Best Patio Heater Covers

Patio heaters are a great way to take the chill off of your outdoor oasis when the sun starts to set. Propane heaters are susceptible to the elements though, especially when left outside for a long period of time. While most of us can’t store these things very effectively, covers provide a really simple option for helping them stand up to just about any weather mother nature can throw at it. Below you’ll find our reviews for the best patio heater covers to protect your outdoor patio heater! 

Tips for Choose the Best Cover For Your Outdoor Patio Heater

We’ll kick off with some important things to consider before you buy a patio heater cover of your own! Here’s what you should know before you buy when it comes to patio heater cover material: 

Polyester Vs. Oxford Fabric 

Lately, you may have noticed a rise in the prevalence of so-called ‘Oxford’ fabric in a wide selection of outdoor products. Oxford fabric is a waterproof synthetic material that differs slightly from polyester. It’s an excellent water repellant, and has many uses across a wide variety of different products. 

Good old polyester, and of course nylon are of course suitable alternatives. However, they aren’t as pliable, or lightweight as Oxford fabric. Consider covers made of polyester that also include a laminate or plastic liner for added waterproofing, as well as some built-in UV protection coating. 

What Size Cover Do I Need?

If you’re not sure what size cover to buy the first thing you should do is go out and measure your patio heater. Make sure you get a full measurement including height, width, and depth.

Also consider any bits that stick out that could affect the measurement like knobs or valves. You’ll need to buy a patio heater cover that fits that at minimum.

Remember, you want a snug fit that’s easy to get on. Most patio heater covers are listed with the patio heater’s dimensions, so start there. If you only have the cover size to go off make sure you add a bit of extra wiggle room to ensure it will fit.

How Do Patio Heater Covers Close?

My preference for fasteners is a sturdy zipper, which you’ll see reflected in these reviews. Zippers do the best of job creating a water-tight (at least as sealed as you can get with a removable cover) and they’re easiest to open and close.

You can also get patio heater covers that are secure with velcro, snaps, ties, and some that just sit on top. These all have their advantages and disadvantages, but overall opt for zippers whenever possible. Trust me on this one!

What Are The Best Patio Heater Covers?

These patio heater covers were chosen as the best in class for different patio heater sizes and types. Choose the one that fits your patio heater!

Kings Gas Patio Heater Cover With Zipper 

Kings Gas Patio Heater Cover With Zipper

This cover is designed for a standing gas heater which stands at 89 inches tall. It’s a simple cylindrical shape with a cone to facilitate the heat shield at the top of your standing propane heater. This cover supports standing propane heaters, as well as electrical ones with a similar shape and height. 

Made from an oxford fabric, it’s especially durable so you don’t have to worry about scratching or tearing it very easily. Overall it also stands up perfectly to everything from rain, to wind, dust as well as snow! 

Close the cover with a simple zipper design, and secure at the bottom with a drawstring for a reliable and secure hold. 


  • Folds away nicely into a bag shape during the summer months when you’re not using it 
  • Easy to place onto the heater thanks to the wide zippered opening 
  • Oxford fabric provides excellent all weather protection against the elements 


  • The zipper on this cover has mixed reviews itself, although many seem pleased with its overall performance 

Siruiton Patio Heater Cover 

best patio heater covers example: siruition patio heater cover

This tear-proof, winterized cover is an excellent choice for keeping snow, wind and rain off of your precious patio heater. It’s also made for standup propane heater models, specifically ones that are 87” tall. 

Oxford fabric, the new standard for outdoor all-weather fabric, makes this an especially durable cover as well. The zipper on this protector is sturdy and feels reliable, and allows for adjustment at the bottom thanks to a small drawstring. 

This is a good example of a heater cover that’s especially made for protecting your heater if you’re unable to store it in a covered area over the wintertime. Durable and easy to put on, overall it’s a sturdy cover with lots of space. 


  • Tear-resistant fabric design 
  • Repels water, UV light as well as snow 
  • Sturdy zipper for use year after year 


  • Does not provide any padding for the heater, snowhat thin fabric 

Amazon Basics Outdoor Standup Patio Heater Cover

Amazon Basics Outdoor Standup Patio Heater Cover

With an Amazon brand cover in the mix, you know it’s going to be a tough competition. These products are known for their overall design and material quality. That being said, how does this cover by Amazon Basics hold up?

The own-brand cover is more tightly fitted then other covers out there. It fits heaters up to 94” high, and with as wide as a 34” dome on top, as well as a 17” diameter base. It’s specially designed for preventing rain from coming through, with a woven polyester fabric backed by laminate underneath to stop any leaks from occurring. 

We especially love the secure straps that velcro closed for a more secure feeling fit once the cover is on all the way. 


  • Improved velcro tie-downs for securing the cover in place once it’s covering the heater 
  • Inner laminate layer to prevent any water from leaking inside of the cover 
  • Strong seams to prevent stretching or ripping while applying the cover 


  • Narrow fit around the pole section of the heater makes it a little more difficult to put on

Patio Heater Cover by Wrakus 

patio heater cover wrakus brand

This blue propane patio heater cover stands out for a few more reasons than just its color alone! The ultra-durable oxford material cover will protect heaters that are as much as 88” high. It supports a 35” dome, and the waterproof dome is perfect for protecting your heater from the top. 

The oxford fabric of this patio heater scrubs clean very easily, even when it comes to bird droppings, lawn trimmings or dirt and dust. The top of the patio heater features air vents to allow wind to flow through the patio heater cover to prevent it from pulling over. 

The design is made to fit on the heater really well with two velcro straps in the middle, and an adjustable drawstring fastener on the bottom. 


  • Extra velcro straps for securing the patio heater cover 
  • The top of the cover features strong straps for removing and easily adjusting it 
  • Waterproofed zipper for additional protection against rain 


  • Fit could be more snug around the body of the heater 

JYSILIYH Full Length Pyramid Patio Heater Cover 

full length pyramid patio heater cover

In order to make sure you’ve got the best chance of finding a patio heater cover that best suits your setup, we’ve included a pyramid heater cover as well! These covers are shaped to accommodate the unique structure of this particular type of heater. 

Thanks to the shape, it naturally helps repel water a bit easier than some other designs you might have run into. Also, it’s fairly easy to ‘slip-on’ as compared to other models. It does of course come with a zippered outer shell and drawstring along the bottom to keep it in place. 

A combination of inner liner, woven polyester and UV resistant material on top turns this cover into the ultimate rain, snow and dustproof cover. It also does well to keep the sun off of your heater while it’s not in use! 


  • Design is well suited to fitting most pyramid shaped heaters due to the shape
  • 3-Layers of protection keep rain, snow and dust off of your pyramid patio heater 
  • Buckles onto the bottom of the heater effectively 


  • Drifting snow on a deck may be able to get under the cover fairly easily 

Best Patio Heater Cover: Conclusion

Thanks for checking out some of the best patio heater covers for protecting your valuable outdoor patio heater. Each one has its own pros and cons, and they’re the best for their own specific needs. Whether you have a propane patio heater, pyramid style deck heater, or another style of patio heater all these covers are great options to keep that major purchase safe.