Best Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller

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It’s nearly a constant problem for us. My family loves to enjoy our backyard and deck, but sadly we’re always burdened with having to worry about pests. The kids and I absolutely hate spiders, flys, mosquitos and just about anything else that we don’t want buzzing around while we’re trying to eat or relax. That’s what prompted me to do a little research to find out what the best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller is.

That being said, I’ll present you with a review for a handful of different models that are available on the market that each have slightly different features. Searching can be a bit daunting, so hopefully this list of reviews will help you sift through what’s available! 

Why is an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller a Good Idea for Your Yard?

These models of outdoor pest repellers will help you keep annoying, and in some cases harmful pests away from your outdoor spaces. While bugs and pests are just a fact of life when you’re kicking it outdoors, there are steps you can take to keep them off of your porch, deck, patio or pool area.

Humane Chemical Free Pest Repellent That’s Safe for Humans

These pest repellers are ideal for keeping insects, rodents and unwanted wildlife away from your outdoor spaces. They are completely non-toxic and use an ultrasonic sound that is a higher tone than humans are capable of hearing.

That being said, pests are disturbed by the noise, and clear the area to get away from it. These are incredibly effective at repelling pests in a small area, especially if you want to avoid using insecticides, sprays or traps. For that reason, these are recommended for those with small children and pets who want to 

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Safe for Pets? 

In short, yes. There are instances however, where you might want to exercise some caution using these pest control devices around pets. The reason for this is because pets are more sensitive to these sounds than other animals, and most certainly humans are.

Look for signs that your dog can actually hear the ultrasonic repellent, such as uneasiness, whining, or barking. Any unusual behavior would also fall into this category. 

While the dogs are capable of hearing the sound, they’re typically able to simply ignore it all together. The main concern is if it bothers them for an extended period of time, or causes them undue stress when you activate the device.

Play it safe, and test the device in the presence of your cat or dog to see if it causes them any distress or discomfort. Next, we’ll dive straight into our reviews for the best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller. 

What is the Best Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller? 

We’ll go through some steps to help you ward them off that you can use in tandem with these really useful devices to make your outdoor experience enjoyable and as pest-free as possible! 

Phosooy Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repeller 

Phosooy Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Outdoor Weatherproof Solar Powered Rodent Repellent with Motion Activated Flashing LED Light, Repel Dogs, Cat, Squirrels, Raccoon, Rabbit, Fox & More

This is a solar powered device that can effectively protect a space from small animals such as birds, raccoons and mice, including bugs.

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Its design is meant to be entirely humane, which makes it a clean and safe method for keeping pests away from your outdoor spaces. While the ultrasonic effect is bound to help ward off insects as well, this is primarily an ultrasonic pest repeller that’s ideal for animal pests.

There are settings for bats, mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks and even deer. If you’re looking for how to keep deer off of your property without chemicals, (and away from your vegetable garden!)This could be really useful.

This repeller is also equipped with a motion-sensor for the option to emit the ultrasonic sound when it senses a small animal. It can charge via USB, and is completely weatherproof. 


  • Mounted on a small spike for use on grass or dirt 
  • Ideal for garden and flower beds 
  • Solar powered panel for charging


  • Less useful for repelling insects 
  • Is difficult to set up anywhere besides the grass

Pestjet Ultrasonic Pest Repeller For Outdoors

New 2023 Design Powerful Mouse Mice Rat Bat Squirrel Insect Repellent - LCD - Outdoor/Indoor - Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug in - Deterrent Rodent Control - Electromagnetic Waves Repellent

This small unit is ideal for use on a deck or patio where you have access to a socket plug. The Pestjet is a small-sized ultrasonic repeller with a pretty useful set of features.

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The small LED screen makes it very easy to use, and to see what modes you have selected. This is a unit that easily achieves its goal of serving as a small and toxin-free way of deterring pests and keeping them away from your entertaining spaces.

Specially designed STW electromagnetic waves, plus ultrasonic waves combine to make this a highly effective device that will penetrate each and every crevice in your outdoor area. 4 modes deliver different levels of frequency, and it’s highly effective against mosquitos, fruit flies, crickets and even bees.

This model delivers great value, and takes away the worry of having to replace batteries, or remember to charge it since it can utilize your outdoor plugins. 


  • No charging required 
  • 4 modes for different pets 
  • Penetrates into every corner of your deck and outdoor furniture


  • Must be plugged into an outlet to be used 

Green A Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller 

Solar Outdoor Machine with Flashing Light, Waterproof and Auto-Sensing

This model is another stake-mounted device that’s incredibly useful for keeping the larger pests off of your property.

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Those of us with open pool areas, gardens, flower beds and larger outdoor spaces need a solution for keeping rodents and wildlife away from your dedicated relaxation spaces. Besides eating up your flowers and veggies and just benign downright annoying, these types of pests can become rather persistent. That being said, you also need a reliable and humane way to deal with them.

This piece of equipment does just that, using 3 methods of power, it can easily and effectively deter these rodents and small animals from entering your property in the first place. Battery, solar and USB charging are all different ways you can supply power to it, and you can place it just about anywhere there’s soft ground.

Besides ultrasonic sound, it also employs the use of a flashing light to ward off animals such as raccoons. 


  • Great for keeping pests away from grassy areas 
  • 3 different power sources 
  • Flashing lights for small animals 


  • Not useful for keeping bugs away 

Pestless Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 

Pestless Upgraded Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Deterrent for Moles, Gophers, Snakes, Mice - Safe, Humane, Solar Powered Outdoor Rodent Repellent for Garden, Lawn, Yard (4)

This four pack of ultrasonic pest repellers is totally unique by most industry standards. The design is made in such a way that makes them flush to the ground, this is great for two reasons.

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First, It makes it incredibly effective against something that plagues yards of all sizes across North America. That being, moles. Keep them away from your yard and property, where they can create hazardous and irritating holes and divots throughout your well kept yard.

Second is that by sitting totally flush to the ground, it keeps well out of your way no matter where the party takes you. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you, or your kids or guests won’t get tripped up on these things.

This also might be the best ultrasonic pest repeller that’s safe for dogs, since the ultrasonic waves will be primarily soaked up by the soil they’re planted in, meaning your dog can still run free in the yard without being hassled by the extremely high pitched sound. 


  • Seat of 4 for large coverage area 
  • Completely solar powered 


  • Need to be planted somewhere with ample sunlight 
  • Ineffective against most bugs 

Xedus Ultrasonic Portable Bug Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Portable Pest Control Indoor/Outdoor - Non-Toxic Electronic Waves Repellent - Anti Mosquitos Device - Safe for People and Pets

Small, but effective is the idea behind this concept. The portable nature of this small ultrasonic pest repeller is what makes it the perfect solution for personal pest repelling on the go!

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Indoors or outdoors, this will keep away flying pests. It’s primarily designed for mosquitos, so you can take this thing outdoors with you whether it’s a good old fashioned patio party, or even an evening walk. Sadly, some of the time of day we love to spend outside is also when the mosquitos like to come out. This device is an effective and personal non toxic, chemical-free solution for repelling mosquitoes while you’re outside. It takes one 1.5v battery that isn’t included, but it will deliver 30 sq meters of effective mosquito repelling. 


  • Portable mosquito repellent 
  • Ultrasonic waves with a clip on design


  • Ineffective for larger spaces, and mostly just for the wearer 

Best Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller: Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve found these reviews for the best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller useful! Please reach out in the comments down below to let us know about all of your favorite bug repellent and anti-mosquito tips and tricks that others might find useful as well.

It was challenging to pin down the best of any one of these models, so I opted to include ones for various applications in your outdoor spaces. Check them out for yourself to see which one would be a good fit for you, depending on what you’re trying to repel! 

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