Enjoy the Breeze With the Best Patio Screen

Nothing ruins a relaxing moment on your patio faster than bugs, and even if you’re someone who likes to entertain outdoors, it can quickly put you off from ever doing it again.

A patio screen is a simple fix to this problem and there are lots of options out there to find the perfect fit.

What is the best screen for patio?

Finding the best patio screen is a matter of meeting your requirements, whether you want something lightweight to keep mosquitoes out, tough and secure for safety or a little bit of both.

Think about the goals you have for your outdoor entertaining space and make sure the material of the patio screen enclosure you’ve chosen meets them.

We’re here to help you navigate the different materials, sizes, and purposes that these patio screens come in, and find the perfect fit to let you enjoy your outdoor area even more.

With this buying guide, you’ll see some of the best patio screen enclosures and what makes them such a popular choice, giving you only the finest to choose from.

Patios need screens for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s security, protection from the elements, or keeping out those pesky bugs.

Whatever the goal for your screen patio dreams, we’ve got the right products to help you achieve it.

Winner: DocaScreen Standard Window Screen Roll

DocaScreen Standard Window Screen Roll
  • Size: 36 x 100ft
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fiberglass

DocaSCreen Standard Window Screen Roll is a mesh screening solution that works for everything from patio screen repair to new installation.

The DocaScreen is made with a fiberglass mesh and black charcoal color to suit more surroundings, and it comes in six different sizes so you’re guaranteed to find the right fit.

The largest roll is 96 x 100 feet and the smallest 36 x 100 feet, with lots of options in between.

According to their happy customers, the fiberglass mesh used in the DocaScreen products is incredibly tough, while still being flexible and with good visibility.

People noted that they could be quite forceful with the screen, especially during installation, and it didn’t leave a mark at all.

People also loved the visual effect that this screen gives, including the fact that the light didn’t reflect off of it like other aluminum screen products so you could enjoy your patio without having to deal with glare.

You can still get a great view outside, but with all of the benefits of a regular patio privacy screen, and it helps you feel like you’re more protected.

On the downside, there were reports of minor imperfections in the roll of screen material as it got closer to the end, and even some cases of pinching that people noted near the ends as well.

As DocaScreen supplies such a large roll of 100 feet, they aim to give people lots of excess material to work with and so there’s extra to cover for any mistakes, but finding out that the end of the roll is virtually useless because of these imperfections is kind of a letdown.

You’ll have to cut it off and dispose of it if this happens to yours, otherwise, it won’t match the rest of the screen.

Another negative is that it can be a little tricky to install, which is part and parcel when dealing with these types of DIY screens.

Most users with the smaller width screens didn’t have an issue but if you plan on using their larger width sizes, you might have to spend some extra time getting the job done.

The  DocaScreen Standard Screen Roll is made with an 18 x 16 weave, which equates to apertures per square, giving it the best visibility but also protection against common outdoor insects like mosquitoes.

You can easily cut this screen down to size and custom fit it to your patio, and the anti-wrinkle fiberglass material won’t crease as you do, nor will you have to worry about dents showing up when the job is done.

If you want the best screen for patio and outdoor areas that still gives you full visibility, the DocaScreen Standard Screen Roll is our favorite.

Amazon has most sizes of this screen available online with free shipping, and offers free returns for the first 30 days as well. For toughness, ease of use, and great views, DocaScreen is the way to go.

Runner Up: Love Story Privacy Screen

Love Story Privacy Screen
  • Size: 3 x 10ft
  • Color: Various
  • Material: HDPE

If you’re after a privacy screen for patio use rather than protection from bugs, the Love Story Privacy Screen might be more up your alley.

This breathable screen is made from 175 GSM high-density polyethylene and comes in three sizes of 3 x 10ft, 3 x 16ft, and 3.3 x 19.5 ft.

With these screens on your balcony, patio, or fencing, you’ll block what others can see, but still, get a good view of the great outdoors.

One of the best things about the Love Story Privacy Screen is just how many color choices there are, so every home is guaranteed to find the perfect style, and can even be used as a quick décor boost to a space that has no color.

You can go with something basic like charcoal or beige, or choose a more vibrant design like their striped blue and white or green and white screens.

Another benefit that customers found was how easy it was to put their new screens up, and Love Story makes it even easier by supplying you with everything you need for installation.

The screen comes with aluminum grommets sewed into each of the edges and they give you a packet of zip ties to connect them to your patio, fence, or wherever else you plan on using them.

There’s no need for complicated instructions or power tools, and it can be done in under an hour.

However, the fact that it’s secured in place with zip ties turned some people off, and when they saw the final product they went back over and replaced them with something less obvious.

When you’re going to the trouble of adding a privacy screen you want it to look good as well and having zip ties just won’t do it.

Another potential downside is that it doesn’t come in that many sizes, so many people had to use two and either sew them together or have an obvious gap once installed.

Measure up your area and determine where you want the privacy screen before jumping in with this one from Love Story, as it might not be a match.

There are loads of other noteworthy features though, including the solid fabric’s ability to block 90% of the sunlight and glare, while still being able to see out of it from your side of the patio or balcony.

It also features a special anti-oxidization coating and 3mm hemming around the entire sheet that protects it from fraying.

The Love Story Privacy Screen comes in all kinds of colors and styles, is easy to install, and affordable, so it’s one of the best options out there for your patio.

Amazon has these screens available online for the best price and they offer free returns for the first 30 days, so you have nothing to risk by giving them a chance.

Alternative: DearHouse Privacy Screen

DearHouse Privacy Screen
  • Size: 3.5 x 16ft
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fabric mesh

DearHouse has created another of our favorite privacy screens, with partitions made out of a durable fabric mesh that offers UV protection and privacy from the street below or your outdoor surroundings.

There are two sizes of 3.5 x 16ft with 35 ties included or massive 6 x 50ft screen that comes with cable ties and rope, both with ½ inch grommet holes around the permitter to hold everything in place.

Customers loved the visibility of these screens and that they didn’t take anything away from their view.

They’re a good choice for people who want some privacy but ultimately still want to see out of their patio and onto the street or their backyard.

They do a good job of blocking direct sunlight without feeling as if the natural light is gone altogether, so it’s great for keeping your view and that outdoors feel.

Another bonus of the DearHouse Privacy Screen is its ease of installation, with people putting them up in less than half an hour and without the need for any tools.

This is a true DIY project that you can put up in no time at all after you’ve cut it down to size, and they include black zip ties to go with the black material that the screen’s made of, which tend to blend in with each other.

With only two sizes available though, you’re a bit limited to how you can use these screens, so you’ll want to measure up and make sure they’re going to be a good fit.

The DearHouse Privacy Screen is either small for use on balconies and verandahs or so large that it can be a standing screen all on its own, and there’s really no in-between.

Another negative is that it’s not the most durable of the screens we’ve reviewed and if you’re trying to use it for anything other than more privacy, it’s not going to work.

DearHouse doesn’t even state specifically what type of material they’ve used, but from touching it, it seems to be a lightweight canvas that could easily become damaged if someone put enough force into it.

The DearHouse Privacy Screen blocks up to 95% of UV rays, keeps the sun out, and protects against other wild weather like wind and rain.

This screen comes in four colors of black, green, beige, and brown, with two sizes to cover your balcony or create a standing privacy screen in the backyard.

To equip your patio with this affordable shade, or go even bigger and protect carports, roofs, and backyards, the two DearHouse Privacy Screen options can be found online at Amazon.

Although there’s no warranty or satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer, Amazon offers free returns, so it’s a risk-free way to get privacy and peace of mind when you’re trying to enjoy your patio.

Alternative: Loobani Screen Door

Loobani Screen Door
  • Size: 16 x 7ft
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Mesh

Loobani has created a screen door designed to do it all, and with easy DIY installation, and double door size to suit large patios and garages.

Made with a fine mesh material and featuring a full-frame, magnets, and velcro, it comes with everything you need to install and start enjoying it right away.

The two size options are 9 x 7 ft and 16 x 7 ft, with the larger one designed to fit a double garage door, just to give an idea of its capabilities.

People loved how easy these screens were to install and without having any excess parts or ties hanging out that ruined the final look.

Loobani Screen Door is installed with a Velcro strip that’s placed around the door, window, or whatever space you want it on, and then the screen is attached to that.

It takes just minutes and some quick measurements to get it right.

One of the other great things about these screens was how well they kept the bugs out, as well as providing extra privacy at home, as well as an added layer of security.

If you want a patio screen that’s multipurpose and doesn’t just do one thing, the Loobani Screen Door can deliver, and it makes the higher price worth it.

However, when you look at the amount of screen you get for the price, this might be out of the budget of some people, especially if you have a large patio or space to cover.

When you consider its size of 16 x 7 feet, it’s quite a lot, and if you don’t need a multipurpose screen that provides security, keeps bugs out, and gives you more privacy, you can probably find a more cost-effective way to do just one of those things.

Another downside to these screens is the magnets on the bottom that are designed to keep the screen in place.

They don’t appear to be strong enough to protect the patio from wild wind so if you live somewhere that has huge gusts or crazy weather, you’ll either want to go to the effort of replacing the magnets with stronger ones or chose another screen option altogether.

The Loobani Screen Door features a double door design that lets the two panels open independently, and it features a magnet and gravity rod to hold it in place.

You’ll also get pushpins provided to secure it in place, and it’s designed for use in all kinds of settings like garages, patios, balconies, terrace doors, and double doors.

If you want a multipurpose screen that can do it all, and you don’t mind paying for the privilege, the Loobani Screen Door is a customer favorite.

This double door mesh screen is available at Amazon with free shipping and free returns, should it not be everything you hoped for and more.

Alternative: Skevvy Privacy Screen

Skevvy Privacy Screen
  • Size: 3 x 16.4ft
  • Color: Black
  • Material: HDPE

If privacy is your main concern and you want to make sure a screen can withstand the elements, something like the Skevvy Privacy Screen is the way to go.

Made of HDPE and measuring 3 x 16.4ft, it’s perfect for privacy without stealing your view altogether.

Included with each screen set are 25 cable ties and enough rope to hang it, and it’s an easy DIY job that can be completed in no time at all.

This is one of the top contenders when looking at the quality of color and longevity of a screen, with customers raving about how well it protected against fading.

If you’ve used privacy screens in the past only to find that they start looking sad and faded after just a few months, the Skevvy will change your mind with their UV stabilized HDPE material.

Another great feature of these screens is their quality, including the reinforced hems around the edge and the anti-rust grommets.

Every part of this has been carefully thought out so that it can stand up against the elements and it’s a smart investment that will last your patio or balcony for many years.

However, the fact that this screen only comes in one size is a bit of a letdown, and it means you’ll have to do some maneuvering to make it work if your patio doesn’t match.

At 3 x 16.4 feet, it’s been designed to cover around the base of a balcony or small fence, so for anyone else, you’ll need to layer multiples over each other to keep everything covered.

Another negative of the Skevvy Privacy Screen is the fact it’s kept in place with cable ties, which ruins some of its nice appearance.

Although the hems are well stitched and it’s made with quality material, you’ll still see the cable ties poking out, and it can detract from the overall ambiance of your patio.

This style issue aside, there are lots of practical features that make the Skevvy Privacy Screen a smart buy, including its UV stabilized construction and the ability to cover up to 90% of the sun’s rays.

It’s resistant to fading and will keep its color for years to come as well, without removing any of your natural views.

To equip your patio with this budget-friendly privacy screen, head to Amazon for the best price, and purchase more than one roll for free shipping.

Although Skevvy doesn’t offer a warranty on this screen, Amazon protects with you free returns for 30 days, so if you don’t love the privacy this shade cloth offers, you can send it right back.

Patio Screen FAQs

Patio Screen

A patio screen is a simple solution to your outdoor problems, whether you want to keep insects and critters out or feel a little more secure when you’re outside.

To find out more about the different types of patio screen covers and what they offer, we’ve answered a few FAQs to help.

What Is The Strongest Screen Material?

An aluminum screen is considered the strongest of the lightweight screen materials, but it does have potential downsides like oxidization and denting.

Other durable options include fiberglass and vinyl-coated polyester, however, they also have drawbacks that need to be considered first.

What Size Screen Keeps Mosquitoes Out?

A mesh screen with a 1.7 x 1.3mm aperture is small enough to keep out mosquitoes as they won’t be able to fit through the holes.

However, if you also have smaller insects like midges or sandflies in your area, you’ll want to even smaller with an aperture of 1.2 x 1.3mm to keep these out as well.

How Do I Block Out My Neighbours View?

There are a number of privacy screen options for blocking out your neighbor’s view of your property, including canvas, fiberglass, high-density polyethylene, and other types of non-transparent mesh.

Otherwise, you can utilize various plants and types of landscaping screen materials like bamboo to block their view.

What Do You Use To Enclose A Patio?

The best enclosure for a patio depends on how much you want to be covered, with lighter options like mesh fiberglass screens or thicker materials like canvas shades.

For a complete enclosure, you can build a sliding screen or glass door, otherwise using screen and other lightweight material will suffice.

Enjoy the Breeze Without the Bugs

The simple addition of a screen to your patio or outdoor entertaining area can be a gamechanger, and let you enjoy all that nature has to offer without any of the downsides.

With our recommendations and a properly fitted application, your new patio screen will make outdoor living even better.