Best Patio Daybed: Relaxing Outdoors in Style

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When you imagine your dream outdoor living space, there’s a good chance you see yourself laying back on a bed and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

These days, it’s easier than ever to achieve that fantasy, thanks to some affordable yet luxurious outdoor patio daybeds on the market.

What should you look for in an outdoor patio daybed?

A daybed made specifically for outdoor use should be constructed of durable materials to withstand the environment outside but with the right amount of comfort as well.

Depending on the layout of your patio, you might need extras like shade or larger capacity to fit more people, so there are personal elements to decide as well.

If a daybed has always featured in your fantasies of the ideal patio, you’re in luck, because we’ve selected some of the best and most affordable outdoor beds on the market today.

Any of these can help you live your dream of a divine outdoor space, so check out what they can bring to your patio.

The market for outdoor furniture has never been more expansive or affordable, and no matter your style, there’s bound to be a daybed out there to match it.

We’ve picked just a few of our favorites that offer modern style and affordability, so see if they can help you fulfill your patio dreams.

Winner: Apower 4 Piece Sofa Set

Apower 4 Piece Sofa Set
  • Type: Daybed set
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Weight: 66lbs

Apower’s 4 Piece Sofa Set contains our best pick for a daybed, featuring four separate pieces of the daybed sofa, and three matching tables.

These pieces all nest together to create a large space, and it comes with four pillows, four cushions, and a retractable canopy to protect from the sun.

The base of the daybed is solidified with a steel frame and the sofa and tables are covered with PE rattan and soft fabric cushions.

The coolest thing about this daybed set is that if you need to save space, the tables and sofas all pack away neatly on top of the daybed, and then you call pull the top down to cover them up.

This makes it a breeze to clean the patio or easy to store everything away if wild weather is coming, and it’ll all be there ready for you when the sun is shining again.

Customers also loved the quality of the furniture and how well it stood up against the elements.

If you plan on having your daybed in the sun somewhat, the canopy will protect you and without fading, and it offers additional UV protection.

The rattan and steel frame adds another layer of support to the furniture as well, so the whole thing feels quality from top to bottom.

On the downside though, it can take some work to get used to putting the canopy up and down on the day bed, as well as adjusting the angle of the sofa.

With this furniture set, it’s probably better to find a setting that you like and leave it there, otherwise, you could be fiddling around with it for hours.

You might also be disappointed to find that PE rattan was used to create this furniture set and daybed, which seems pretty common these days with budget-friendly furniture.

Although it does help with UV protection thanks to the special coating they’ve added, it doesn’t feel or look like the real deal when you get up close.

The Apower 4 Piece Patio Daybed Set has thick, comfortable cushions 3.2 inches deep, and they’re covered with a durable polyester which means you can unzip them and wash them as needed.

The entire set weighs 66lbs and measures 77 x 22.8 x 51.6 inches, with a weight capacity of 350lbs, so you can comfortably fit two adults on there.

If you want more than just a daybed, the Apower 4 Piece Patio Daybed Set can deliver.

Apower has covered this set with a one-year limited warranty, and provides you with everything you need to assemble it, arriving in two separate packages.

Amazon has this daybed available online for the lowest price, and it’ll be shipped for free to your door so you can start enjoying it sooner.

Runner Up: Christopher Knight Home Alisa Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Home Alisa Chaise Lounge
  • Type: Chaise
  • Frame material: Wood
  • Weight: 39lbs

If you want a daybed that looks as good as it feels, and don’t mind spending a little more to get it, the Alisa Chaise Lounge from Christopher Knight Home can meet all of your requirements.

Crafted with an acacia wood base and featuring polyester-covered cushions, you can lay back on your new patio daybed and relax the day away.

One of the best features of this chaise lounge is that the cushions don’t hold a lot of water, so if you accidentally leave it out in the rain, it’s not the end of the world.

Obviously, you wouldn’t leave it out somewhere it could get wet permanently as it’s better stored on a covered patio, but if you do happen to forget it one day, you’ll be able to get the water out sooner rather than later.

The overall look and feel of this chaise lounge was another point earner for it, thanks to the use of real wood and the colors of the cushions.

It gives a great natural feel which complements most decors, which means it’ll fit in with whatever style you have going, and add a sophisticated but rustic touch to it.

Unfortunately, the assembly of this chair proved hard for some customers, so if you’re not mechanically minded, you might need to hire a professional.

Christopher Knight Home doesn’t make it clear in the product description just how much you’ll have to do to assemble the chair, but according to others, it’s a two-man job.

Another drawback was found with the cushions, and especially if they’re left for too long in the sun.

With a 100% polyester fabric covering, it’s not the best at UV protection, so you should try to position your daybed somewhere on the patio where there’s coverage.

If you can’t find a spot, investing in a patio daybed with canopy might be a better idea.

The Christopher Knight Home Alisa Chaise Lounge measures 78.75 x 24 x 30.50 inches and weighs 39lbs, so it’s a great size for one person to lay back and relax on.

The weight capacity is around 250lbs which should suit most users, and you can adjust the angle of the backrest so you’re either laying flat or sitting up.

If you only need a solo daybed to relax on and want to make use of natural materials like acacia wood, the Christopher Knight Home Alisa Chaise is one of our favorites.

Amazon has this daybed listed for a great price, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a warranty of returns option from this manufacturer, which is slightly disappointing.

Alternative: YYHAD Folding Chair Set

YYHAD Folding Chair Set
  • Type: Folding chair
  • Frame material: Acacia wood
  • Weight: NA

YYHAD has created a three-piece folding chair set that can fulfill your daybed fantasies, including two sun loungers and a folding table, all made of gorgeous, solid acacia wood.

The table measures 15.7 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches and each lounger is 78.7 x 26.8 x 32.7 inches when it’s expanded to its fullest.

Once sitting on your lounger, you can lay back as far as you want or put your feet it, and even wheel it around to the perfect position.

The quality of the wood and the overall look of this day bed set makes it a standout, and it looks a lot more expensive than it costs.

The acacia wood has been finished with a natural oil coat which improves the overall shine and appearance but also makes it the perfect choice for outdoor furniture.

Customers also loved how the wood stood up against the elements, and if your patio is exposed to lots of natural sunlight, and sometimes rain, you can easily use the YYHAD Folding Chair Set without a worry.

The wood keeps water away too and doesn’t fade from too much sun, so it stands the test of time.

If you’re looking for patio furniture daybed styles that offer the ultimate in comfort, this might not be the best pick, unless you want to add your own cushions or mattress to get it.

The wooden sun loungers are beautiful but they’re not the softest to lay on without anything between your body and the chair, so be prepared to spend even more money getting something made up to improve their comfort.

Another negative to this sun lounger set is the installation process which requires you to put the whole thing together using quite a few different parts and tools.

Some customers noted that the instructions given by YYHAD were pretty basic as well, so you may be on your own for some of it and have to call in expert help.

The assembly also includes installing the wheels, with two on each lounger, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours trying to figure it all out.

This aside, the wooden sun lounger set from YYHAD has lots of great features, including galvanized hardware, adjustable footrest and backrest, and easy portability to take the chairs wherever you want to go.

Once there, the wheels on the back of the chairs mean you can move it to the perfect position, and then lay back and enjoy the day.

The YYHAD Folding Chair Set is a cheap patio daybed package considering you get two chairs and a table included, and Amazon has it listed online for the best price.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any warranty on this furniture, but Amazon does offer their furniture protection plans for an added cost and your peace of mind.

Alternative: YYHAD Sun Lounger

YYHAD Sun Lounger
  • Type: Lounger
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Weight: 22lbs

The Sun Lounger from YYHAD is the perfect daybed for extreme conditions, and if you want a tough and weather-resistant place to relax, it’s got everything you need.

With a durable steel frame, tough black fabric covering, and 160-degree reclining angle, you’ll feel secure and relaxed at the same time as you lay back on it.

This type of daybed is perfect for those who favor practicality over all else, and it measures 70.8 x 30.3 x 25.5 inches when it’s laid out at its longest.

The best thing about the Sun Lounger from YYHAD is the quality of it and how well it stands up against all kinds of outdoor weather.

The bracket and base are made of durable steel and the fabric that covers it is tough and weather resistant.

Even if you plan on leaving this lounger out in the sun or rain, or taking it camping, you won’t need to give a second thought to its safety.

The biggest downside to this daybed is the cost, and it’s easily one of the most expensive options we’ve found.

What you’re paying for here are the weather resistance and a durable frame, so if you were looking for comfort over all else, it’s probably not going to be the best fit.

There are other complete sets with large daybeds including cushions and pillows, whereas this is more of a practical lounger, and for practicality only, it’s a huge cost.

In terms of comfort, this isn’t the most luxurious daybed you’re going to find, so if you had visions of laying back and falling asleep on yours, the Sun Lounger won’t be for you.

Some customers had to add a cushion to improve the comfort factor, but this adds more cost to an already expensive option, so you might want to reassess if you think you need more luxury.

These problems aside, you’ll still get your money’s worth with the YYHAD Sun Lounger, thanks to its portability, easy folding mechanism, and non-slip design on the feet that keep you firmly in place on the ground.

Overall, the chair weighs 22lbs, so it’s heavy enough to be good quality but light enough to fold up and take with on a day to the beach or park.

When it’s folded up, the lounger measures just 5.9 x 37.7 inches, making it convenient and compact when you need it to be.

YYHAD’s Sun Lounger might be costly, but it’s one of the longest-lasting daybeds on the market and a great investment.

Head to Amazon to grab yourself one and have peace of mind that your lounger can withstand any kind of weather that comes across your patio.

YYHAD doesn’t appear to offer a warranty on their furniture, which is a letdown, but you can get Amazon’s five-year outdoor furniture protection plan if you want that added peace of mind.

Alternative: Aoyo Folding Sunbed

Aoyo Folding Sunbed
  • Type: Folding lounger
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Weight. 18lbs

Aoyo’s Folding Sunbed is a multipurpose lounger that can be used as a daybed, camping chair, or your favorite place to relax in the garden.

With a durable titanium tube frame, 18lbs weight, and breathable Teslin fabric, it has all of the elements you need for a long-lasting daybed, even if it’s not the most luxurious option on the market.

This sunbed has lots of extras like an arm massager, reclining footrest, and folding mechanism that lets you pack it up and take it wherever you want to relax.

Because the frame is made of titanium, it not only helps to keep its weight low but also improves durability, so this is a chair you can rely on to last for many years.

It stands up just as well against the elements if you use it outdoors or take it camping, so when it’s left under the protective cover of your patio, it’ll be around for even longer.

This tubed frame also takes some of the weight off of the chair, so when you want to move it around, its 20lbs construction won’t be a bother.

The Teslin fabric used to cover the chair is easy to clean and you can rinse it off with the garden hose or give it a scrub and it won’t damage it at all, and the titanium tube base is just as easy to wash.

Customers loved how low maintenance the chair was, including the fact that they didn’t have to assemble it when it arrived, as Aoyo had done it all for them.

However, the price itself is pretty steep when you weigh it up against the competition, and if you had dreamed of laying back on something soft and cushy, it’s not worth the money.

This extra money makes it a smart buy if you’re after more of an outdoor daybed that you can take camping and fishing as well, otherwise, for a standalone patio chair, you might be able to find a better fit.

Another drawback to consider is that the Aoyo Folding Sunbed isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing option, so if you were getting a daybed to add the comfort and style factor of your patio, there are probably better ways to achieve this.

It has almost a military look with the black Teslin and titanium tube so it might not complement the rest of your patio furniture.

The Aoyo Folding Sunbed folds up easily to dimensions of 25.6 x 7.1 x 37.4 inches, and when it’s open, 70.7 x 25.6 x 11.02 inches.

It features a decompression cushion that you can sink into and has 10 adjustable seating positions that are easy to change as needed, even allowing you to lay back completely and take a nap if you wanted to.

The Aoyo Folding Sunbed doesn’t come with a warranty, but when you buy it on Amazon, you get to add their paid protection plan for outdoor furniture on top if you want.

Although it’s not the most stylish daybed, it’s tough enough to withstand all kinds of weather and being left outdoors, so it’s money well spent. 

Patio Daybed FAQs

Luxury Patio Daybed

A daybed for your patio might seem like the ultimate dream, but it’s never been easier to achieve with the huge range of affordable options out there today.

To learn a little more about this intriguing piece of furniture we’ve answered some commonly asked questions to get you educated.

Can You Use A Daybed Outdoor?

Daybeds are today used indoors and outdoors, and many of the traditional indoor models can easily be converted into something friendly for outside.

If you’re choosing a daybed specifically for use outdoors, choosing durable and weatherproof materials will ensure it survives longer in this setting.

Can You Sleep On A Daybed Every Night?

A daybed is not intended to be used for your nightly sleep with the standard mattresses they’re fitted with, but if you wanted to keep the frame and add a supportive mattress that fits, it could work.

The frame of a daybed will need to have the weight capacity for this type of mattress so this should be calculated before converting it.

Can You Waterproof A Mattress For Outdoor Use?

The best way to waterproof a mattress for outdoor use is by applying a waterproof mattress protector underneath the regular fitted sheet.

These protectors are made of plastic, rubber, and other materials that protect the mattress from moisture, but they won’t always be effective at keeping water away from the base.

The Ultimate in Patio Relaxation

With a daybed on your patio, you’ll have elevated your outdoor living space to the relaxing sanctuary you always dreamed it could be.

Any of our beautiful outdoor daybed recommendations will make the transformation easy and give you a new, inviting space to spend your weekends on.

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