Best Outdoor Speakers for a Hot Tub

There’s no reason the party has to end as soon as you want to fire up the hot tub. We’ve gathered the best outdoor speakers for a hot tub that can stand up to the task of delivering crisp sounds and deep bass for you and your guests to enjoy. To get the most out of your music while you’re soaking it up, you need something that can stand temperature fluctuations, a little bit of moisture and definitely a splash or two. We’ve sorted through the bulk of what’s out there to bring you some of the most highly-rated hot tub speakers we could find! Below we’ll dive straight into some reviews, right after we bring you some need-to-know info when it comes to setting up, and choosing speakers for your hot tub before you buy! 

What are the Best Outdoor Speakers for a Hot Tub? 

A hot tub party calls for only the best sound quality you can get out of a set of durable outdoor speakers. Here we’re going to help you find just that! Before we splash into a series of reviews of our favorite models, we’re first going to look at what goes into a good speaker, and some of the things you should know before you buy. 

You’re going to want to look at what you’re working with, at least in terms of the space itself. Is it somewhat enclosed, like a gazebo? Or is it right off of your patio, open to the rest of the yard? Is your hot tub relatively loud, (jets, bubbles etc)? Factors like these are seriously going to impact what type of speaker you’re going to want to go with when all is said and done. Also, you’re going to have to think about the conditions you’re going to be putting these speakers in. 

What’s the Best Type of Speaker for a Hot Tub?

These come in many different forms, mainly portable waterproof bluetooth speakers, mountable patio speakers and of course flush-mounted marine speakers. Which one you’ll be the most interested in picking up for your hot tub setup ultimately depends on what you’re going for, as well as what you’re working with. 

Marine Grade Speaker

Most hot tubs provide ample space for onboard speakers, some even have recessed spaces where they can be installed. Others may have a set that needs to be replaced. In this case, marine grade flush mountable speakers will be your best bet. Largely, they’re already compatible with the wiring you’re looking at right out of the box.

At any rate, you’ll want to take the extra step in being certain to check the manufacturer’s information on both your hot tub as well as the prospective flush mounted marine speaker before making a purchase. Since these are made to withstand rain, and extreme splashing from marine vehicles you can be sure that anything your hot tub can dish out will be no match for these speakers! 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The next most common type of speaker you might be interested in for your hot tub party patio starter pack is none other than the much loved portable bluetooth speaker. These however, aren’t your average beach party blaster.

These are waterproofed up to the point where some of them can be nearly immersed halfway up in water, and you can take them anywhere! We love this style of speaker simply because it allows you to connect straight to your devices without any hassle, so you can spend more time bobbing around in the hot tub with a drink and some friends, and less time setting things up. We’ll explore a few different types of these speakers in the reviews below. 

JBL 4 Charge Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

JBL Charge 4 waterproof speaker

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We’re no strangers to the powerful bass and crisp sound delivery that comes with this nice piece of portable party equipment! The JBL Charge 4 is an excellent companion to your hot tub adventures since it works incredibly well on its own to provide you with enough sound to keep the pool party going! This is a waterproof speaker that can stand up to a bit of a splash, making it suitable for use around the hot tub.

That being said, it can even handle submersion if things get a little out of hand. Not loud enough for you? With 20 hours of playtime, this little speaker can pair up with another JBL Charge 4, which enables it to play in a split stereo mode, bringing you high quality audio and creating and outdoor surround-sound like experience at a fraction of the cost. 


  • Totally portable 
  • Waterproof 


  • Might not be as loud as you’d like on its own 

Wow World of Watersports Bluetooth Speaker 

Best outdoor speaker world of watersports bluetooth speaker

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Loud and durable? We’ve got you covered! If your idea of a good hot tub or pool speaker is one that bobs around to your favorite beats while you and your friends kick back and relax, this speaker is all that and more! It comes with an adorable little blow-up life preserver-like ring that it slots into. The design of this little speaker is made for just that, as you’ll find that it slots seamlessly into cupholders thanks to its shape. So, if you want to keep it on the cooler you totally can. As for its sound quality, this speaker does deliver loud stereo sound, although somewhat at the expense of sound quality itself. Not to worry though, it’s definitely suitable for a poolside party! In terms of durability, this might just be our top contender. It comes out of the box with IP67 waterproofing, shockproof construction and up to a shocking 50 hours of play time. Obviously, it’s bluetooth capable making it a quick and easy solution for getting the party started! 

Herdio 4 Inch Heavy Duty Waterproof Marine Speakers 

Herido heavy duty marine speakers with bluetooth

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These mountable speakers are bluetooth compatible, and are more than up to the task of standing up to a few splashes of water! These are primarily designed for off road vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts and of course boats. That being said, they’re more than capable of being used around your hot tub. If you have a hot tub that sits under a pergola, in a corner or in and around the gazebo, these are a fantastic choice! Mount them wherever you’d like, such as on the exterior walls surrounding your hot tub. You won’t have to worry about the bluetooth range, since these effortlessly cover 20 meters of distance between your phone and the speakers themselves. The biggest downside is the lack of charging capability, that being said it does come with a provided power adapter so it can plug into any standard 12V power supply. 


  • Good sound for value 
  • Mountable


  • Require a certain type of mount, such as a bar

Blufree Floating Bluetooth Speaker 

Floating bluetooth speaker for outdoor music

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Party in the hot tub, anyone? This little floating speaker doesn’t just play music, it also has LED lights. There’s seven different colours to rotate through and you can adjust how they flash. If you need to make a call there’s also a built in microphone that connects to your phone via bluetooth.

As for music playback, this speaker connects to your phone up to 15 meters away so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting wet. Music playback lasts up to three and a half hours. A USB charging cable is included, too.


  • Wireless up to 15m
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 7 different LED light colours with options for strobe and glow
  • Clear sound
  • Waterproof


  • Battery only lasts 3.5 hours, so you’ll need to charge it between each use
  • Lights may not light up a larger hot tub completely
  • Sound quality gets muffled when the speaker is submerged in water or splashed, but it goes away when the speaker drains

Pyle 6.5 Inch Dual Marine Speakers 

Pyle dual marine speakers best outdoor speakers for a hot tub

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These heavy-duty 150W waterproof speakers are a popular choice for boaters and hot tub owners alike! Pyle is a trusted name in marine grade speakers, which shows with the complete waterproofing all the way down to the inner cone. These are 6.5” speakers with a flush mounting, low-profile design that lends well to hot tubs with low clearance recessed spaces. 

For superior weather resistance that can withstand heavy splashing from a hot tub, the Pyle dual marine speakers are a top contender. 


  • Completely waterproofed design which repels even larger splashes 
  • Flush-mounted design for installing straight into hot tubs
  • Low-profile design 


  • Only suitable for hot tubs with available space for flush mounted speakers 
  • Doesn’t have bluetooth without a bluetooth capable stereo

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What are the Best Outdoor Speakers for a Hot Tub? 

After comparing all of these models of waterproof, hot tub capable speakers I personally have chosen one for its portability and range, that being the Wow World of Watersports Bluetooth Speaker. It takes the best aspects of a portable bluetooth speaker and makes it completely waterproof! Not to mention its adorable mini inflatable floatie which is a party centerpiece in its own right.