Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

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These are the best outdoor wireless speakers for bringing the music outside, without having to worry about a spill, splash or a bit of rain. These speakers aren’t just wireless, but they’re made to withstand a little bit of weather so that you can keep the party going! 

Taking the music, and the party outdoors isn’t always as it sounds. We’ve all been there: the phone in the popcorn bowl. What ridiculous setup have you used to try and amplify your phone’s speaker? Thankfully, there’s an easier way to turn the music up. In these reviews, I’m going to evaluate the best brands of speakers that are made for playing music outdoors, so you can easily take the party onto the deck, patio or pool just the way you like.

I’ll break down the specs, information and firsthand reviews of some of the leading brands of outdoor speakers in this article to help you decide which one will work the best for your needs. At the end of the day, sound quality and fidelity has become almost ubiquitous. Therefore, I’ll only touch briefly on that aspect of these speakers, and dive a little deeper into just how resilient and versatile they are. Want a wireless speaker that’s easy to use, great for entertaining friends and family and stands up to the demands of a party? Check out these options to keep up the mood and the atmosphere for your get together. 

Capability of Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Nowadays, you can use these speakers to suit your lifestyle a lot better than you used to. Some of them are even capable of accepting voice prompts, delivering stereo sound and all with an exceptional amount of battery life and volume. If you’re asking yourself questions like which outdoor speakers work with Google home? We’ve got you covered!

In these reviews, I’ll explain which speakers are capable of connecting to smart home assistants, their battery life and even digging into just how portable they really are. 

What’s the Best Wireless Outdoor Speaker? 

Wireless capability is key here, since you’re probably looking for a speaker that isn’t just limited to your deck, patio or pool area. That being said, technology has come a long way in terms of affordable speakers. Bulky, wired relics used to be the mainstay for in-home surround sound and deck speakers. Since then, you can easily find a wide selection of wireless models that can deliver just as much volume and quality, with a design that you can take with you anywhere.

The downside is that shopping for wireless speakers online can feel really dicey. By reviewing these models, I’d like to help you find the best outdoor wireless speakers without any hassle, or worry. 

What is the Best Brand of Outdoor Wireless Speaker?

Bose Soundlink Color 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Bose SoundLink Color II: Portable Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker with Microphone- Soft Black

If you haven’t heard one of these on the back of someone’s patio, off of their boat or deck then you can’t quite be fully prepared for just how good these sound. Full disclosure, I own this speaker personally, and put it to use all summer long. I can personally attest that it’s totally kid-proof, and it really does stand up water a lot better than you’d expect. The casing is rubber-like polymer that’s easy to grip. 

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What’s better is that this design keeps everything completely contained. The controls are kept away from any water since they’re underneath the material, but still very responsive and easy to use. It’s important to note that they’re not like touch-control buttons, which often don’t feel like they work all that well. This speaker is totally waterproof, features a built-in microphone for taking calls and works 30 feet away from your device. The Bose Soundlink 2 features Google Home compatibility, 8 hours of battery life as well as a stereo mode and dedicated Bose Connect app. 


  • Completely waterproof under most circumstances, (rain, snow, etc)
  • Incredibly easy to connect to from your device’s Bluetooth settings
  • Incredibly sound fidelity, bass and volume that will keep the party going


  • Built-in waterproof cover sometimes partially covers the charger port, requiring the user to shift it slightly
  • Underwhelming micro-usb charger port that feels flimsy
  • Included charging cord is short compared to most

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speaker

JBL Charge 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

What outdoor speaker has the longest battery life? You’re looking at it right here! The JBL Charge line has a lot going for it, but they seriously upped the ante with the most recent iteration of this speaker. The Charge 4 has an astounding 20 hours of battery life per charge, making it the perfect speaker for the beach or campground, where it might not be so easy to charge.

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What’s incredible about this speaker is that it has a lot more going for it than that. Another reason you might want to give the JBL bluetooth speaker a look is that it features a slick cylindrical design that backs up a pair of bass radiators that produce a rich and attention-grabbing sound that will be the life of the party.

What’s more is that this speaker is completely waterproof. A lot of times that just means it can take a splash, but this speaker is fully submersible! Great for boating, blasting at the beach near the water as well as the pool. The Charge 4 makes our review list for being incredibly durable and delivering fantastic sound (and bass!) quality. 


  • Longest battery life compared to most Bluetooth speakers, especially weatherproof ones
  • Incredible bass for a small speaker
  • Easy to stow in beach bags thanks to the size and shape


  • Cylindrical design can sometimes be prone to rolling if placed on uneven surfaces
  • Bass ‘radiators’ on either side cannot be covered or obstructed by anything
  • Grill-style speaker is somewhat prone to getting things stuck in it, somewhat difficult to clean

Musibaby Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

Bluetooth Speaker,MusiBaby Speaker,Wireless,Outdoor, Waterproof,Portable Speaker,Dual Pairing, Bluetooth 5.0,Loud Stereo,Booming Bass,1500 Mins Playtime for Home&Party,Gifts Speaker(Blk)

A wireless speaker that’s small and portable, with a subwoofer? It’s not usually a feature you’ll be looking for in bluetooth speaker design nowadays, but this model delivers on creating a totally surround sound experience.

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Old-school outdoor speakers worked with an annoying series of wires and mounting brackets to bring you something close to surround sound. Now, you can get that same experience with just two outdoor speakers paired to one another, each with its own built-in subwoofer. For this reason, I recommend these speakers for large parties, and outdoor TV projector systems! 


  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Surround sound when linked w/ other speakers in the yard
  • Wireless surround sound capability


  • Standup design can be prone to tipping over if the party gets a little rambunctious
  • Notably less bass than other models
  • Bluetooth pairing isn’t as seamless as some of the other models in our review

Olafus Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 2 Pack With LED Mood Lights 

Olafus Outdoor Speakers Bluetooth 2 Pack, 50W True Wireless Stereo Lantern Speaker with RGB LED Lights, IPX5 Waterproof, 20H Playtime, Music Synch Flame Speaker for Patio Pool Garden Backyard

These bluetooth speakers feature a distinct lantern-style design that’s totally unique from other models on the market! I’d like to say that it’s more than just a nice sounding speaker, but it also adds to your experience with dancing LED lights. The lights in question are completely dimmable, and you can even set the timer for the intervals they change in, making this an awesome decoration, as well.

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The top of these lantern shaped outdoor bluetooth speakers is suitable for hanging, too! If you’re looking for a way to add music and ambiance to your cabana or pool area, this duo makes a great pic. Speaking of, this is a two pack of speakers.

That means that they can link together with shared audio, providing a wide coverage area for sound which will bring the whole party together, and even allow people to utilize the whole entertainment space. These are also durable, with 10 hours of charge time that comes with IPX5 waterproof speakers right out of the box. 


  • 2-for-1 pack allows you to get dancing LED lights and sound from one side of your yard to the other
  • Dancing LED lights to enhance your party with a fun lighting element
  • IPX5 waterproofing to keep this speaker safe in the rain, sleet and snow!


  • Push-button controls are flimsy-feeling, and not easy to use in low-light
  • Base is slightly raised on the feet, making it somewhat unstable on uneven surfaces
  • Hanging loop doesn’t have one point of contact to keep it from swinging, or hanging lop-sided.

Outdoor Fake Rock Speaker Bluetooth Waterproof

Victrola Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair - Wireless Bluetooth , for Garden, Patio, Waterproof, Built all Seasons & Solar Powered with Rechargeable Battery, Music Streaming Charcoal

These all-season fake rock speakers are perfect for throwing an outdoor BBQ. If you have a large back yard or you’re looking for something that can be a little bit more discreet, these might be the perfect speakers for you! They come straight out of the box with a rechargeable battery and can pair with one another.

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What’s really amazing about these speakers is the battery life, off of a USB charge it can last for up to 50 hours. Not only that, but they can stand up to any weather conditions, even winter. These rocks will blend right into your garden while giving you long range Bluetooth connectivity and sound all around your yard. You can even play a little bit of a prank on your guests and ask them to find the speaker somewhere in your backyard. 


  • Speakers that can seamlessly blend into your backyard oasis with their natural rock look
  • Solar-powered to help subsidize the USB charging
  • 50 hours of charge time so the party doesn’t stop just because you forgot to charge beforehand


  • Lack of on-board controls that may be a non-starter for some
  • Easy to trip over if your guests aren’t aware of their placement
  • Since they sit on the ground, these will get buried in snow if you forget to pick them up beforehand

The Best Outdoor Wireless Speaker

So, which one does it come down to? Each of these speakers provide you with their own level of waterproofing, sound fidelity, added options and extras, and even the ability to link up for a true outdoor surround-sound experience! That being said, only one can triumph as our pick for the best outdoor wireless speaker to fuel your parties and spontaneous patio get-togethers.

The Bose Soundlink Color 2 is hand’s-down the G.O.A.T of outdoor sound quality, true waterproof design and a nearly indestructible build. While you might find the LED’s, portable design and pairing capabilities of the other models on our list, the Bose seriously stands out in terms of overall quality and of course, volume and bass!

Thanks for checking out our best outdoor wireless speakers that also offer waterproofing, Bluetooth and portability all in one package. Which one of these speakers are you going to use for your garden party? What I found most surprising about these speakers is just how versatile they are. Let us know down in the comments if you had any luck with wireless speakers, is there anything anyone else should look out for? Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out all of our other product reviews for your patio deck and backyard spaces. 


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