Swing In Style With the Best Patio Egg Chair

The hanging egg chair is a piece of furniture that has come in and out of style since the 1960s, and it appears that it’s finally here to stay.

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax, a patio hanging egg chair is the best way to do it, and they add an element of style to any outdoor space that’s unrivaled.

What is the best egg patio chair?

An egg chair designed for outdoor use needs to have weatherproof materials and a solid construction if it hopes to stand up against the elements and harsh conditions outside.

Popular choices for patio furniture materials include powder-coated steel, resin wicker, and PE rattan, but it also needs to be comfortable enough to sit in.

If you’ve been dreaming of adding this groovy piece of furniture to your patio, dream no more, as we’ve hand-picked some of the best egg chairs out there to suit every budget.

This one chair can do so much for your outdoor space, and it’s a luxurious place to relax, so waste no time in getting yours.

An egg shaped patio chair ticks all of the boxes like comfort, style, and wow factor.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect hanging chair to equip your balcony more, check out some of our favorite finds and what makes them the right fit for every home.

Winner: Best Choice Products Hanging C-Stand

Best Choice Products Hanging C-Stand
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 300lbs
  • Fill Material: NA

Best Choice Products has created a powder-coated steel base for a hanging patio egg chair and it’s our favorite find of all.

Measuring 42 x 27 x 84 inches and with a weight capacity of 300lbs, it’s the perfect size for any type of egg swing patio chair you want to attach, and has all of the parts to help you do it.

What customers liked most about this stand was that it’s multipurpose, so you don’t just have to use it with an egg chair.

You can also a hammock chair, kids’ hanging tent, macrame chair, or anything else that fits onto a C-stand frame. It’s the essential base for any kind of seat, so if you get sick of your egg chair, you can mix it up a bit.

Another pro of this chair stand is its durability, and this is evident from the moment you set it up.

It has a four-legged base that keeps you balanced and it can withstand the harsh outdoor elements, so even if you leave it out overnight by accident, it’s not going to be the end of the world.

However, the fact that there’s no actual chair included with this package is a letdown, but it does give you the option to find one that’s more to your liking.

For those who didn’t realize this when they bought it, they were pretty perturbed to find that their egg chair wasn’t yet ready to use.

Another negative is the setup, so don’t get this expecting it to be a simple 20 minute job.

There are quite a few moving parts to consider and although you get instructions with it, you’ll still have to work your way through them slowly.

You can expect to spend at least an hour assembling this frame, and that doesn’t include adding your egg chair to it.

This aside, customers loved all of the features of the Best Choice Products Hanging C-Stand, including the 360-degree rotating carabiner and four-legged base that keeps you stable.

The black powder-coated steel means it’ll fit with any style and décor you have, and it comes in three parts when it arrives to help with construction.

The Best Choice Products Hanging C-Stand might not be a complete egg chair just yet, but it’s by far the best base and most versatile option out there.

Amazon has this chair available for the best price, as well as free shipping and returns, and Best Choice Products gives customers a 60 day warranty on the chair base.

If you want stability and weather resistance no matter the egg chair you use, this is the way to go.

Runner Up: Yunya Hanging Basket Chair Cushion

Yunya Hanging Basket Chair Cushion
  • Material: Sanded fabric
  • Maximum Weight: NA
  • Fill Material: Pearl cotton

If you need an egg chair patio cushion to go inside of your new favorite seat, this one from Yunya has our tick of approval.

The affordable chair cushion measures 31.5 x 47.24 inches and sits inside of a standard size egg chair, rocking chair, swing chair, or any other seat you choose.

With a neutral gray cover and pearl cotton interior, it’s stylish, simple, and designed for coziness.

The best thing about this cushion is how much comfort it brings, and as soon as you sit down on it, you can feel that it’s soft yet supportive.

The outer material is made of a sanded fabric which is soft but suitable for outdoors, and the cushion is so thick that you’ll never feel the wicker or rattan underneath the base, so it’s always comfortable.

Another bonus of this chair is the price, which customers were thrilled to find out about, given how expensive these egg chair cushions usually can be.

The Yunya Cushion would make a great replacement for the faded or lumpy cushion in your existing egg chair and because they’re so affordable, you can get another one as a backup.

On the downside, the cushion isn’t the most weather resistant of all, and it’s probably not going to stand up to the sunlight or rain.

This is better kept on the patio where it can be safe and preferably out of the direct sun, otherwise, the colors will fade a lot sooner than you’d hoped for.

Customers also found the color of the cushion they ordered was different from what arrived, just by a few shades.

If you’re shopping for something specific in color this is good to know, or you might not even notice it. Either way, it disappointed some people and earned the cushion some minus points.

The Yunya Cushion comes compressed and takes a few days to expand into its natural shape, so give it some space when it arrives to do so.

The sanded fabric cover can be spot cleaned but not removed entirely, which means you need to attack stains as soon as they occur.

The material is also pilling free and breathable so you can use it in the dead of summer and still feel comfortable.

Yunya has created an affordable and comfortable addition to your egg chair and the perfect choice for any patio design or decor.

There’s no warranty offered on this cushion, unfortunately, but when you buy it for the discounted price on Amazon, you get free returns from them and the cushion will be shipped to your door for no cost, making it an even smarter deal.

Alternative: Ele Eleoption Egg Chair

Ele Eleoption Egg Chair
  • Material: Resin rattan
  • Maximum Weight: 250lbs
  • Fill Material: NA

Ele Eleoption has created a complete egg chair for your patio with a powder coated metal frame, rattan resin wicker seat, and thick fabric cushion.

The overall measurements of the C-stand are 45 x 34 x 78 inches and the chair that sits inside of it measures 31.5 x 20.87 x 43 inches so it’s a great, wide size.

According to their happy customers, the Ele Eloption Egg Chair is luxurious and comfortable.

They’ve used a special design on the cushion which envelopes the body and it works with the curve of the chair so you feel as though you’re in a cocoon and safe from the world.

Having something like this on your patio is the height of luxury and it’s great for everything from reading a book to napping in.

Another bonus of this egg chair is that it folds away once it’s assembled so you can store it off the patio if you want to keep it out of bad weather or take it with you camping.

Something as simple as a folding mechanism makes this chair even more multipurpose than before, and it’s a smart addition from Ele Eloption.

The biggest downside to this egg chair patio, though, is that the weight capacity is just 250lbs, which is around 50lbs less than others on the market.

If you’re a heavier user and want to feel like you’re secure and safe while using your egg chair, or have others visiting that might feel the same, you’ll want to upgrade to something capable of holding more.

Additionally, customers found it a bit harder to keep this chair clean, as the cushion doesn’t have a removable cover and the wicker needs to be wiped inside each of the holes and small spaces to get the dust out.

If you live somewhere that’s notorious for dust and dirt, you might want to choose another egg chair that’s better suited to these conditions.

The Ele Eloption Egg Chair features a safety strap that helps you get in and out, and an additional headrest pillow for added comfort.

With a powder-coated frame, it holds up well against the weather, and it has thickened steel pipes supporting it.

Everything comes included in the box, including a cushion and stand, but you’ll need two people to put it together in an afternoon.

The Egg Chair from Ele Eloption ticks all of the boxes for comfort and style, even if it’s not the strongest, and is one of our favorite patio eggs chairs on the market.

If you want all of the parts for your egg chair in one package, this is our favorite, and it’s available online at Amazon today with free shipping and free returns, just in case you don’t love it.

Alternative: Yanj Cushion

Yanj Cushion
  • Material: NA
  • Maximum Weight: NA
  • Fill Material: Cotton

The Yanj Cushion was made specifically for egg chairs and it measures 47.2 x 31.4 inches, giving you a wide and comfortable place to rest.

This fabric cushion comes in a cool gray, orangey coffee, or subtle black color, so you can find one to suit most patio decors.

The Yanj can be used not just on egg chairs, but rocking chairs, seats, and even on the floor if you need a comfortable place to sit in a hurry.

The coolest thing about this cushion was how thick and padded it felt, which meant there was no way you could feel the harshness of whatever you’re sitting on underneath.

With rattan and wicker egg chairs especially, you can sometimes feel their rigidness through the cushion, but there’s no chance of this happening with the Yanj.

Another bonus of the Yanj Cushion was how well it resisted heat, so those living in warmer climates were able to use it year round in absolute comfort.

You’ll be able to feel the breeze coming through it while still feeling like there’s a good layer of softness between your backside and the egg chair base which is everything you hope for in a good cushion.

For a cushion alone though, the price on this is a little steep, and you might prefer choosing something more affordable to suit your egg chair.

There are others the same size that cost less, but the high-quality cotton filling is what sets this one apart, so if you don’t mind a lighter fill material, there’s no need to spend so much.

Other customers mentioned that this cushion wasn’t that weather resistant either, and probably wouldn’t do very well sitting out in the garden full time.

You’ll need to keep this on the patio and if it’s in an area that gets a lot of sun, it should have its own cover, otherwise, the fading will start to happen sooner rather than later.

The Yanj Cushion is packaged in a compressed state and should be removed from the box and given a few days to expand completely.

There’s no zipper around the cover so all stains should be spot cleaned, and overall it weighs just 2.2lbs so it’s easy enough to move around wherever you need it.

If you’re after a more premium egg chair cushion and crave comfort above all else, the Yanj Cushion is one of the best.

This cushion can be found online at Amazon, will be shipped to your door for free, and is covered by a returns policy with Amazon in case you don’t love it when it arrives.

For a wide and luxurious base to rest your backside on and the perfect size for your swinging patio egg chair, the Yanj Cushion is a great pick.

Alternative: GQQG Hanging Egg Chair

GQQG Hanging Egg Chair
  • Material: PE Rattan, Iron
  • Maximum Weight: 265lbs
  • Fill Material: Cotton

For the ultimate patio egg chair that’s made to withstand all kinds of weather, the GQQG Hanging Egg Chair is the way to go.

This chair is made with a polyethylene rattan resin wicker frame, powder-coated iron frame, and fluffy fabric cushion that all come together perfectly.

With a hefty 61lbs weight, the total construction of this chair is solid but soft, and its quality is evident as soon as you assemble it.

By far the best thing about this chair was how easy it was to put together and when you compare it to others we’ve reviewed, it has this huge advantage going for it.

People reported that they assembled their GQQG Chair in under 10 minutes, and because they give you everything you need to do it in the box, it’s even easier.

Another bonus to this chair was how wide it was, which made for a more comfortable user experience.

You still get the feeling of being cocooned and safe, but the seat itself is wider, which means you can cross your legs or put your feet up without feeling squashed.

If you’re someone who likes to move around, even while they’re relaxing, this will be a major selling point for you.

Again, this chair lets customers down with its weight capacity, which is just 265lbs. considering there are other cheaper chairs out there that can do over 300lbs, we expected better from this one.

If you’re a taller or larger user or don’t want to second guess whether a chair is going to break underneath, you’ll probably want to shop around for something more capable.

Customers also mentioned the weather lack of weather resistance of the cushion included with the chair, even though they loved how the base and frame held up.

If you do plan on leaving it outside or exposed on the patio, it’s best to remove the cushion before you do, otherwise, you’ll have to replace it sooner than you hoped.

The GQQG Hanging Egg Chair is beautifully designed with a wide basket that measures 32.6 x 26 x 47 inches.

The PE Rattan is wrapped around it and provides a supportive place to sit, while the deep, soft cushion does a good job of protecting you from ever feeling the rattan at all. GQQG provides all of the parts including the headrest and stand, so it’s just up to you to put them together.

If you want a wide and premium egg chair on your patio and don’t mind paying a little extra, the GQQG Hanging Egg Chair is one to choose.

Amazon has the chair listed for the best price online, as well as free returns and shipping, but there’s no word from GQQG on a warranty from them, which is another letdown for the price.

However, if you want something beautiful and easy to install, this egg chair ticks all of the boxes.

Patio Egg Chair FAQs

Patio Egg Chair FAQs

Egg chair patio furniture has made a comeback and this unique piece has never been more popular.

If you’ve been researching the different chair styles that work best on patios and want to get a better understanding of the egg chair, read on to see some FAQS and our expert answers.

Are Patio Egg Chairs Comfortable?

A well made egg chair is a comfortable choice for seating, provided it has the right amount of support to help you feel secure and a thick, padded, but soft seat insert.

The added relaxation you get from swinging in the chair is a nice bonus but it doesn’t have to be moving for it to be enjoyed.

Can Egg Chairs Be Left Outside?

Even though patio egg chairs are made to enjoy in outdoor settings, they should never be left in an uncovered area when not being used.

The various materials like rattan and the fabric cushion won’t withstand permanent placement in direct sunlight and rain, so it’s best to keep the chair on your patio when you’re not sitting in it.

Can You Swing In An Egg Chair?

There are swinging egg chair models available, as well as chairs that sit on a swiveling base and rotate 360 degrees.

The most obvious benefit of having a swinging chair is that it’s more relaxing to rock back and forth, like how a hammock operates, and this is why many people favor them in outdoor settings.

Are Egg Chairs Popular?

Egg chairs were invented in the late 1950s and are still a popular piece of furniture today.

With the recent rattan and wicker revolution in interior design, the egg chair has come back in full force and is a great addition to your patio or any indoor space.

A Stylish Patio Piece

The egg chair has become a popular piece of furniture and it appears it’s here to stay, with its rightful home being outdoors where you can use it to enjoy the view and serenity.

Any of our favorite finds will be a welcome addition to your patio, and add the right amount of style and comfort to complete any outdoor space.