Best Patio Heater for the Wind 

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Patios and decks afford us the most comfortable space to entertain guests, and spend quality outdoor time with our loved ones. Make the most out of your time with a trusted method for making that space as comfortable as possible. The best option is a patio heater, although there are quite a few different types to consider. Throughout this review, we’ll take a look at some of the best patio heaters for the wind. That way, you can enjoy the warming comfort of a patio heater, without having to worry about whether or not the wind will interfere with it too much. 

How to Find the Best Patio Heater for the Wind 

Patio heaters are ideal for keeping the temperature of your patio or deck seating area the perfect temperature for you and your guests as the sun sets in the evening during the summer, and well into the fall. Sometimes it takes more than just a blanket or a cozy sweater to keep the chills away in one of your favorite outdoor spaces. Get more out of your patio, or deck with the type of heater that isn’t shy to a little bit of wind. 

We’ll dive into some reviews of some of the best patio heaters for the wind to see which can stand up to wind that may travel through your deck or patio area. First, we’ll talk a little bit about what makes a good patio heater, and why they may or may not be ideal for windy conditions. We’ll also include models of outdoor patio heaters that are electric, as well as propane powered. 

Do Infrared Heaters Work in the Wind? 

Something you really need to take into consideration before investing in a patio heater is whether or not they’ll be able to adequately stand up to any wind that’s going to come through the area that they’re heating. Infrared heaters are a great option for this, since they don’t rely on heating the air, but instead objects such as the coil or tube on the inside of the heater. It produces an ambient heat that will effectively keep you warm. That is unless the wind seriously picks up, in which case your best option is to go back inside. 

You need to be sure you’re using a heater as safely as possible, whether it be electric or propane gas powered. Observe basic safety precautions, including manufacturer instructions and warnings when operating these heating units. For instance, ensure that when using a stand-up unit, it has a heavy enough base that it won’t topple over with a bit of wind. Similarly, opt for units that are wall mounting heaters, as opposed to those on tripod stands or otherwise. 

The Best Tabletop Outdoor Heater

Bali Outdoor Tabletop Heater 

BALI OUTDOORS Portable Patio Heater, Outdoor Propane Table Top Heater, Bronze

This portable heater is a great design that fares well under some wind, while delivering warm radiant heat to you and your guests. The advantage of using a portable tabletop heater like this one is well, exactly that! It’s completely portable, so you can move it to where you need it.

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Whether that be under a tabletop, or on top of a table, or even by a patio seating area. It uses propane, and delivers 10,000 BTU of heat. All things considered, this is a respectable heat output for a small unit like this. 

You can see that the design is very much like a traditional stand up patio heater, like the kind you might expect to find on a restaurant patio. It works much the same way, too. The heat output is similar to that of a medium setting on an electric patio heater, although it does feature a small regulator dial to give you exactly the right level of comforting heat that you’re looking for. It’s heavy enough to withstand a mild wind. However, don’t leave it unattended, and ensure that it’s on a flat surface. 

Best Small Mountable Patio Heater for the Wind 

Veito Wall Mount Heater with Remote – 1500W

Electric Patio Heater – Infrared Heater Outdoor and Indoor Use – 1500W Veito Wall Mount Heater with Remote (Black)

Don’t write off this small wall mountable patio heater just because of its size. It’s capable of delivering 1500W of heating power to your outdoor seating area, or patio lounging space. It’s corded, but this unit does come with a handy remote control. That means that you can safely install this thing up high, without having to worry about balancing on a chair to reach the controls.

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1500W of power is pretty much as far as a 120V heater can possibly deliver, thankfully that’s enough to take the edge off when things are getting a little nippy on the patio. Since it’s radiant heat, wind has little effect on the heat source, although if it picks up this thing won’t be any match for a chilly breeze. This unit also represents a safe choice for windy conditions, since it stays firmly on the wall where it was installed. 

The Best Hanging Electric Patio Heater 

Paraheeter Outdoor Patio Electric Heater

Hanging Patio Heater, 1500W Outdoor/Indoor Electric Patio Heater, Infrared Patio Heater, Ceiling Electric Heater with 3 Heat Options 600W/900W/1500W

This unit consists of a model of outdoor patio heater that you might not yet have had the chance to see in action. This is a hanging electric heater, and certainly one that has the potential to make your outdoor seating area a lot more comfortable when a bit of a chilling breeze decides to stroll on through. This unit is perfectly out of the way, and great for those spaces where you need an electric space heater that isn’t tied to a wall.

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Since this unit is installed hanging, it can go exactly where you want it without having to worry about tripping over cords, or heater stands. It’s attached to the copper cord via an incredibly easy to use carabiner. Since it uses such a simple connection, and one with lots of ‘give’, you don’t need to worry about the wind knocking it out of place before it slowly swings back into place.

That being said, you should detach and or stabilize the unit under incredibly windy conditions. This unit delivers 1500W of heating power, and can even be used indoors. It’s also specially built for installation under eaves that may overlook your porch, patio or deck! 

Best Fast-Heating Patio Heater for the Wind  

PAMAPIC Electric Patio Heater 

PAMAPIC Patio Heater, Electric Heater with Remote Control, Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mounted Infrared Heater,Rose Golden Tube for Instant Warm, 1500W Outside Patio Heater for Garage, Backyard, Restaurant

This heater doesn’t have much for looks, but definitely helps get the job done with some of the most powerful heating you can get out of a versatile outdoor unit of its size. The thing is, without major electrical work, you can’t get anything more than a standard 120v unit.

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In other words, something that can safely plug into a wall outlet socket. That being said, there is a clear upside to using them. These units can be installed just about anywhere they have access to an outlet plug. 

This wall-mounted model comes with a remote control, which easily increases the versatility of where you can mount this heater without having to worry about having direct access to the power switch. It’s gold tube delivers 1500W of outdoor heating power that will cut through a moderate amount of non frequent wind gusts on your outdoor patio or deck. 

The Best Stand Up Outdoor Patio Heater for the Wind

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater  

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels, Commercial & Residential, Large, Black/Stainless Steel

This patio heater by AmazonBasics is anything but run-of-the-mill. Despite the fact that it’s an own-brand by Amazon, it still manages to stand out as a viable option for those looking for a patio heater that can take some wind. There’s a couple of things that make this uniquely well suited to the task at hand.

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So, what makes it so good for standing up to the wind? This thing comes with a  waterbox, which helps you use water to add weight to the base of the heater itself. This helps make it sturdier, so you can worry less about it toppling over. That being said, if the wind gets heavy enough you should turn off the unit and store it somewhere safe.  

The heater uses your standard 20lb regular propane tank, which grill lovers will already have on hand! This heater is incredibly easy to assemble, and the safety shut-off valve will automatically engage if the unit should tip over. It’s safe, incredibly warm and it can easily bear to stand up to a bit of wind. 

Final Thoughts on Wind Proof Patio Heaters

Thanks for checking out our best patio heaters for the wind! Reviewing these units has been eye opening, considering the fact that not every piece is made equally. These are some heaters that are best suited for use on an outdoor patio, especially if you want them to stand up to a little bit of wind.

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