Best Patio Paint: A Fresh Face for Your Patio

Our patios and outdoor entertaining areas bear the brunt of the elements on a daily basis, so it makes sense that they need a makeover from time to time.

A simple can of patio paint could be all you need to refresh yours, and they’re designed to work with the variety of materials and surfaces that the average patio has.

What is the best type of patio paint?

Patio paint comes in different types including acrylic and water-based, and depending on what it is you’re painting, there’s likely to be the right fit.

Some of the multipurpose patio paints can be used on decking, walls, furniture, and everything else, so there are some that can do it all.

If you see a few things in your outdoor space that are in desperate need of freshening up, finding the best porch and patio paint is a must.

We’re here to help you find it with our buying guide dedicated to patio paint and the best products for bringing the shine back to the outdoors.

If your head spins at the thought of choosing paint for your patio, we can assist.

We’ve done the hard work and found some of the top-rated products, from patio floor paint to the best paint for metal patio furniture, and everything in between.

Check out our top picks and find the easy way to restore your patio to its former glory.

Winner: Insl-X Tough Shield Patio Paint

Insl-X Tough Shield Patio Paint
  • Type: Acrylic enamel
  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Coverage: 350 – 450 sq ft

The best paint for concrete patio surfaces, wood, and masonry comes from Insl-X with their Tough Shield product.

This a waterborne acrylic enamel paint that comes in a one-gallon tub and with five color options, giving you enough product to cover between 350 and 450 square feet of patio flooring.

According to customers, what made this the best paint for outdoor concrete patio surfaces was how easy it was to apply.

Because it’s made to work on all types of surfaces, including wood and concrete, you can guarantee it’ll go on smoothly no matter where you’re applying it.

The colors go on smoothly and evenly, and it’s no harder than applying standard household paint on the walls of your home.

Another bonus was the coverage that came with just one tin of paint.

People found they could apply two good coats to around 400sqft, even if the manufacturer recommends less than that.

Although it seems like a more expensive product at first, when you put this into perspective, it works out to be a great deal.

The biggest downside to this patio paint was that it’s only made for use on the floor, so you can’t use it as a multipurpose product, and it should never be used to paint a garage floor either.

This is fine if you only planned on painting your wooden decking or patio concrete floor, but otherwise, you’ll need a multipurpose paint that works on the furniture and other surfaces as well.

Some customers also found it disappointing that they couldn’t apply this paint in all types of weather, specifically when it’s under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you were hoping to paint during winter or live in a colder climate, you won’t get the results you’re after with Insl-X Tough Shield, and will need to wait for warmer weather to arrive.

Insl-X Tough Shield Patio Paint has a durable satin finish that makes it perfect for outdoor use and it can withstand things like hot weather, rain, oil, detergents, and regular wear and tear.

As an added bonus, it resists water ponding which can cause damage to your patio and provides another level of protection against moisture.

The Insl-X Tough Shield Patio Paint product comes in five different colors and is available online at Amazon for the lowest price, with free shipping and the option to return it for free if there are any issues.

Insl-X sells other patio paint outdoor products through Amazon like primers and non-slip coating, so you can get the entire range from the one trusted brand.

Runner Up: Magicfly Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set

Magicfly Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Volume: 30 x 2oz tubes
  • Coverage: NA

If you’re after patio furniture paint or the right stuff to decorate your outdoor space with, the Magicfly Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set is one of the best.

This set comes with 30 tubes of paint, all in different colors and measuring 2oz each, as well as everything you need to paint.

The acrylic paint works on many surfaces including glass, cement, wood, plastic, ceramic, and more, as well as providing a waterproof protective coating on top.

What makes this the best paint for patio furniture and other goods is its UV protection, with customers noting how well it stood up against the sun, even in areas with complete exposure.

Having this weather resistance is a must-have when you’re treating anything on your patio, and Magicfly delivers on this front.

Customers also noted that the paints from Magicfly did well against abrasion and scuffing, so even with high traffic areas, you won’t notice any fading or rubbing off.

When you’re dealing with outdoor paints and an exposed environment like the patio, it’s smart to choose a paint like this that can withstand anything and one that will keep its vibrancy and smoothness no matter what it goes through.

However, having 30 colors in the box means you’re limited in how much you get in the tube as they only measure 2oz each.

Some reviewers found there was just enough to paint one thing and then they had to order more, so it would be better if they could be purchased separately if you find a specific color that you like.

Another negative to point out is that the paint is a little thick, and some people had to water it down slightly to make it workable.

Although this gives you high hopes for how well it’s going to stand up against the elements outside, it can make it messy to apply and you might not be able to get the neat lines or smoothness you hoped for, without a lot of extra effort.

Magicfly ensures you have everything you need to start painting right away with the 30 paint tubes, three brushes, and a box to store it all in.

The ingredients are non-toxic and eco-friendly, and you can even get your kids involved in the patio painting fun because they’re completely safe to use.

Amazon has the Magicfly Outdoor Paint available for the best price online and they offer free shipping and free returns when you shop with them as well.

Magicfly has included everything you need in this set to get started painting, and it’s by far our favorite choice for all kinds of patio furniture, garden accessories, pots, and more, with a huge selection of colors to choose from.

Alternative: Rayher Hobby Patio Paint

Rayher Hobby Patio Paint
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Volume: 9.9oz
  • Coverage: 14sq ft.

Rayher Hobby has created the perfect paint for patios and outdoor accessories, with waterproofing, weather resistant, and non-abrasive qualities so it’ll stand the test of time.

There is a massive selection of colors available from Rayher Hobby including bold greens and yellows or more toned-down whites and beiges, and each tube of acrylic-based paint comes in a 9.9oz size.

The best thing about this product is that it’s one of the more durable outdoor paints, and Rayher Hobby even lets you use the white tube as a primer for better results.

If you plan on using this for an area that’s exposed to a lot of sun or even want to paint your terracotta pots out in the garden, you’ll find the color stays vibrant for years to come.

Another advantage to using this outdoor paint is the sheer range of colors there are to choose from, so you have complete freedom to get the design and style that you want.

Better still, it can be applied to lots of different surfaces and will stick just as well no matter where you paint it.

This isn’t the biggest tube of paint, though, and customers found they had to purchase multiples of it just to cover their patio flooring or another large surface.

With each tube, you’ll be able to paint around 14 square feet, so you’ll need to go through quite a lot of them if you plan on doing the floor, wall or other wide space.

This is a better choice for smaller items and furniture, otherwise, you’ll need to get more than a few tubes.

Another downside to the Rayher Hobby Patio Paint is its cost, which is further emphasized when you plan on painting a larger space, as mentioned earlier.

Although the quality is good, it’s not the most cost-effective option and is seen as more of a premium product that might not be necessary for every circumstance.

This aside, the Patio Paint from Rayher Hobby is a great multipurpose product and it works on all surfaces including brick, wood, stone, paper, concrete, and terracotta.

In addition to the wide range of colors, they also sell white and colorless patio paint, which can be used as a primer or as a way to tone down the other colors to achieve the shade you want.

Rayher Hobby’s Patio Paint is available online at Amazon, along with the rest of their range, and each tube comes in a 9.9oz size.

Amazon, unfortunately, doesn’t offer any free returns or free shipping with this paint, which is a letdown, but the quality of its finish makes the higher price worth it in many ways.

If you want a premium product for your next outdoor patio project, Rayher Hobby’s Patio Paint is the way to go.

Alternative: DecoArt Patio Paint

DecoArt Patio Paint
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Volume: 8 x 2oz tubes
  • Coverage: NA

DecoArt’s Patio Paint is the perfect outdoor option for those looking for more color choices and a superior finish.

This set comes with eight 2oz tubes, is water based, water resistant, and weatherproof, ticking all of the boxes for what a patio paint should be.

There’s no need to add a sealant afterward because it does it for you and each color has a soft, eggshell finish that looks amazing outdoors.

The unique colors found in this pack made it a best seller, and it had so many original ones like wrought iron and petunia petals that you might never have thought of using before.

If you’re someone with a creative side or you like to do things a little differently, just the color palette alone would make the DecoArt Patio Paint perfect for you.

Another bonus is that this paint adheres well to all types of surfaces and is specially made for outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about too much sun exposure or water damage.

If you’re looking for something specific like the best paint for aluminum patio furniture or the painting of a stone wall, you’ll find that the DecoArt product will stick to it well and stand up against the elements for long into the future.

One issue that customers had with this paint was how it was packaged, and you’ll want to give it a once-over when it arrives to make sure yours isn’t the same.

There appears to be an issue during manufacturing that means some of the lids weren’t sealed correctly which can lead to a huge mess, but also the paint is dried out by the time you want to use it.

If this happens, you should send it back for a replacement immediately.

The size of these paints is another potential downside, depending on your plans for them.

If you’re only using them as decorative paints or to coat a smaller piece of furniture, it’ll be more than enough, but for anything larger than this, there are cheaper and large quantity patio paints available that will get the job done.

The DecoArt Patio Paint set works on all surfaces including terracotta, masonry, concrete, glass, Styrofoam, and even paper.

There are almost 60 colors available in this range but you’ll get a sample of just eight, and all of them are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

They also produce a clear coat that can be applied before or after your paint color, but it’s not always necessary to do.

Amazon has the DecoArt Patio Paint Set listed on their marketplace for the best price, as well as free shipping to your door and the option to return for free if there are any issues.

Coming in a pack of eight, you can save a lot of money buying in this value format, but DecoArt also sells individual paints through Amazon if you have a favorite.

Alternative: Wolman Outdoor Furniture Paint

Wolman Outdoor Furniture Paint
  • Type: Water based
  • Volume: 0.25 gallon
  • Coverage: 20 sq

Wolman’s has created a wood-specific patio paint with their Outdoor Furniture Paint, and it comes in a quart tin to cover around 20 square feet of surface.

This water-based paint is available in four colors including granite, white, navy blue, and colonial red, and it provides extreme weather protection against anything found on your patio or garden.

If you’re painting wooden surfaces, there’s no better option, and customers found that it provided an extra layer of protection to the otherwise vulnerable material, as well.

Rather than just painting it to make it look pretty, it can extend the life of the wood, which is a huge bonus when you’re dealing with patio furniture and flooring that needs additional defense.

Reviewers also loved how much coverage they could get out of one quart of this paint.

According to previous users, they were able to coat around 20 square feet with just one pot, and you may be able to stretch it even more.

Wolman recommends doing two coats, but as it’s a thicker paint, you should take this into consideration and see if it’s even necessary.

The most obvious disadvantage of this paint is that it’s strictly made for wooden surfaces, and isn’t intended to be a paint for concrete patio use or any similar material.

Customers that ordered this without reading the instructions were ultimately let down, so don’t make the same mistake they did, and instead, look for the best paint for outdoor concrete patio and masonry if this is what you’re after.

Another potential negative of this paint is that it’s thick, and it can create some issues when you’re applying it.

Having a thicker type of paint means the imperfections show up more easily and you can sometimes see the brush strokes, so if you’re after a neat and smooth final effect, there are likely better options.

Wolman’s Outdoor Furniture Paint takes up to four hours to dry and can be applied in two coats if required.

As a water-based formula with waterproofing abilities, it’s perfect for outdoor use, and would do a good job replenishing furniture or redoing the floors, provided they’re made of some sort of hardwood.

To get your hands on Wolman’s Outdoor Furniture Paint and treat the wooden surfaces of your patio to a makeover, head to Amazon to get the best price for a quart, or a two-pack to save even more money.

Amazon ships this paint for free and they also offer free returns should you have problems, so it’s a great way to buy your new patio paint and from a trusted brand that knows how to deal with wood.

Patio Paint FAQ

Patio Paint FAQ

Patio paint is a specialty product designed for either one or many of the surfaces found on the average patio.

If you want to learn more about how to paint your patio or what products to choose, we’ve got some of the basic questions answered with our FAQs.

Can Patio Slabs Be Painted?

Choosing the best concrete patio paint will allow you to paint over the slab of your outdoor area with a product made specifically for this situation.

Patio paint holds up well against the weather and general wear or tear, so it’s the best choice if you’re painting an exterior concrete slab like the one on your patio.

What Is The Best Paint To Use On Concrete?

A patio paint designed for use on concrete, terracotta, masonry, brick, stone, and wood is the best type for this setting.

These paints are designed to work with this unique type of surface but also offer other benefits like non-fading and weatherproofing that make them ideal for the outdoors.

Do I Need To Prime Concrete Before Painting?

It’s always recommended to prime concrete before applying a coat of paint to it, but it will depend entirely on the specific product you’re using and what the manufacturer recommends.

With any type of paint or surface, adding a primer will yield better results and ensure the paint stays on longer.

Is Concrete Paint Waterproof?

There are some types of concrete paint that have waterproofing abilities, so if this is a requirement for your patio, choose one that’s been labeled as such.

These paints provide a waterproof barrier to the concrete and are applied like standard paint, with the best results incorporating a priming base done first.

Painted Patio Perfection

There’s no need to spend a fortune on new furniture or replacing the wooden floor of your patio when you can easily spruce it up with a tin of paint.

With our expert picks and a better understanding of what these paints are capable of, you’ll be able to restore your outdoor space to its former glory for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.