Best Outdoor Curtains For Patio Privacy

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Here’s what you need to know about the best outdoors curtains for patios! Since they’ll be out in the open, odds are they will be rained on (perhaps heavily), and the sun may fully fall upon them at times. For this reason, any curtains you plan on bringing to your patio must be (depending on their final location.

Everything you Need to Know About the Best Outdoor Curtains for Patios:

Weather resistant: Say it’s freezing out there. Curtains with this rating can stay out even when you can’t.

Waterproof: Heavy rain? No problem!, as any water will slide off of the fabric as surely as if it were a duck’s back.

UV- rated: If the area you are placing them gets lots of sunlight during the day, you will need curtains with this rating so they won’t fade or deteriorate.

Other Considerations

When planning for new curtains, width and length are a given: a curtain intended for a glass door will have to be bigger than one destined for a window. To be fair, it is technically possible to alter a curtain that you’ve already bought, but you can only make it smaller, and it requires a certain degree of know-how; and, with so many sizes out there, it simply makes sense to measure and get the right size from the beginning.

With size good and covered, you might also want to pay attention to the following:


This is where the curtain hangs, and how it is configured will determine certain other factors of your curtain’s life.

Sleeve: Works like that of your shirt of jacket, with the pole playing the part of an arm. This gives the curtain a remarkably full, no-wrinkle look. This option is better when you don’t expect to pull the curtain aside from the top, as it will give you very little range; all you can do is brush it aside if for any reason you need to pass through.

Tab: With curtains of this style, you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of measurements (height, specifically) as, unlike the other two styles, the tabs are added to the top. Good for windy areas, they can spread to a fuller extent than other types.

Grommet: The easiest to pull this side and the other, and also to put up and bring down, thanks to the metal-ringed holes aligned at the top. Worth noting that some curtains (regardless of top style) can feature stabilizing grommets, small holes at the bottom (one at each corner) that you can use to keep the curtain in place in exceptionally windy days. The metal rings come in different colors, too, which may give you an extra edge when matching your theme or desired palette.


This is likely to come down to personal taste and nothing else. Here’s a breakdown of the options you will find out there, to match with the looks of the surrounding area:

Sheer: If your curtains are to be placed in some darker gazebo or an area that is unlikely to expose them to the sun, you could go for lighter curtains that will let some extra light through.

Nature prints: Flowers are among the most common, but you may also find some inspired by animals, trees, forest or jungle, you name it.

Geometric patterns: Circles, triangles, stripes, you can get them in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic vision.

Plain: Single color can be a good addition too, depending on the space the curtains are in. In many cases, curtains of this type will have a different texture to them.

The Extras

No curtain can hang from thin air. Here are a couple extra items you need to budget for when shopping for curtains, and which may also impact the overall look and feel of the finished installation.

Poles: You should easily find a suitable size among the variety available in the market, and you will also get to choose from several finishes and colors offered by several manufacturers.

Brackets: Intended for holding the pole, they go mounted on the wall. There are two types: the traditional style, shaped like a hook for your pole to rest upon; and eyelet, shaped like a full circle instead of half of one, and which also allow you for more versatility should you want to, for example, hang your curtain from a ceiling (though they work perfectly when mounted to a wall, of course).

Veil-Subtle, Outdoors-Strong: Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Curtains For a Patio

Below we share with you some options we believe worthy of a closer look, depending on what you need for your space.

BONZER Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Curtains for Patio

BONZER Outdoor Curtains for Patio Waterproof, Premium Thick Privacy Weatherproof Grommet Outside Curtains for Porch, Gazebo, Deck, 1 Panel, 54W x 84L inch, White

This one is a good choice if you’d like to limit the sunlight streaming into your outdoor space, and it comes with proper protection against rain: made in polyester, water won’t be a problem, and the grommets are rust-proof so they won’t decay due to humidity.

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There are 8 colors to pick from, as well as 8 sizes, which makes it easier to find something for any place you may be working on. For cleaning, wash in machine on gentle cycle, tumble dry and cool iron as you see fit.


  • Thick without being too heavy on the pole.


  • Rings on the grommets are reportedly somewhat flimsy.

LORDTEX Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

LORDTEX Indoor/Outdoor Curtains - Waterproof Tab Top Patio Curtains Sun Blocking Set of 2 Panels Thermal Insulated Curtain for Porch, Pergola, Cabana, Gazebo, 52 x 84 inch, White

These are good if you live in an area with snowy winters, as they can stay outside in the cold without deteriorating. Top is tab style: slide the pole through every one of them, and pull the curtain to either side without hassle, once it is installed.

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There’s a few colors to choose from, and 4 sizes, which helps when trying to find the right fit for your particular space.


  • Able to provide a degree of thermal insulation, and to block some amount of light.


  • Tieback issues reported: they may go missing and, rather than replacing, manufacturer will only offer partial refund.

NICETOWN White Outdoor Sheer Curtain for Patio

NICETOWN White Outdoor Sheer Curtain for Patio Waterproof, Balcony Privacy Screen Apartment Detachable Sticky Tab Top Elegant Sheer Outdoor Curtain for Porch, 1 Panel, 54 Inch by 84 Inch, White

In spite of its semi transparency, it’s rather resilient, made in voile fabric and therefore capable of enduring rain as well as working as a good barrier against insects without completely depriving you of your view.

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Tabs are velcro-attached, which means you can detach them at will so you may easily take the curtain down whenever you please. Seven colors to pick from, rope tieback included.


  • Washable in more ways than other curtains: can be machine washed, dry cleaned, and also steam cleaned when necessary.


  • Only one color available.
  • Easy for the lightest wind to blow them to and fro; weights required to prevent this.

Hiasan Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Curtains for Gazebo, Porch and Cabana

Hiasan Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Curtains for Patio Waterproof - Grommet Weighted Semi Sheer Drapes for Gazebo, Porch and Cabana, 52 x 84 Inches Long, Black and White, Set of 2 Panels and 2 Tiebacks

If you’re a fan of the plaid look, then this might just be what you’re looking for: you get 2 panes, each with its corresponding tieback, both made to withstand water both at the fabric and grommet level; sunlight is, likewise, no issue.

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General consumer impressions are fairly good, as this set has consistently gained praise for, among other things, its resilience and ability to block out a degree of sunlight.


  • One of the very few options out there good for giving your space a country feeling.


  • Only one pattern and very few colors; might match a limited range of palettes.

RYB HOME Waterproof White Outdoor Curtains

RYB HOME Waterproof Curtains 84 inch Length Tropical Leaves Pattern Indoor Outdoor Curtains Decor Privacy Protect for Living Room Bedroom Patio Balcony Pavilion Cabana, 2 Panels, W 70 x L 84

This one might be a good fit if you’re going for a closer-to-nature feel, due to its tropical leaf pattern. Background is white, which is likely to allow it to find a home in a wider variety of environments, and its silver grommets shall provide a fairly distinctive accent.

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Even considering their color, they are still able to block a certain amount of sunlight, around 60%, and there is a degree of thermal insulation as well. You can machine wash (on gentle cycle) and tumble dry them, or resort to a mere quick rinse and wipe, depending on how deeply you want to clean them.


  • Great for places going for a more natural feel.


  • Very limited size selection.

Best For Privacy & Comfort: LORDTEX Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

This one can take just about the outdoors can throw at it—sunlight, rain, freezing cold— and it can be customized to a degree, as the tabs are detachable and can therefore be reattached to different heights, which may very well come in handy when covering that last bit of space between the curtain and the floor. Its thermal insulation will help take the edge off the hotter (or colder) days, and the sunlight will also be mitigated without leaving you completely in the dark. The variety it offers in sizes and colors might just be enough for you to find the option that better suits your needs and those of your spaces.

Outdoors living—who said it couldn’t be comfortable?

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