Best Patio Heaters With Wheels

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Inside the house, there is usually a single area for gathering and taking easy: the living room. Outside, it’s not always so cut and dry; odds are you would rather stay mobile between the patio and the yard, and your heater should be mobile as well. The solution? Patio heaters with wheels!

Heat On Wheels: Best Patio Heaters With Wheels

You have multiple alternatives at your disposal when it comes to keeping your outdoor area warm. Infrared will deliver the heat directly to anything and anybody that is within range, whereas halogen will radiate heat into the surrounding air. The problem: they aren’t mobile. Both halogen and infrared require plugging into an electric outlet, and can’t be moved while they are on—and this is especially true for infrared wall-mounted heaters. How can this limitation be solved?

Going Gas

Among its advantages, this type of fuel comes with the convenience of it being self-contained; rather than depending on a stationary outlet, all it takes is fetching the tank and hauling it along, even when it is already connected to the heater—and that’s without even considering those models that can house the tank within. In this case, no carrying! Patio heaters with wheels are fully mobile thanks to being propane gas fueled.

Understanding Patio Heater BTUs

You may have heard this term thrown around when searching for heaters. Some models will have a higher number than others. What does it mean, and why does it matter?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Equivalent to the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1lb of water by 1°F, it is the most widely used standard for measuring the heat output of several sorts of products that are used for keeping warm, such as towel warmers, certain types of fire pits, and of course, heaters (electric or otherwise).

Usually, when trying to find out the amount of BTUs you will need to warm up a closed space (such as your garage, or even your entire house), there will be some complex calculations involved, which will take into account factors as varied as region climate, insulation, windows (quantity and dimensions), ceiling (height, and what lies beyond), and more. We’re talking about an open space here, however, so there’s not so much math involved in this case; at the very least, a BTU number will tell you at a glance how potent a heater is, and compare their respective outputs.

Burn Bans? No Problem (Maybe)!

In case you’re not familiar: a burn ban is a temporary restriction on burning, placed for varying reasons such as heightened risk of wildfires (in the summer), or deteriorating air quality (fall and winter). When one of these is in effect, no stove, fire pit, or BBQ grill may be used. Gas appliances, though? Allowed more often than not.

That said, and this bears emphasizing: always, always check with your local office for any restrictions that may be currently in effect, as some burn bans may be so strict as to prevent the use of even gas-based sources of heat. Some products may come with special certification which gives them better chances of circumventing a burn ban—but it never hurts to ask and make sure!

Bringing The Heat Where It Is Needed: Our List

The following options alternate between two designs of propane heater, the most common in the market that can be found featuring wheels. Among this selection of models, as well as their particular range of colors and sizes, finding the right fit for you should not be a problem.

LAUSAINT HOME 2022 Propane Patio Heater

LAUSAINT HOME Outdoor Patio Heater with Cover & Wheels, 48000 BTU Pyramid Propane Heater, 87' Tall Quartz Glass Tube Flame Heater for Party, Backyard, Garden, Decoration

There’s nothing wrong with showing off whenever there’s a chance. If that sounds like a nice perk to you, then a pyramid type heater such as this one could be a good choice for carting around the yard: its tall design and contained flame make it an attractive sight—one that draws the eye at a decent distance and all around it.

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The compartment at the base is intended for housing a standard 20lb propane tank (not included), which, aside from enhancing its looks, makes it that much easier to cart the heater around on the two wheels it features. CE and CSA compliant.


  • No need to find and purchase a cover separately, as it already comes with one.
  • Double certification, for additional piece of mind.
  • Multiple levels of protection—flameout, tip over and anoxic.


  • Instructions are generally considered confusing, likely to complicate assembly.
  • Several instances reported of missing parts and no way to request them.
Golden Flame Outdoor Natural Gas Patio Heater | 45,000 BTU | XL-Series | Anti-Tilt and Safety Shut-Off | Residential and Commercial | Includes Drink Table and Wheels | Matte Mocha

This one is more on the discreet side—no visible flame to entertain others with—, but it comes with a distinct advantage, namely, a table for you to set your glass and other smaller items on. Ignition is electronic, and the heater’s design allows it to do away with the pilot flame.

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For additional security, it includes protections against flameout, dumping (or tipping over) and for no-oxygen, or anoxic, conditions. The base comes with a reservoir able to hold 25lbs of sand (not included) to help prevent incidents.

This particular version runs with natural gas; other options of this model are compatible with propane, though it may take additional focus to zero in on the right one. Same goes for the table: some choices include it, some do not.


  • Table adds convenience to the heater, beyond maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  • Color selection goes well beyond what many other competitors offer.
  • Sand reservoir helps provide additional stability.


  • Selecting the right version of the product can get confusing; for instance, some run on propane and others on gas, which can cause mistakes when choosing.

BELLEZE Pyramid Heater

BELLEZE Patio Heater, 42000 BTU Outdoor Heater with Dancing Flame and Protection System, Portable Pyramid Patio Heater Glass Tube Propane Heater, CSA Certified Gas Patio Heater - Black

CSA certified, this pyramid heater comes with the works—compartment for holding your 20lb propane tank, glass tube to house the flame, 2 wheels for easy carting around—, as well as a body fully made in stainless steel. Opening the tank compartment gives access to the ignition button, and to the knob for regulating the flame.

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This size can be purchased in 3 different finishes—bronze, hammered black and hammered bronze. Should you be in the market for something more compact, you can also choose a ‘medium’ pyramid heater, or a circle version which works similarly, but without a glass tube to hold the flame.


  • Also available in smaller, shorter versions, for those who find average pyramid heaters too unwieldy.


  • Although the return policy is longer than average (a little over 3 months), it is reportedly difficult to make it valid, as seller requires customer to pay for shipping.
  • Glass tube known to be so fragile, it can turn out cracked on arrival.

ENJOYSUN Outdoor Heater

48,000 BTU Patio Heater, Propane Patio Heater Standing with Wheels, Outdoor Heater With Adjustable Thermostat, Suitable for Commercial & Residential (Brown)

It’s got wheels, it runs on propane, and it is not too expensive, especially for the output it offers. Said output might in part be explained by the deflector it features, something not exactly standard for its design type and which helps in channeling the heatwaves for a more concentrated feeling.

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Ignition is one-step Piezo style, which eliminates the need for matches. A standard 20lb propane tank can be housed within the base, and the two wheels it sports allow the heater to be easily moved to a different location simply by tilting it and pushing. Unit comes with protections against dumping and flameout.


  • Among the more affordable bracket for its category.
  • Deflector aids in concentrating heat in a specific direction.


  • Instructions for assembly are far from clear; customers have had trouble finding guidance even by searching online.
  • Not the most sturdy offer on the market, per several reports.

Hiland Pyramid Glass Tube Patio Heater

Hiland HLDS01-CGTPC Pyramid Patio Heater Propane w/Wheels, 87 Inches, Matte Black

This one not only offers a few colors to select from—it also comes in different heights, a total of 3 to be precise; while the difference between one height and the next is only an inch or two, it could be useful for those who would like their flame a little taller than the average. It doesn’t stop there either, as it is also possible to order the heater with a cover included, and even a water repellent, which is rare for its category.

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Design of the unit itself is within standard: lower compartment for housing a 20lb propane tank, one-button ignition, knob for regulating the flame and so on. Two of the feet feature wheels, to make the unit more mobile.


  • Good variety of colors simplify finding an option to complement a given decoration theme.
  • Wide range of offers goes well beyond the average for its market segment.
  • Easy to get compatible cover with the same purchase.


  • Anti-tilt protection is known to be rather sensitive, shutting down the unit at even a mild bump.

The One That Stands Out: Out Pick for the Best Patio Heater With Wheels

Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Glass Tube Patio Heater

It’s true that this one is a little higher than most of its peers in terms of price, but we feel the difference—aside from not being huge—is well justified: its output has received praise from several customers, as has its ease of assembly. It comes in different colors and heights, and it also offers the somewhat rare (for its category) option of purchasing the cover along with the heater. Even if it might take a little longer to save up for this one, we feel the additional wait is more than worth it.

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