.

Having many different inputs, many additional settings can be configured and controlled such as the echo, bass adjustments, and even containing a guitar jack. There’s even a mode to record the music, so if it’s a karaoke night this makes the perfect system for parties. A wireless microphone is included that is used on the VHF bands, so the chance for RF interference is less than the conventional radio bands.

List of included items:

  • PA Speaker
  • Wireless handheld microphone
  • Speaker stand
  • Remote control
  • Audio cable
  • Power cable

For the price it’s listed for ($123.95), it actually provides more than the typical PA systems do, and unless you’re looking for concert-level professional audio, this is a great price for and amazing outdoor speaker.


  • Portable and powerful
  • Wireless capabilities (Bluetooth)
  • Many options


  • Heavier than other outdoor speakers

The best non portable outdoor speakers for a deck

The Olafus outdoor bluetooth speakers (2 Pack)

The Olafus outdoor bluetooth speaker 2 pack for installing

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If you’re looking for speakers that will stay only at your backyard, stage or cabin, the Olafus outdoor bluetooth speakers will manage to provide all the music you need, with up to 20 hours of playtime wireless, however it can be plugged to a constant power source.

The speakers can be hung or placed near areas of interest with ease. If you’re an admirer of LED colors like I am, you will love the Olafus outdoor speaker. The colors change with a timer (2h, 4h, 8h intervals) and have up to 8 different colors.

Taking all of these features into perspective, and the ability to connect with bluetooth for wireless control, and you have yourself a pretty awesome outdoor speaker.


  • Colorful and bright
  • 5.8 GHz wifi frequency
  • Multiple units can be paired in unison


  • Battery life not as long
  • More expensive

PDWR50B Dual Waterproof outdoor speaker from Pyle

Pyle waterproof dual speaker system for entertaining on your deck

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Another excellent option if you prefer the original speaker look are the PDWR50B / PDWR50W, which Available in either black or white. The speakers can either be mounted, or attached to the ceiling. To make installation easier, they come with a unique spring loaded system with 500 Watt power supply in both models to make sure of their volume.

These make for great products because of their ability to remain water resistant, which at this point is a given with outdoor speakers, but what really makes this one of the best outdoor speakers is the removable Rust Proof mesh grills, which is an interesting catch considering most speakers are hard to clean.


  • Easy installation
  • Ability to clean with rust proof mesh girl
  • Great price!


  • Require an additional amplifier for best results
  • Long cables not included.

Yamaha NS-AW350W All-Weather Indoor / Outdoor 2-way speakers.

Yamaha All-weather 2-way speakers for playing music on your deck

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Yamaha is known for its great audio products, and with its all-weather speakers, the Yamaha NS-AW350W speakers rule in terms of sound quality and mechanical functionality. With the ability of 2-way speakers, you can communicate back and forth between two parties, one inside and the other outside. Did I mention how great the sound quality was? Yamaha has two 6.5’’ high compliance polypropylene Mica Filled Woofers that echo in quality

To make things even more convenient, there’s 5-way binding straps that will make the installation of these speakers in a matter of minutes. 

Since Yamaha is so explicitly forward with their high quality speaker, they have an awesome warranty program in the event their product does not meet your standards (I’m sure this one will!)


  • high compliance polypropylene Mica
  • 2-way indoor / outdoor speakers


  • Not wireless

So, what really is the best speaker for a deck?

Before we pick what the best speakers are, we have to be cognizant that there are two groups of speakers that cannot merely be compared. If you’re looking to do some outdoor traveling, and you need a quick but effective solution to the type of speaker you need, I would personally go with something a little more mobile and something that I don’t have to charge as often.

If you’re looking for the most impressive and cost effective outdoor speaker for something like a backyard project, a pool party, or for a garage gym, then I would definitely look at something you’re comfortable with looking at. For aesthetics, it’s not a cookie cutter answer, but if something catches your eye and you can make it look seamless in your environment to complement the setting, then go for it.

For many people a simple speaker would suffice, but as time, and time again has proven, delicate research and analysis has to be made on the type of product you’ll settle for. If I was to repeat myself, I would say the most important feature that an ideal outdoor speaker has would be waterproof ability, and secondly its durability due to the fact it’ll constantly be exposed to the rough elements. I hope this guide helped narrow your search down, and best of luck on the search for the best outdoor speakers!