Best Patio Furniture for Heavy People: Top Reviews

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

A patio is even more comfortable if it has some furniture in it, for us to sit and lounge in. Heavy people, however, may have a harder time finding proper accommodation, as a great many seating pieces are happy to settle for an often woefully low weight capacity. For this article, we have gathered some of the top reviews available for products in this segment, and we will also be providing you with insight on what to look out for, in case you want to find other options on your own. These are our top reviews for the best patio furniture for heavy people.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Around

Taking into account the market as a whole, a great many pieces of patio furniture are made with economy in mind and, as a result, they can turn out to be rather flimsy, or with a weight capacity—ranging from 200 to 250lbs—that may be insufficient for someone heavier. As we said before, we we will be giving you some options that have been met with praise, but first, let’s go over what makes a given furniture piece better for our stated purpose.

1. The Frame

This is where strength begins. When shopping around, you should pay special attention to anything made of metal; aluminum is an excellent choice, as it is fairly solid and also lightweight and therefore easy to move around. Failing that, it’s always possible to go for an all-wood frame.

In certain cases, you will find seating pieces whose frame is, for example, wicker and metal. These are alright to use, as long as the material that actually supports the frame is a strong one, and the softer one is merely decorative.

While we’re at it: preferably, steer clear of pieces whose seats and backs are fabric only, as those could rip away all too easily.

2. The Nuts and Bolts

More often than not, it is at these joints that a chair can start decaying, as they begin to loosen up. For our purposes, the fewer screws, the better. This may sound like you should focus on finding a one-piece chair, and those do exist; however, as our selection will soon reflect, it is perfectly possible to opt for a piece that requires assembly or otherwise incorporates bolts, as long as other features—the frame, for example—help provide strength.

3. The Padding

To begin with, this should be present; seats that seek to provide comfort by way of a simple fabric should, as mentioned before, be avoided. Following that, the cushions in question should be thick, and firm; even if they seem uncomfortable at first, they will soften soon enough through use, and the squishy sorts can break down far more easily.

Some furniture pieces might offer only the frame; if such is your case, and you’d rather not sit on the bare frame, you can always supplement it by separately purchasing appropriate cushions—and by appropriate we mean, made specifically to be outside, such as this example (measurements should be taken beforehand, of course).

4. The Weight Capacity

Self evident, but it still counts. Most furniture pieces intended for seating will provide a maximum weight capacity; if it is not high enough for your needs, then the product in question should be skipped.

Our Picks: Best Patio Furniture for Heavy People

The following articles have all been positively reviewed by people with the same purposes as ours; they also come in different sizes and configurations, to help you find the right match for your patio’s particular needs.

Ezcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Recliner with Foot Cushion

Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Recliner with Foot Cushion, Support 400lbs 6'' Wider, Outdoor Patio Lawn Chair with Cup Holder and Headrest

Right off the bat, we seem to be infringing on one of our earlier recommendations—no chairs with canvas only. This one, however, is a rather worthy exception: not only are they capable of holding up to 400lbs, they are also large, enough for people over 6′ tall to sit in comfort.

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The mesh is waterproof and needs only spot cleaning, and the metal frame is powder coated. Adjustable from 0 to 170°, it comes with a headrest and a cushion at the bottom, so that your ankles may rest in comfort.

Off to the side, the recliner features a tray that can accommodate two drinks and some smaller items—including a slit of seemingly appropriate dimensions for a cellphone.


  • Its weight capacity and dimensions make it ideal for accommodating taller people, which is reflected on the praise it has received.
  • The breathable mesh helps it user stays cool even in hotter days.
  • Fairly apt for taking along on camping trips, as it is solidly built and remarkably lightweight for its size.


  • Lock can reportedly be a bit loose; if this happens, one should reportedly tighten the two screws on the chair, which usually solves the problem.
  • Tray can be a bit unsteady at times, even when locked in place.
  • Prone to rusting; manufacturer does recommend to not leave the chair out in the rain.

Solaste Outdoor Aluminum Furniture Set

Solaste Outdoor Aluminum Furniture Set - 4 Pieces Patio Sectional Chat Sofa Conversation Set with Table,Grey

This one is a good example of just about every requirement we outlined a few paragraphs back: aluminum frame, minimal presence of screws, and thick padding—4.7″ thick, to be exact. These features translate to a rather hefty weight capacity per seat, a full 300lbs that should be sufficient to accommodate most people.

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Set consists of 2 individual chairs, 1 love seat, and includes a coffee table with a top in imitation wood (which, goes without saying, is not intended for sitting on).

Set is available in 2 colors for frame and cushions—gray and white. The frame is powder coated, to boost resistance to the elements.


  • Quite ideal for providing seats for larger parties, while maintaining optimal comfort and weight capacity.
  • Its style makes this set a good match for areas that go for a more contemporary feeling.
  • Seller has proven responsive when problems with shipping arise, taking steps to minimize or compensate woes to customer.


  • Cushions are not waterproof, and should be taken inside if rain so much as threatens to appear.
  • Although the frames are not easily affected by rust, water can sometimes become trapped within them, forcing user to turn chairs on their sides so they will drain.
  • Backrest frame is a little low, which may cause discomfort to taller users.

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame, Adjustable Tilt Canopy, Cushions and Pillow Included, Beige

For this list—as mentioned before—we’re seeking to provide you with options covering a decently wide range of seating purposes, which is part of the reason why we present you with this one. Rather than a fixed seat, this one swings (which many people find relaxing), and it comes with a frame made in metal that lends it a total weight capacity of 750lbs; this, intended for a maximum occupancy of 3 people, can easily benefit just 2, or even 1.

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For this list—as mentioned before—we’re seeking to provide you with options covering a decently wide range of seating purposes, which is part of the reason why we present you with this one. Rather than a fixed seat, this one swings (which many people find relaxing), and it comes with a frame made in metal that lends it a total weight capacity of 750lbs; this, intended for a maximum occupancy of 3 people, can easily benefit just 2, or even 1.

Another feature you might like, and which is inherent to this sort of chairs, is the canopy, intended to block out the sun and whose angle you can adjust in order to preserve your shade as the day goes on. Canopy and cushion coverings are polyester, resistant to fading and to water exposure.


  • A roomy, comfortable swing that can provide shaded seating at any time of the day.
  • Decently varied range of colors make it easier to find the one that will complement its intended location.
  • Two trays, one on each side, provide space for drinks and smaller items such as phones.


  • Cushions are reportedly too thin for comfort; several customers have resorted to purchasing padding of their own.
  • Per some reports, cushion ties do not match the frame; there seems to be nowhere to tie them to.
  • Assembly is made harder by incomplete, misleading instructions; some key recommendations can be missing, and one might find themselves with more parts than needed for finishing the job.

Amish Heavy Duty Roll Back Garden Bench (4 Foot, Cedar Stain)

Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back Pressure Treated Garden Bench (4 Foot, Cedar Stain)

Many of us like the classic look of wood, and if you are one such individual then you might be pleased to know you don’t have to renounce it. As the name implies, this one is authentic Amish craftsmanship, made in kiln-dried pressure-treated pine; you can get it unfinished, or in any of 3 available stains—cedar, dark walnut, and semi-solid black.

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The stains themselves are soy based (ergo, eco-friendly), and provide UV protection for a while. With a fairly respectable 800lbs in weight capacity, its rollback design helps make the seating more comfortable.

This one does have plenty of (zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant) screws but, if the reviews are to be believed, this doesn’t affect the bench’s integrity in any way.


  • Ideal for providing a more rustic accent to a given area, without compromising weight capacity.
  • Built to last; even the screws are specifically selected for their resistance to rust.
  • No fumes to worry about, thanks to the eco-friendly stain it features.
  • Available without finish, for those who would rather choose their own color.


  • Per reports, pre-drilled holes are often misaligned, which can complicate assembly.
  • Finish is not always applied evenly; some customers have mentioned finding bare spots.
  • Its origin, materials and design make it a rather expensive item for its category; many benches made in arguably hardier materials (such as metal) can often be found at roughly half the price.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Sled Base Stack Chair

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 881 lb. Capacity Black Sled Base Stack Chair with Air-Vent Back

If your main focus is weight capacity, then your search might very well be over. True to its name, this chair can bear more than just about any other seating space on the market, a rather impressive 881lbs. It has no padding, but its curved design provides pretty good comfort, enough for a few customers to use it at their desks for hours; and the vented back helps keep its user cool.

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The seat and back are plastic, with the rest of the frame being powder coated metal. Available in 5 colors, you can get this one as a single, or as a 5-pc package, depending on how much seating you need.

Worth noting: this one comes fully assembled right out of the box.


  • A simple, economical way to provide appropriate seating for nearly anyone regardless of their size.
  • Color variety and modern design make it an easy fit for almost any area of the house, inside or out.
  • Slides with less effort even without casters, thanks to the gliders at the bottom.


  • Back is reportedly a little too flexible, which might cause some discomfort to those who like leaning back while seated.
  • Might be difficult to procure cushions separately, as it is not easy to match the chair’s looks and there is nowhere to tie the cushions to so they stay in place.

We Think You’ll Like: Ezcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Recliner with Foot Cushion

Choosing the right seating arrangement for your patio is largely subjective, as it will greatly depend on how many people you’re seeking to accommodate, the space you have available, the aesthetic theme of the surrounding area, and so on. That said, we feel odds are in favor of you seeking something for your own comfort, and/ or perhaps your partner’s. It is from that rationale that we elected to highlight this recliner, whose weight capacity and overall dimensions should (according to several reviews) serve you and yours quite well. Not content with providing ergonomic, breathable support, this one comes with a handy tray off to the side, so you don’t have any issues to reach your drink, or even your phone; and its ankle cushion, something not so common for its category, helps make it stand out even more.

By price, it might be close to a few benches that seat two; but, given the comfort, durability and features it offers, we feel this one is worth its asking price.

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