Best Patio Door Security Options

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There’s a lot of options out there for home security solutions to keep your family and property safe. For added peace of mind, we’ve reviewed the best patio door security options to keep your largest passageway safe. 

Reviewing the Best Patio Door Security Options

Simple and easy security solutions could be the missing link in your home security setup. While high-priced smart home monitoring systems are catching all of the buzz, the answer might be a lot easier, and cheaper than you might have thought. 

When push comes to shove, there’s also something to be said for adding another few layers of simple yet effective security measures to your biggest entryway, your patio door. Here we’re going to review some of the basic devices and best patio door security options to help keep you and your’s safe. 

The Problem With Sliding Patio Door Locks 

If you’re a homeowner, it already goes without saying that sliding patio doors don’t have the most robust locks. Despite being one of the largest passages into your home, they’re not treated as one of the first lines of defense against petty criminals. 

Not only that, but most sliding doors (even while locked), can have a little ‘give’. In other words, you can sometimes create a small enough gap by tugging on the locked sliding door to fit a tool such as a pry bar or crowbar into. Needless to say, the lock wouldn’t stand a chance. 

Here’s some alternatives to add an extra layer of security to the passageway between your home and your outdoor spaces. 

Sliding Patio Door Security Options That Really Work 

While these aren’t as sophisticated as a whole-home alarm and camera setup, they provide a physical barrier between your belongings and a would-be intruder. Most patio doors are glass, and therefore of course prone to smashing. 

In the unlikely scenario, there’s just about nothing that’s going to stand in their way. However, it is worth taking a few simple precautionary measures to make your patio door more secure. We’ll go into some detail about these different security devices below before diving into some product reviews! 

Patio Door Security Bar 

This is the most common way to physically secure a patio door from the inside. Typically, they consist of a metal bar which may or may not be telescoping to fit the distance between the end of the sliding door and the door’s inside casing. 

Once in place, this effectively prevents the door from being opened whether locked or unlocked until the bar is removed. I’ve used these personally while we were away on travel to prevent the sliding patio door from being opened. 

While incredibly simple in their design, security bars prevent the door from being opened. If installed correctly they’ll even ensure that the door won’t budge enough to fit a prying tool such as a crowbar in. 

Patio Door Security Lock 

These serve a similar purpose to security bars in the sense that they prevent the door from being opened whether or not it’s locked. While they’re not quite as substantial in terms of overall strength, it may just be enough to deter someone. 

Alternatively, these small latch-operated security locks should be enough to keep the door from being wedged open. Or at the very least another deterrence that prevents the sliding door from opening very easily. 

The Best Patio Door Security Options

We’ll review these and some of the other best patio door security options below! 

Securityman Sliding Door Security Bar

SecurityMan Sliding Door Security Bar - Dual Use as Patio Door Security Bar or Window Security Lock with Anti Lift Safety - Child Proof and Adjustable 19'-51' - Constructed of High Grade Iron - White

This security bar doubles as both a lock for your patio door and for childproofing your patio door! It’s incredibly simple to engage, keeping the back door safely shut snug to keep you and your family safe. As far as installation is concerned, it simply relies on just a couple of screws to stay in place.

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Operating it is even easier, all it takes is pressing the telescoping adjustment lever and locking it in place once it’s pressed against the end of the sliding door. 

This security bar works by providing not just practical security at around 350lbs of force, but also by making for a visual deterrent when placed halfway up the door. This also means that you don’t have to bend down to operate it, making it more suitable for older homeowners as well. 


  • Includes all of the mounting and fastening hardware for installation 
  • Can be placed at any height, ideally midway up the door 
  • Incredibly simple to operate 


  • The included clip for storing the bar while not in use is not very substantial 

GE Personal Security Window/Door 2-Pack Alarms

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm, 2 Pack, DIY Protection, Burglar Alert, Wireless Chime/Alarm, Easy Installation, Home Security, Ideal for Home, Garage, Apartment and More,White, 45115

This two-pack features two GE alarms that you can place on both doors and windows. The module in this package consists of a magnetized piece that’s connected to the door, and one that’s attached to the sliding door’s casing.

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 Once separated, it will sound an alarm that will definitely serve as a deterrent, if not simply an early warning that your patio door has been opened when it shouldn’t. Paired with another security device, this could help fill any gaps in your existing setup. 

The loud 120 decibel alarm sounds when activated, and better yet it doesn’t rely on any hardwiring or complicated installation that might require an electrician. Instead, this can be mounted and activated easily by the homeowner. 


  • Includes batteries needed for operation 
  • Simple installation with no wiring 
  • Low-battery test button for peace of mind 


  • Only provides a local auditory alert 

U.S Patrol White Sliding Door Lock Bar

U.S. Patrol ZB8095WHI White Sliding Door Lock BAR

This sliding door lock bar is easily adjustable to fit just about any sliding patio door with ease. It sits on top of the track of the door and makes a snug fit to the sliding panel via an adjustable knob. 

This patio door security bar is practically indestructible, but doesn’t have that strange metallic look to it that home security devices often have.

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Instead it features a fairly neutral leaf design and white paint coating to easily blend in with your trim and décor. 

Don’t let the toned-down look fool you though, this bar is completely made from iron, which ensures it won’t budge. The length of this bar starts at 26” and expands to fit a total of 42” in length. 


  • Solid bar made from iron for exceptional strength 
  • Easily adjustable via a small knob 
  • Painted and designed to match trim and décor 


  • Only placeable on the bottom of the door frame

Patio Sliding Door Foot Lock

Patio Sliding Door Lock - Childproof Foot Operated Guardian, Fits Top or Bottom Rail, Keep Your Family Safe and Secure (1 Pack, White)

This is a foot, or kick-operated sliding door lock that’s meant to prevent the door from being able to slide open by means of a permanently installed 2-piece locking system. 

Overall it fundamentally serves the same purpose as a security bar, although it does so with a basic lock mechanism instead of a wedge.

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This is a much more ideal choice for those who prefer not to use a security bar either for aesthetics or practicality. You can also operate this lock without the need to bend over. 

Interestingly, the lock claims to be able to withstand over 1000lbs of forced entry load tension. This can be thought to mean that it would take the equivalent amount of pressure applied by a pry bar to break this thing.  


  • Two locking channels, one for a complete seal and the other to keep the door locked while allowing a breeze
  • Operational without the need to bend over 
  • Optional overhead installation on the top of the door to keep out of reach of children 


  • Involved installing two pieces of hardware during setup 

Pro-Lock Patio Door Lock

Pro-Lok Entry Armor EPL-106-W Patio Door Lock- Keyed Lg Rectangle (White Finish)

Before we jump into this one, please note that it only works with a solid wood door frame and casing. This heavy-duty lock seriously lives up to its name, even if the installation is a little more involved. 

It’s a keyed lock that engages using a metal post. The bolt goes into a pre-drilled hole that you make when you install this lock.

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So, why go through all the trouble? That’s because this lock should be able to prevent the door from being ‘lifted’ off of its track. A technique some wiley crooks use to their advantage. 

You could even use this in conjunction with a locking bar for added peace of mind. It has to be installed in just the right spot, and isn’t suitable for dual sliding doors. 


  • Keyed locking mechanism 
  • Adjustable installation can allow for airflow while locked 
  • Helps to prevent the door from being lifted off of its tracks


  • Requires more intensive installation than other models we’ve reviewed 

Conclusion: The Best Patio Door Security Options

I believe some of these security measures are best used in tandem. Either with a home security detection system, or additional precautions such as the Patio Sliding Door Foot Lock, or Pro-Lock Patio Door Lock. 

With that in mind, I truly believe the U.S. Patrol Sliding Door Lock Bar is the sturdiest and least intrusive security device. Combined with an additional lock to prevent the door from lifting, the only thing someone could possibly do to break in through the patio door would be to smash the glass. 

It’s easy to use, doesn’t look too overkill when in use and adjusts very easily. With that, thanks for checking out these reviews for the best patio door security options! 

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